Why Aren’t We Told How Manifestations Happen?

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3 min readMar 29, 2021

Is there a Big Secret? (Question & Answer)

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Q: In your visible power the author writing about his 25000 dollar 💰,but why didn’t she tell us how it comes? something secret in it?is anyone can tell me? (sic.)

A: No true teacher who understands and lives in the truth tells you exactly how. For at least two reasons.

1. Because that is unnecessary details. No one can tell you how, and it is not their job. If we think we know the how of anything at all, we shall soon prove ourselves stupid. It is the part of the Universal mind to know and orchestrate how.

How, for instance, do you find yourself the bread or rice or cheese that you eat daily? You might talk smart about the money. But think of all the productive processes and steps it takes to get bread alone ready. The farmer that planted, harvested, the mill, the bakery, the retailer then you. All the channels your money has come through. Then think of the continuous working of Nature to ensure there is before you that meal: the consistent growth of plants, rain, sunshine, etc. It is simply a series of process to be thankful for rather than investigated.

2. Because when Students read the ‘how’ that an author describes, they fall into a general temptation that learned teachers now try to prevent, the temptation of looking for the signs of the coming of their desires using those marks. We almost always want to predict the future, like astrologers or palm readers. But that is arrant nonsense and against the great movement of Spirit. Our job is not to predict the future but to desire an experience Now, whenever Now it Happens. Our work is to do that which God has put in our care to do, namely these three steps.

Desire. Believe. Receive.

Anything beyond is futile. The Son of God is to appear at an unexpected time. Our successes are to come in unexpected ways.

If you attended Bob Proctor’s 5 Days to Paradigm Shift, he was talking about Goals on Day 2 and mentioned how he has now realised a goal which he had desired and written down a long time ago, building a company that operates all over the world. There is an important point he mentioned, ‘How did it happen? I don’t even know.’ That is the true state we must be in when we identify with Spirit: the state of unknowing, not of ignorance (for we have the experience and awareness of His Grace constantly flourishing for us), but of surrender.

Hope you are clear on the question, dear Student, on why guides do not mention ‘how’ it happen, at least, not in satisfactory details.

Note: I believe the book referred to by the asker is Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend, Thomas Troward’s only personal student. Check it out. It is an amazing book to read over and again, and this book inspired me to write PICTURES OF FAITH: Believing Is Seeing.



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