Your Creativity Is an Actual Psychical Sexual Act. Perform It!

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‘So God made man in his own image, in the image of God made he him; male and female made he them.’ (Gen. 1:27)

Man, the generic man that we call Humanity, carries the eternal seed of God within himself. He is God incarnate, but being unaware of it by the total amnesia from his birth, he calls it blasphemy to equate God with Man. Yet, we learn that ‘Thou art a Man. God is no more. Thine own humanity learn to adore.’ (Blake) And we hear that, ‘God is in the meeting-place of God. ‘I said, You are gods; all of you are the sons of the Most High.’ (Psa 82:1, 6) So, you are a Man, the only Man there is. And that is God. Learn to adore your Humanity.

You, whether you wear the garment of a male or a female, you are truly the Man who is called God. And within the Image of God, you make out of one Man the male and the female. So, we find within you the principle of male and female. This principle is then blessed with the greatest blessing upon Man. ‘And God blessed them: and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over every living thing.’

So, this one Man that is God, he is [within] as the male and the female. And by the union of these two as One, he has the blessing to be fertile/creative, to multiply/increase, to replenish/restock and to subdue/claim. To have dominion, mastery over all that exist.

Now you have been told that ‘All things exist in the human imagination.’ All things really do, and the imagination has dominion over them. In what way? By this principle of the male and the female.

The drama is again revealed to us in the birth of Cain. Cain means ‘to create’. We heard that when Adam, the One Man (Adam is the One Man, and that is God himself) knew Eve (the Mother of all Creation), she conceived. Then she bare Cain. Cain was the manifestation of the creative act of God, the One Man called Adam. For Eve said, ‘I have gotten a man from the LORD.’ Adam had sexual relations with Eve, and she bore Cain (to create), and she said she received it from the LORD (YHWH, I AM). This is how the creative act is done, and it is the secret of successful manifestation. So, I hope that you anticipate how you, the One Man, could make her conceive and bear the creation that you desire.

Your imagining is an actual psychical sexual act. Within you is the female who is now conceiving and birthing your desires into this physical world. Well, how do you do it? How do you impregnate yourself (there is only one) with the idea and birth it successfully?

First, decide what you want. Have a desire. Sex is the Desire, one of the most pleasurable desires in the world. And it is used to explain the creative process. ‘Adam knew Even his wife.’ Another puts it this way, ‘Adam had sexual relations with his wife Eve.’ You have the Desire first. No man has reproduced through a woman without the desire to reproduce. So, conceive what you really want. Don’t conceive what they expect you to want. You cannot act without the desire to act. What act? Your Imaginal Act. You will DO it within you in your imagination unless you first desire to do it. So, have a desire. ‘Find out exactly what you — not what they think you ought to want — what you want. Ask no one’s permission. You don’t need any one’s permission; you only need your own decision. What do I want?’ (Neville Goddard, Live in the End)

Second, you commit the act. Where? The Imagination tells us where the act is done. It is always done in the heart, where the kingdom of heaven is. The heart, the kingdom of heaven is where all states are existing within. God makes the seen from the unseen. He didn’t make the seen from absolute nothingness, but from the unseen states. By assuming the unseen states, they come alive and project into experiences that are seen in this world. But the world is dead without this act. Totally dead, and only the Imagination animates all that you experience. Whose imagination? Your own imagination who is God. Again, you commit it where it is done — within, in your imagination (where all states exists eternally) which is called the heart, the kingdom of heaven or Eve, the mother of creation. ‘Everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart,’ is the imagination telling us to be careful what STATE we look from (or lust after). Because we already fuse with it in our heart.

How do you commit the act? Well, can you CONCEIVE what it would be like if your dream were already true? If your wish were already a fact? What would you see? What would you smell? What would you hear? You can use touch, you know. Would you touch the letter of promotion? Would you touch the handshake of your friend? Would you touch the ring perfectly fitted in your finger? Would you touch the money? Would you touch the pen that signed the document? Would you touch the key that opened the house? Would you touch the steering wheel?

Well, I touched it. My friend sent me a parcel four months ago. When it was delivered, I was out of town. And when I returned, it was overdue for delivery. He asked whether I have received it, but I informed him that I just got into town and I would check. I found out that it had failed to be delivered for more than a month. My friend panicked that it would be shipped back. But I wanted his gift. It means love and friendship to me, it means more than another piece of instrument. So, I want it. Then I conceived that I got it and touched it. I haven’t even seen it. Don’t wait to have the perfect sight of it. Your perfect image could be sight. But it could also be hearing. If you wanted to receive roses, then the perfect image would be smelling it and touching it. Countless times when I desire to eat something, I assume the perfect image of tasting it, and it happens in its own way. I haven’t seen it physically, don’t know how it looks. But I could assume that I already have it, and touch the parcel with joy and gratitude that my friend thought fondly of me. So, I did. Whenever he asked, this I would do. That is the actual act!

When the act is done, the third happens. Sex is the creative act that reproduces in the image of what is conceiving it. So, I assume that ‘I Am It.’ Do you want love? Then assume that you are love. Do you want abundance? Then be the personification of all abundance in the world. This act is pleasure. And when it is completed, what is the outstanding feeling that follows it? ‘Of all the pleasures that a man could ever experience in this world, RELIEF is the most keenly felt.’ (Neville Goddard, Immortal Man)

So, would you act within in the assumption that it is done? I touched it, and I would repeat the imaginal act whenever I remember my friend’s conversation. I did until I felt relief, until I felt that the tension of missing a parcel is replaced with the Relief of receiving his gift of love. And following the day I have felt relief, there was no pressure and no rush. I had no desire to have it; but the feeling that I’ve received it. And it is called Relief! Adam when he has impregnated Eve, he will not have the immediate capacity to perform sexually in that moment. But the conceived child will grow and be born in its appointed hour. That is the actual psychical sexual act!

Then today, my financee went downtown to do some personal business. I felt the urge to accompany her, even though she didn’t want me to. When we got there, it was the same place that I would receive the package. All the enquiries were favourable. A receptionist said, ‘Give her your tracking id. You’ll beg her.’ But whom I was told to beg smiled at me, and favoured me. I found out the parcel was already arranged to be returned, but I received it in time. And what I had done in my imagination, I touched it again physically with complete joy and pleasure. You won’t even try to reproduce the feeling of your forgotten imaginal act because your experience is in the image of the feeling already within you. It just came to me. I saw the package and I was totally lost in joy and deep gratitude. It happened in its own way, in its own appointed hour.

Now, I encourage you to try it. I hope you will really desire this pleasure. It is not a physical pleasure. It is not a physical sex. It is an imaginal act. First, KNOW what you want. Then CONCEIVE what would imply the wish is fulfilled. Now, ACT. Commit it within you by living in the state until you RELEASE or feel Relief. And it will externalize itself in ways that you do not know of by your conscious, reasoning mind.

I hope you will try it. Perform the act tonight. And perform it when you wake. And perform it when you remember it until you experience RELIEF. For it is an actual sexual act on the psychological level. And your Imagination awaits your impregnation by Desire.

Now, let us go into the silence.



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