You Can’t or YOU CAN: Which Is Your Choice?

We were raised in a world that subjected mind to matter in the two most harmful words ever uttered: You can’t’. There are habits, and they are at the root of success or failure — depending on whether they are positive or negative. At the root of negative habits are those two words alone: ‘You can’t…’ I said that we grew up in a world where the impression is that ‘you can’t’. As a child, most of us got nurtured by people who never understood the power of the mind and the infinite possibilities that any single human has. When you dared to do amazing things as a child, you would be stopped in your tracks by the words, ‘You can’t’. Either ‘You can’t do/have it yet,’ or ‘You can’t do/have it ever,’ In fact, your capabilities were estimated not by what they truly were but by how much was believed by those you grew with that you were capable.

‘You can’t’ is a potential-crunching phrase, a capacity-ruining expression An amazing part of being a child is that you get to imitate your environment in the learning process very fast. This is a useful blessing when your environment is a success-oriented set of circumstances and conditions. But when your environment is not success-oriented, it is simply a challenge that you either learn from and grow or you allow to keep you down. The point although is that you imitated whatever went on around you as a child. So, to hear ‘You can’t’ so repeatedly (take a moment to think how many times you must have attempted to do exceptionally creative things, how many many times — but never did) began to translate in the mind to ‘I can’t’. For the reason that we’re a subjective centre, and what we pay attention to outside, we essentially report to our inner mind as though we made it ourselves. There, your mind began to accept the phrase ‘I can’t’ as the fact of life. When this pattern of thought became fixed in the mind, a person may have 1001 ideas of successful living, but they’d think they couldn’t. Much worse, they would even evaluate others with that same standards: ‘You can’t.’ What I suggest you should find really amusing is that people who say/think ‘I can’t’ NEVER DO.

If you’ve said this to yourself in the past, it would have become a paradigm, a habitual thought pattern. You would have to change your mind, retrain it to think positive thoughts that you can. The excitement of life never comes from the things you can’t but from the things you can. I mean that no positive try is possible when a person already quits before they start, right? ‘I can’t’ is close-begun — close-ended.

Do you like opportunities? Do you want good health, a prosperous lifestyle, a peaceful home, financial freedom, etc.? Then ‘I Can’ is the only way you can end up with ‘I Do.’ I am suggesting to you that you totally avoid the words ‘I Can’t.’ Begin practising this step from today. I mean, TOTALLY STICK TO SAYING ‘I CAN’. Ignore it when others say you couldn’t to you — it is their ignorant opinion, and they don’t even know you enough. Ignore it when anything or anyone say ‘you can’t’, and avoid thinking it to yourself. Make decisions in your life, and when you make decisions, let them never be about what is possible but about what you like to do. Doesn’t that feel and sound better and easier? You don’t have to start calculating all the factors that would make it work or not. You only have to answer this question: ‘Do I want This or That?’ Yes or No?

Liberate your thinking and your life with the words, ‘I Can’. ‘I Can do all things.’ I Can have all things.’ ‘I only have to decide if I want to do this or have that.’ Let this be your mantra for the next 40 days. Strictly put ‘I can’t’ aside and focus on ‘I Can’ for the next 40 days. Do this and I promise that you would experience a shift in your life which you cannot imagine. Remember that unless you allow yourself the idea that ‘I Can’, you wouldn’t try something new and you wouldn’t know what may be really possible.


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