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This is one of the greatest challenge people have in thinking about ‘believing their goals and dreams are coming true’. They say, ‘But let’s be realistic.’ By being realistic, they mean: ‘Look at what the current conditions limit you to accept as doable and be okay with that.’ That is completely the misapplication of this idea of being realistic. To be realistic rather means to not accept the existing ‘actuality’ as the final real, but to cause a New actuality to proceed from the existing. Let us look at the word: Realistic.

Realistic is from the word ‘realist’ + ‘ic’, which is from the word, ‘real’ + ‘ist’. ‘Real’ means ‘actual’ from Latin, reālis. Thus, realist means ‘believing matter is more existent than we perceive’. Realistic is related to ‘realise’, which means ‘to make real, to convert from imaginary to present fact’.

Why all this etymology? So that we may now share a really simple but life-changing lesson. It is so simple we might not realise how great an impact it has on our shift of awareness. Still, take it. So, here is the lesson.

To be realistic is to be a realist towards physical experiences. To be a realist is to realise. Realisation is the conversion, the transmutation of ideas, ideals, imaginary thoughts into physical, manifest existence. So, realisation means making come to pass that which is in the mind, and being realistic is having the character of or commitment to make an imaginary state or condition become reality/actuality. To realise is to ‘make become real’. To be realistic is to ‘have the nature of making become real’.

Realistic or Idealistic are mere adjectives, simply labels. They qualify parts of the same one process: Living a Great Life. You are idealistic when you let yourself dream and wander into any possible place in your imagination. You find out what you truly want to do and it is beautiful, an ideal that is not existing in reality. Then you are realistic when you let yourself commit to the realisation of the ideal or dream, even when you choose to see how to make real the imaginary idea from existing actuality. Being realistic does not mean limiting yourself. On the contrary, it means looking for the means to transcend limits and materialise new conditions.

Let us now make this spicy. Your goals are desires that you are committed to. They are forever ideals, forever pictures within your mind only. But you can create their facts when you believe that you Can, and you commit that you Are going to. It is this process that is called Success. It is the One Process where Idealistic meets Realistic: HUMAN. You are the Greatest Process of life, the peak of general evolution and the starting point of individual evolution. You are the bridge between the ideal and the manifestation of its reality. When you are true to this, you are Happy because you are becoming who you are, the Process, the Evolution of Awareness. When you deny this, you are unhappy and are cheating on your existence.

Success is the progressive real-isation of a worthy ideal/goal. Thus, to be realistic is a part of success. A person exposes their ignorance of their own very nature as Human (the arbiter of possibilities into actualities) when they claim to be realistic as their excuse to ignore the very thing they must realise — their goals.

Realistic does not stop you from setting a high, incredible goal. Real-istic is the courage to choose a great ideal and bring it into reality.

Set your goal today. Commit to it. Realise it. When you believe, you do not deny the existing fact. When you have faith, you are rather creating new fact and experiences from a beautiful model in your mind. Realise what it means to be realistic. Above all, realise your dream.

‘Let’s be realistic’ is the term used by a person to say, ‘I know I can do that, but I do not have the courage to give up my present comfort zone and commit to bringing that to reality.’ Being REAL-ISTIC really means ‘REALIZING’, that is, ‘Bringing it to reality’. MAN is a PROCESS OF SELF-ACTUALISATION. Otherwise, he is no different from other creatures. MAN is the Process of the Idealistic to the Realistic: the creation of goals/fantasy into the realisation/actualisation of the goals. Thus he has conceived to live in mortar houses and now dwells in them and in houses made of glass; conceived to travel faster than horse carriages afforded and now travels in cars. He has conceived to fly and as idealistic as that was, he is now lord of aero-voyages. To be realistic is to bring to reality the ideal, no other way about it. Blinded by his own cowardice and fear of criticism at doing something new, something excellent, man says, ‘It is not realistic. Let us come to reality.’

And yes, we come to reality. Then we meet conditions that urge us to have desires for which we must transcend the existing conditions of reality. We become idealists again. We must be realistic; and in reality has stayed the conditions necessary for flying the airplane or operating superfast computers as now as they were 5,000 years ago. But they lay dormant until some men with courage chose such ideals to make reality. Your ideal is a condition of reality lying dormant, waiting for you to be realistic, that is, to realise it! Success is man’s acceptance of this process. Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or ideal. You are HUMAN because you realise your ideal. Being realistic is not a denial of the ideal conditions; it is the commitment to actualise this ideal.

BELIEVING IS SEEING, and when Man cannot see with Faith, there is little to be trusted of sight that supposes the sun goes around the earth every waking day because it is what the eyes can see. It takes faith to know and accept the otherwise as true, without negating the sight but by having a deeper understanding. But when humans, whose mental processes are all in pictures/images (think of a baby and you see the mental image) have not seen pictures of faith, how may they understand this power in a personal reference and apply it to realising their goals? There is one creative way out: Create Pictures of Faith. This is exactly what you have here: PICTURES OF FAITH.

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