Working Smart: What Does It Mean?

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What does it mean to work smart, work hard?


The primary difference between smart work and hard work is perhaps 0.0001%. But the gap in results that this difference creates is like 70%+.

The primary difference between smart work and hard work is perhaps 0.0001%. But the gap in results that this difference creates is certainly Smart Work 70%+.

The primary difference is in attitude. The attitude of a person who works smartly is a creative attitude. Since Attitude means how you think, feel and act, then we are looking at smart work on three planes of activity.

Thinking: Smart work is when a person thinks from the mindset of abundance. Note that this is not just positive thoughts but also the intelligent selection of positive thoughts as the only available options. To see abundance is to see opportunity in everything, to never think there is any lack or limitation even when the conditions and circumstances of life are in the opposite direction of that. A Positive Mindset is a Mind that is Set to Positivity. It is like sailing out, but choosing the course and destination to be strictly positive.

Feeling: Smart work is Love. It is when a person totally and completely loves (1) who they are, (2) what they are doing; and (3) who they are doing it for.

  • To love who you are is Passion (you have passion for Being You). It makes you really go for what you want regardless of the oppositions, and it lets you build discipline over that desire! You embrace your strengths, your values, your dreams and the desired winning image you want to create.
  • To love what you do is Purpose. You wake up daily with delight and happiness. Work is Fun! So, how wouldn’t you do your best at it since you are happy and at fun? You feel you are contributing something meaningful to something worthwhile. You realise that you are building a legacy. It is true that everything we do is going to become the past; but the past becomes today’s history. It is Smart Work to do something today and realise that it is contributing to the development of some people in the future, even people you may never meet.
  • To love whom you do it for is Service. You are making meaningful contributions. So, it is real in your heart. You not only love yourself in passion and what you do in purpose. You find a real connection between those two to real life situations, real challenges or simply real developments and desires of hundreds, thousands or even thousand millions. Serving people make your work have an ongoing meaning for you. The appreciation is also extra gig for you, and even when you’re not yet appreciated, your realisation of service is enough compensation for you already. We earn two types of compensation/income: psychic and material. When you are doing smart work in thinking and feeling, you already earn psychic income. And the truth is that your psychic income will come in good abundance before your material income also takes the remarkable boost you’ve poured into it.

Action: Smart work in action is like 5% of all the work you have to do. Answering your question for instance, the writing is 5% or less of what I’ve done. I imagined a creative answer and held a vision of an answer that would illuminate your questions. Then I felt how good I would feel in giving a reply that I’m happy with, and how great you feel about a reply that really guides you. Then I set to write. Smart work is the anchor of success. Success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy.

In essence, when you have done the work in the mind and heart, your actions naturally follow the least path of effort and the best part of fun! I have fun writing now, and I believe you’ll have fun reading.

When acting your smart work, you must always look out for things that your imagination and feeling of effortlessness supports.

Look out for 20% most important things, people, ideas, resources, etc. that you may concentrate on. Let the remaining 80% take less attention — probably put them under someone’s supervision. Use the 80/20 rule.

Act in the most productive manner. Proceed from one action to another. That’s how your day is truly active — filled with activity. When you add order and organisation to your work, you increase your productivity and results rapidly. Do one thing at a time, and move to the next less important only when you have completed the present more important task.

Let your actions respect your values. Act only in the certain way that you feel good. I don’t mean feeling comfortable. If you are really learning at what you do, if you are learning to do it better, it wouldn’t be comfortable all the time. But it would be fun, an interesting adventure. Like learning to crawl, then to walk, then to run, then to sprint, to jump, to ride, to drive, to fly, to skyrocket, to … You know the possibilities open to your smart work now.

In action, that’s what smart work really does. It keeps you on the edge of growth and development, and allows you to lead your field as Earl Nightingale would put it.

When this creative attitude is maintained in all three areas of work, you may be doing the very same things that someone else who is so hard working does. But you’re going to be doing smart work. More fun, greater results, deeper peace.

I recommend that you repeatedly listen to Bob Proctor’sWe Are Here to Create’. Burn the information into your mind. Link here.

I hope you find your jewel in you through the writing. Cheers, Friend!



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