Work and Rest Is One in Polarity

Find the Balance

Adelere Adesina 👑
2 min readJun 19, 2021

If we ever have to take a rest from work, then we have not been working — we have been hard working. This rest of which I speak is that kind of rest you know, that looks like a fervent prayer for an infinite holiday: ‘may it begin now, may it never end’. To long for it is to have been spending Life in the most passionless activities that we could involve ourselves in as humans.

When we do the Work that we’re here to do, we shall never need to rest because we are constantly IN Rest. We may take a physical break, have a mental stroll, in fact. And these would be very very good. But it would not be in reaction to a feeling of exhaustion, nor a longing to break free from something seeming to have held us down.

It would be for the very love and respect we have for the Work we do — that as we have done it, so should we do the Break to let it grow in us afresh, to have fun in other areas as important and to allow our Work to find its own time and space for value and dignity Reaction to the Action we have unwind of ourselves in it. When we do this, we find ourselves loving the work so much, and respecting it ever than before.

In the end, every time is Rest and every time is Work. This internal balance, my dear friends have called ‘calmness of mind, serenity, tranquility of heart’. It is the magic wand that transforms everything to fun, to loving in the moment. Now, when I love my work, and I love my play, and I love my break, and I love my Self, I shall not find my Spirit (I Am) void of one for the sake of another. I shall find it balancing them all: at the centre to which all of them are equi-distant, and simultaneously flowing into them peacefully.

Certainly, this is what we can do best. It requires no difficulty, except the pressure of our past illusions. But of itself, it is the easiest burden and the lightest yoke; it is the simplest way of living. It is simply Being. And Being is who we already are, Human BEINGS! Our sole Work therefore is Creation.

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