When Did You Believe It to Be True?


We are told, ‘With God all things are possible.’ Do you receive this to be true? I believe you do when you say that God created and sustains everything in the entire enormous universe. But do you take this truth for granted? Because if you do not, then together with me, you should find this next such a weighty expression. ‘If man can believe, All things are possible to him who believes.’ It should either be terrifying and abruptly rejected or be liberating and intensely received. For this expression puts man at par with God upon one condition: belief. All things are possible to God and to man. To God, it is instantly possible; and it is just as much possible to man who has believed. So, the believing man and God are one. The faithful man and God, they are not two different beings but one.

Now, it is all things that are possible. Must you see the sun rise in the east? Well, man is believing it and it is sustained. Humanity always believes the future of this world in, as Robert Frost expressed it: ‘Our founding fathers did not believe in the future, they believed the future in.’ Isn’t it actually true for all that man experiences? Afterall, all that is possible isn’t merely the future. The range of ‘all things are possible’ is incredibly larger than any reasonable conception — that is, reason would deny it. It is true that we want to think ‘good things are possible,’ ‘my happy marriage is possible,’ etc. But if we go just one step beyond our personal uses, this range includes ‘changing my past is possible,’ ‘creating our future is possible,’ or ‘being God is possible’. Yes, could you believe that you are God? You do not have to do it, because it didn’t say, ‘You must believe then all things are possible.’ But what are you believing when you don’t believe it to be true that ‘I Am God’?

So you take the statement, ‘With God all things are possible’ to be true? When did you believe it? Not when God does something new out of thin air. You know you have believed something to be true when it modifies, shapes or totally replace how you perceive everything that you thought you knew before. For instance, when you believe rumours of thorough kindness about an unusually unfriendly person, you might THINK, ‘Aha, so there was more to her actions? I knew it, it’s her backstory, but she’s a kind person.’ NOTE: This person hasn’t done one more thing, but all that you thought you knew about them have been modified immediately. In that instant, if someone reminded you about something unfriendly they once did, you would remember it with a Perspective/Assumption that, ‘They were kind even then.’ That’s when you believe it to be true. Believing some terrible news to be true about an unusally kind person would instantly modify one’s thinking (not one’s thinking modifying the assumption, but the assumption/belief modifying one’s thinking), and any kind thing they’ve done before would now be smeared with a secondary, malicious intentions before the believer. That is when you did believe it to be true, when BEFORE any new event in the direction of the idea, you have modified or replaced your MEANING of all that has happened.

Therefore, reach the point of believing it to be true. Don’t try to announce it to the world. Don’t walk up to someone and patronise them, ‘I believe it is true that I am this, that and the other.’ When you believe it, before you even announce it, it would shake up your entire perception of anything related to it. So, do you actually believe that, ‘All things are possible to you who believe’? If you do, then you would instantly apply the weight of belief that you have about God being the creator and sustainer of all things to your own world. Then you would admit, ‘I created all things in my life. I sustain them. I can recreate them right here and now by starting to believe what I want to have to be true that I have had it.’ For that’s how we are told to apply faith. ‘Whatsoever you dream, believe you have already received it and you will.’

Now, apply this. How can I apply it immediately? First, decide what you want. If you believe that ‘all things are possible through your belief,’ you will unmodify your existing desires. You will undo the limitations and conditions placed on them. So, decide what you want without compromise. Now, ‘create a scene, which would imply that it is true, bringing the individual or friends before me. I could have friends tell me. “Have you heard the good news?” and I will act as though I didn’t. “No, what is the good news?” “Have you heard the news about …?” — and they mention my friend (or my objective) and I listen eagerly to what they are telling me about my friend (or my objective).’ (Neville, If You Can Believe; parenthesis added) Let a friend tell you over the phone, or on the chat. A simple scene, but the words, they wouldn’t say it unless it were already true. Now you imagine that and you believe they were telling you some good news that has just happened, whether about your expected objectives or about a friend. You can try it, and it works. ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to you.’ When did you believe it? When it modifies how you see yourself, see him, see her or anyone.


I am Adelere Adesina 👑, the phenomenal man living in Nigeria and teaching my friends all around the world what I do, Imagining to Create Reality.

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Adelere Adesina 👑

I am Adelere Adesina 👑, the phenomenal man living in Nigeria and teaching my friends all around the world what I do, Imagining to Create Reality.