You’re So Intelligent; Express It

Inspired by Sheena Cantar’sFinally — the Purpose of Life’.

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readJun 10, 2021

You’ve probably read those statistics that only 1% of people in the world are genius because they are born with super something. If you’d really admit it, those statistics provide an excuse for a person, maybe you in the past, to live a life below what they’re really capable of. ‘After all,’ they waive, ‘I am not an Albert Einstein, Judith Poglar or Evangelos Katsioulis. So, why should I even try to win?’ First, no authority outside of your life can convince you of something that you don’t want to accept. If you ever held a conspiracy theory, you’d know what I mean — and everyone has held a conspiracy theory at a point in time. No statistics will tell you a story about you that you are not telling yourself.

This is going to put you through a shock, but the lies you barely realise to be lies but that rob you of your greatest gains are the ones you tell yourself, and you tell them to yourself about you. I’m going to repeat that again. The lies you tell yourself about you are the most subtle ones which do the greatest damage to your life. Imagine a person who continues to tell themselves the lie forever about themselves that they cannot be this, do that or have those. They wouldn’t even try and know if they could win or not. Why would anyone do that?

There is a power on this planet at least. It is called the magic of believing. One spell, one powerful chant of this magic, this power is ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ Whenever you see a Ford car, let it remind you that ‘Whether I think I can or I think I can’t, I’m right.’ Because Henry Ford said those enchanting words. Think of Henry Ford. Henry’s IQ was questioned by a Chicago newspaper that he sued, and his intelligence was being interrogated in the court. Imagine yourself in a courtroom where the IQ of Henry was being tested. Absurd, isn’t it? Let that story always remind you that what the world thinks of your intelligence NEVER matters unless you are choosing to accept that story of yourself. Henry Ford was that one man who rose from having nothing to building a net worth of $200 billion dollars. He admitted his passion and intelligence, his originality, even when circumstances and relatives opposed. Talk of someone who knows what they’re saying, Henry did. Henry said, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!’

Now, let’s prove that you are intelligent! Have you ever learned to do something that you have never done beforehand? Before you start thinking in terms of studying Greek and abstract algebra, think of hearing, seeing, crawling, walking, jumping. The intelligent you as a child learned all these skills without even bothering! With fun! Because, as Sheena Cantar put it, ‘Because you found your way.’ You are in for another astounding discovery about yourself now. Pick any three of your most favourite child plays. Perhaps making and flying kites, sailing paper boats and building sand houses. Now, challenge yourself to craft anyone of these again. Did you realise now that you would have to learn it again? You did these things without stress because you thought you could and you didn’t give yourself any reason not to. Just as you have to learn it now, you had to learn it then. If you hadn’t been so intelligent, you would never have learned them successfully.

But you are even more than intelligent! You are Intelligence itself. You can CHOOSE to Be anything, Do anything and Have anything. You had done it before, as a child. Nothing could stop you from doing what you wanted to do. Nothing and No one! Sheena disclosed in this lesson, ‘That’s the reality. That’s the real stuff. It doesn’t change. That’s the formless intelligence. That’s the source energy. That’s the life that You Are.’ When you really do amazing and meaningful things, do you know what makes you happy about it the most? Because you realise that what you’ve just done is intelligent. It is as if you put out something amazing about you into it. You created it. You are creative. Think about it. That’s the real purpose! To express yourself. To Be You.

That’s the reality. That’s the real stuff. It doesn’t change. That’s the formless intelligence. That’s the source energy. That’s the life that You Are. — Sheena Cantar

Again, whenever you bring something into order, you feel good about yourself. Because you are expressing who you are, you are expressing intelligence! A single moment of clearing your messed up room, organising your table, putting your day into order or deciding to live your life to its best! That single moment of order and intelligence, you feel like the whole world has just got your peace of mind because you are the Peace of your Mind. This isn’t you tying your joy and happiness to what you do. Far from it. You still feel this same peace whenever you experience intelligence from anywhere, and you acknowledge there is intelligence, there is greatness, order and light in that place or thing. Parents can tell this feeling when they look at their children at play, and doing the best fun they can, just being children: a moment so perfect you would trade the whole world for it. Spouses can tell this moment when without thinking, they just stare gratefully at their partners. It is the moment, the now! And what they see is how amazing their partner is, how great! Not what their partner can do for them. Not what their partner hasn’t done. ‘Just being my spouse, just being with me. The joy of it.’ That bliss is the purpose.

Now, in a line, let me toss to you the most preserved secret in the world. ‘You are the Bliss. You are the Purpose of Everything.’

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