Would You Shine Now?

You’re Brighter than Stars!

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readApr 27, 2021

Or stars are bright truly because you look!

Inspired by Shine Bright Like the Light You Are by Sheena Cantar


There is a secret that when ‘unveiled’ in the hearts of everyone, it more than instantly transforms them in a way that defies description. Another way to put this secret is: You Are Light.

Whatever your background might be, whoever you judge yourself to be: good, bad, ugly. Regardless of your past experiences, if I were to ask, ‘Who’s the light of the world?’ you’d say, ‘God’ or ‘Christ’ or any ‘Christ-figure’ you know. Is that true with you?

Now, there goes the foundation for this universal secret. We agree there is God/Christ or some type of it which really is the light or perfection of the world. It is this essence that makes everything, and that has caused everything to be what they are. This is the Light.


If that other is light, who are you? You know, there could only be black or white here, not shades of grey. Because we are not even talking about colours. If we tried to push this into shades of grey or blue, we first beg the identification of these colours using ‘light’. So that we return to the basic of these two. Who are you?

This Christ says somewhere, ‘I Am the Light of the World.’ Then the same person says elsewhere, ‘You Are the Light of the World.’ There you have it! You are literally light! Everyone is. The realisation of this is light itself; the acceptance of it is what light does — giving love.

Two or One?

So the question is, ‘How many lights are there?’ Do we understand that there is only ONE light? There is only One Light! From science to philosophy to theology back to our daily experiences, we can only attest of one light.

Our experience tell us of diverse intensities of this light. That is, whereas all lights are the same in nature (the physicist says ‘photon’), the luminosity or brightness differ. When we merge all of us together, we can only be more and more intense light. Each one of us is therefore light. That is YOU ARE LIGHT! Just as I Am! Just as She Is! Just as He Is!

We are all One. Watch it not to get the idea of adding one light with another light — it is multiplication. One light times one light equals one light!

Why Haven’t You Shone So Brightly Before?

Sheena Cantar mentioned some really beautiful words there: ‘Just imagine that you’re a lighthouse. You’ve got this beautiful light shining so brightly looking for other lights. Not realising that you are a light. Cos you can’t see yourself; you can’t see your greatness; you can’t see that you’re light because you are the light… it shines back at you… as you shine on it, it shines back at you.’

You have forgotten that you’re the light, and went in search of the light. Dear friend, see this for what it is! You ARE the light. Not you ‘try to be’ the light. Not you ‘do’ the light. Not you must find the light. You already ARE the light.

You thought you did not shine because you failed to realise that everything that got shiny to you only reflected You back to you.

Intensity in Reflection

I watched two friends speak about the same event — a game. One was so calm and serene about it. He wished his friend would be the same. But his friend was upset about the game. He thought the substance, the power was in the event. He did not realise the event was simply reflecting the intensity he was illuminating on it.

Every event in this world is reflecting the intensity of our shining. If we perceive darkness and gloom, it is not because the world is dark and gloomy. All those things are simply happenings. It is our intensity that is reflected.

How do we find the words of Christ that as long as we are in this world, we are the light of it. ‘As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.’

Be cheerful and bright in your heart and countenance. All through the day will you see cheerful and bright things. The tree shan’t just be sitting there. It must be alive! Because you have shone light on it. The door must be bright, and the people. Even the man in tattered clothes JUST THE SAME as the man in designer suits. All of them can only be so bright back to you because they are your environment. What James Allen called your looking glass, your mirror. They reflect your luminosity.


‘I have not seen the sun shine brighter than its peak. But I have shone the sun twice as bright!’

We know only one substance in the universe that can change its frequency or luminosity at will: humans. Adversely used, most people have dimmed their lights beyond usable for sight that Jesus said, ‘ If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!’ For this reason he added, ‘Be careful, then, that the light within you is not darkness.’

What is the quickest and effortless way to know that you are radiating bright light? When everything is colourful! When everything is colourful as to make you feel 101% grateful for being here and now! Your countenance says it all.

You can touch everything with a spark of your light just by how you look at it. When you realise (I don’t mean when you read, but when you feel) that you and I and everyone else are the same light, you can stop looking for it around and start seeing it in them. In everyone. In everything. By looking at everything as light in just what it already is, they are going to glow back to you! Even the stars must become brighter.

It is this secret that Einstein put in that elegant equation of physics, E = mc². You are the brightest light — pure energy, pure spirit. As if that was not enough, you can tune your brightness even higher at will.


Go out today and not try to be anything. You are not trying to walk nor are you trying to see. They are effortlessly done because that is what your legs are — walker; and your eyes — seer. I met a friend earlier today who told me, ‘When I want to try something, I don’t do it.’ I responded with something that meant, ‘Because we are partakers of the divine nature. The Divine does not try anything — He simply “Let there be.”’

So, go out today and simply be the light.

Be Light that You Already Are! You ARE Light.

Photo by Samuel Silitonga from Pexels



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