The Truth about Motivation That You Must Hear

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readMay 25, 2021

Watch all the motivational videos you want, and hear all the motivational speakers you care. Nothing will change!! Absolutely nothing.

My good friend, Wayne Dyer, has a wonderful story. The story is about a chap who lost the keys to his car in his bedroom. There are no lights inside, but the street lights are working. So, this folk thought, ‘O, I lost my keys. But there’s no light in here. I’m gonna go outside to look for it there because of the light there.’ A friend came along and joined him in the search. After a period of futile search, he asked our chap, ‘What’re you looking for again?’ ‘My keys.’ ‘Well, tell me where you dropped it.’ ‘O, I dropped it inside. But I thought it doesn’t make any sense looking for it inside because there is no light there.’ Most people are like that rusty chap, looking for Life and Motivation outside when it’s on the INSIDE!

I don’t even understand what a person means by being a motivational speaker anymore. Who do you want to motivate? What is motivation? Who is motivating you from the outside?

Motivation is the DECISION to achieve a DESIRE and backing the Decision with all the Life-Energy that an INDIVIDUAL has. You want me to motivate you? All good. But Can I make a Decision for you? Can I use your LifeEnergy? To motivate anyone is to say you can make their decisions — who’s making yours, friend?! I can’t breathe for you — and even if I can, I won’t! You must breathe for yourself so that when I am gone, you can still continue to breathe. Breathing, motivation, decision, life-energy: they are from WITHIN!

Like that friend who came along, I can work With you to find it — but you’ve got to be looking for it in the right place and don’t squander anyone’s time! It’s my investment, and motivation is when you decide to invest yours too. There is no outer motivation. All that the outside world can cause you is to Want, to see attractions of life that inspire you to change your decision or hardships that make you decide for a change of lifestyle. Of course, anyone can Inspire you. We can educate you. But the Decision, the Motivation? You’ve got to do it!! Because we can inspire the desire — but only You can make the Decision!

Can a motivational speaker make you wake 3:30 am? Or 5 am? Can a motivational speaker make you make the sales call? Prepare your portfolio? Arrange your business? Structure your life? Calm your mind and relationships? No, only You Can! And only You Must!

I know friends that I met in the ‘motivation’ industry, but we’re light years apart now. Of course, it sells. Selling motivation sells, when you are looking for something to feed that will let you temporarily forget your situation and feel okay. But feeling okay doesn’t change a thing. If you are really serious about yourself, you are looking for Education. For feeling Life!

Education is not teaching people what they do not know. It is teaching people to behave the way they never did, John Ruskin said. That kind of thing is far from motivation. The ‘motivation’ you think you’re getting from outside is a one-time thing. Education is repetition that changes your paradigm! Motivation makes sense to your intellect and ego. Education may make little sense to your intellect, BUT IT SURE DOES TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS, EMOTIONAL MIND!

It is the only thing that can Change your results! You are a Feeling Being: BEING Itself is FEELING Itself! Whatever I can do to impact your life is Education. The motivation, you’ve got to bring it from inside.


Well, since I can educate you, let’s make you aware of this! How do you bring your motivation from inside?

Motivation is Motive-Action! Motive, the Purpose inside you. So, you have a desire. But what is the Purpose? What is your DEFINITE Purpose! I don’t mean all the rant of ‘my purpose, my purpose,’ that your motivational speaking gives to you. I mean that One Thing You Wake Up For! That One Thing You’re Living For. That one thing that you are breathing for. What is your Purpose? And it must be specific to the pointable point! It must be Definite. Napoleon Hill researched 500 people who have made over a million dollars in the early 1900s. They all have a Definite Purpose!

Purpose is why you make decisions, and make them so fast. Cos you have a guiding purpose, you know what’s good for you and what’s not. Your purpose is the fire in your burner of discipline. The only way you can hone your discipline is to have a definite purpose. So, how can I motivate you? With my purpose? You’ve got to have yours!

Action, and your motivation is never motivation unless it is action generating! You must be acting. You must be acting like you are living. Yes, and every moment of your life is an investment in your purpose when you are really motivated. Can a speaker make you do that? They can show you, educate you — but only You can MAKE you do this! Your motivation must be energetic enough to cause your hand to serve your purpose, and your legs to serve your purpose. We are talking about something that burns in every speck of atom of your being, in every single cell of your body — a Definite and Living Purpose!

H L Hunt has a summary for this:

‘Decide what you Want. Decide what you’re prepared to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work!’

I didn’t read Me in that whole process, now do you? Because I can’t Decide for you. Motivation’s first speech is Decision, and you’ve got to speak for yourself! I can’t establish your priorities. I have mine, and you know yours. I Work, and it’s fun! But my work can never be your work. You’ve got to work FOR Yourself ON Yourself!

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