Question and Answer on Trusting the Process while Manifesting

Can I have your insight on trusting the process when the results aren’t there.. what is the perception one must cultivate in order to keep going and trusting the process. Peace.

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My dear Yung Rénzél (and all my friends reading), I desire to call to your awareness that every question you Know to ask you already know its Answer. YOU are the Answer to Your Question, for your answer lies within your Awareness. Yet, you must ask frequently (from a right source) in order that you receive a companion in your journey to unravelling your answers — after all, companions can be fun. This saying is why ‘when you read a book, you don’t find in it something you haven’t read before — but in yourself something you were not aware of before)’. So, let’s have fun realising what it means to trust the process, and how!

1. Trust Is the Positive Feedback

Actually, to say we trust is to say we already have certain preliminary experiences that assure us we can rest assured or be confident in the function of something or someone. In other words, trust is Always built on experience, big or small. You may not consciously know what the experience is, you may. But there is one. The baby trusts to feed on the mother’s breastmilk after ‘touch’. You trusted to cross the road safely your first time after others have done it in your experience severally. So, trust is your feedback to an experience. This feedback is expressed in ‘increased activity’ (persistence and higher intention/attention) towards an expected certainty (desired outcome) within a formula (within a behaviour of something or someone). Please, reread this previous sentence and understand clearly. Then proceed.

In this case, we are talking about manifesting a desire, achieving a goal, realising a dream, etc. Trust that your results are going to come when they are not there is your feedback to the Universe for cues that it has brought to you. Yea, cues — little experiences. You know what Lez Brown says, ‘Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.’ He is not meaning, ‘Settle for the stars.’ He’s meaning you now have a better positioning to shoot for the moon. That is trust. That is your positive feedback by acknowledging the advantage of where you now are at.

a. The Feedback

So, what’s the Positive Feedback that you can engage? The definite positive feedback that indicates you are realising the cues or petty experiences that the Universe throws at you is ‘Gratitude’. You very likely already keep a gratitude journal. Feel free what you express in it. But let the value within your whole Gratitude Life be exponentially increased by paying attention to the petty things that come your way, and acknowledging them gratefully. For instance, you might desire a vacation for a month with your family, but all you found within your schedule was just two days. Now, gratefully remove the ‘just’ and see those two days as the preliminary experience the Universe has given you so you can trust. In other words, count your blessings numerously and every moment you find something that potentially reminds you of your bigger desires/dreams, let them serve as an experience to leverage your positive feedback on, i.e. gratitude.

2. You Are the Process

What we mean by the process is the transmutation of energy into form. In other terms, the process is the movement that converts an idea or ideal into a real form. The process is ‘real-isation’. But that is who you are — the conceiver and realisor. After all, it is You who conceived the Idea or Ideal. Now, it is You who is Realising it. It is also You who is Looking at your past realised results as Reality, while it is You who is creating Reality Now. A lot of poetry? Well, YOU are the mediator (reality) of your dreams (ideal). The process that you want to trust is YOU. Thus goes all the sayings from old until now, ‘Man, know thyself.’ I once wrote an article, ‘Realise What It Means to Be Realistic’. Some words from it may shed light on you being the Process here.

‘Realistic or Idealistic are mere adjectives, simply labels. They qualify parts of the same one process: Living a Great Life. You are idealistic when you let yourself dream and wander into any possible place in your imagination. You find out what you truly want to do and it is beautiful, an ideal that is not existing in reality. Then you are realistic when you let yourself commit to the realisation of the ideal or dream, even when you choose to see how to make real the imaginary idea from existing actuality. Being realistic does not mean limiting yourself. On the contrary, it means looking for the means to transcend limits and materialise new conditions… Being REAL-ISTIC really means ‘REALIZING’, that is, ‘Bringing it to reality’. MAN is a PROCESS OF SELF-ACTUALISATION. Otherwise, he is no different from other creatures. MAN is the Process of the Idealistic to the Realistic: the creation of goals/fantasy into the realisation/actualisation of the goals.’

REALISE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE REALISTIC | by Adelere Abiodun Adesina | Medium

Whenever you seem to doubt the process, remind You to Trust Yourself, my friend. Because you are the Process.

You are probably wondering that is the Universe not a part of the process. But what do the enlightened ones say? ‘The Universe is in You.’ ‘You are what the Universe is doing Here and Now.’ ‘You are the Youniverse.’ ONE-VERSE. The outer world (physical reality) or even the infinite vibrational plane of energy that you call the Universe is RE-ACTING to you. It is imitating your process on a grander, an infinite scale of events. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it or start watching what the Universe must be doing for you — spend that time doing what you’d like the Universe to copy and paste in a larger space. It is all your creation. So, trust You!

Finally, if a voice in your head crawled up and asked you not to listen, not to trust — that’s fine. Just remember that when you were one or two, that voice hadn’t got there and you leaped, walked, ran, even learned a language effortlessly. That voice started after the outside conditioning began to speak into your mind. You don’t have to hear what you didn’t know its origin in the first place — the voice of numerous opinions.

3. Your Results

Are ‘There’ is the limiting word! Your Results Are HERE! There is no THERE in the Universe’s language for manifestation. I don’t mean you cannot use there in your words. After all, before a plane flies, it warms up, runs on the runway, then eventually lifts into its flight. That’s when we say it flies, or the ‘results’ are ‘here.’ All the point at which you are consciously aware of your desires/goals through your visualisation, affirmations, etc. techniques you are using to manifest it, you are putting your plane on the runway for a run. That’s when you’re looking for the results ‘there’. But when the results feel like yours, you can never look for them ‘there’. You’ll find them here. If you’ve read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, this part I am mentioning is what is symbolic of Santiago’s discovery that his treasure was buried under the very ruins where he first dreamt it, and he must return here to find it from there of the desert. A powerful symbol to think about in different levels of awareness: the conscious-subconscious relationship, spirit-matter relationship, desire-manifestation relationship, preparation-opportunity relationship, etc. But you alone can tell what way ‘you can come home to source’ at whatever point you may appear. When your there becomes here not only in words and thinking, but especially so in feeling, you have completed the highest form of trust — the gratitude feedback — that your Youniverse is waiting for. Your manifestation is released immediately.

a. Act Like the Person Feelingly

You can know that this ‘there’ becomes ‘here’ when you act like the person you desire to become, and with as much heartfelt in it as possible. Not feigned acts, but very definite steps that you perform in the role of the kind of person you would be when you have achieved your results. Your ‘there’ becomes ‘here’ when you realise something I wrote in ENGRAFT (and thankful to Sheena who brought my attention to it again), when you realise: ‘Who you are is who you want to be.’ This is a want-canceling statement. If you already are that, how can it be that? It is This who has been wanting it without realising earlier that it is This. But now you realise It is This! ‘I already am who I want to be’, ‘I shall not want.’

I hope that this helps in one or two ways. If it ever does, my heartfelt thanks to you for finding in yourself what you have longed to learn. I am grateful for your desire to grow and increase in your true opulence and love.

Remain blessed and manifesting, my friend.

Yours with Light that Manifests,

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