Why Not Look at Your Results to Know Your Alignment?

Clearly, we all want something. Either you call it desire, aspiration or unfolding. Our desires are not really ours but Spirit’s. It is Spirit seeking to unfold, to bring more to our physical world that we mean by desire in our hearts. But many of us do not realise our desires and it aches. We have taken advice, opinions, counsels, read books for techniques, what not. But they seem to slip further away. Well, first relax. You never are in the wrong way if you’re looking for the truth.

Alright. When the son asks, the father gives. Or when our hearts do not condemn us before the Father but aligns with him, whatever we ask of him, we receive. The implication of those two paraphrases being that we do not receive because we are misaligned with God.

My dad forever mentioned to me as a child that Abraham had a delayed conception even from when God promised him (we all are promised) because he was not aligned. The Spirit reminded his heart, ‘Walk before me and be perfect.’

Isaiah told us in clear terms: Nothing that we desire is too difficult for God. Not that he could not hear us nor deliver. It is our misalignment (transgression, sin) that keeps us away from Him.

It would be then that what we ask has already been done from the foundations of the world, since Spirit is who seeks to expand through us. It is already done, and awaiting our waking up/alignment to God to receive them. What Einstein quoted thus, ‘The creation awaits manifestation through the revelation of the children of God.’

Simply put, your desires seek you. It is left to you to wake up and live in alignment with the Vortex from where you are. You know clearly how aligned you are with the Vortex, the Source by looking at how your desires are materialized. This is not to say the bigger your material accumulation, the more aligned you are. Rather, it says a litmus test for you to know you have really sought the Kingdom and its right living is that all these things are added to you. Put differently, your heart’s desires are received by you when you have given yourself in a receptive mode to the Source.

Photo by Frank Cone from Pexels



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Adelere Adesina 👑

Adelere Adesina 👑

I am Adelere Adesina 👑, the phenomenal man living in Nigeria and teaching my friends all around the world what I do, Imagining to Create Reality.