What’s Your Cover Story?

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readApr 6, 2022



Cover stories, we have at a point or another heard of them. We know that various people use it. Probably when the word comes up, some of us even think of specific professions such as journalists, reporters and politicians. I remember that I’ve said some cover stories myself to protect myself or someone. Perhaps some of us have; perhaps not.

There is, however, that cover story we say very often. We report this cover story to just someone, ourselves. And we report it in crucial times when it is the most absurd BS we don’t need at the time. This cover story is the excuses and justifications we give to ourselves for living a life below the standards we set for ourselves.

First, let’s make it clear that the human hasn’t been born who does not have the capacity to be, do or have what they dream to experience. You could understand this personally. Have you ever done something that the most commanding/authoritative people in your life have asked you not to do? Yes, they promise to punish you and tell you it’s all bad, etc. But you still find a way of doing it, whether secretly or you got exposed. Did you ever do something like that? You might also note that it’s usually in such times that you feel like doing it the most, and in such times that the creativity of getting away with it seems to spring in you. If this agrees with your personal experience, we could both emphasise again that ‘the human hasn’t been born who does not have the capacity to be, do or have what they dream to experience.’ How do we know? By your personal experience.

But why is that? Because you are the Creative Spirit that the world call God. You are God incarnate right from birth, and you are destined to live just as you dream and wish. Various people dismiss the power of wishing because a wish hasn’t objectified itself in two days or two weeks. But what about the wishes that objectified themselves yesterday? Or that are objectifying right at this moment! Every wish in the spirit of man has its appointed hour when it will ripen and flower. You and I are bound to surely harvest the fruits of our wishes. Well, let’s emphasize also that you are the Creative Spirit. I Am is the Creative Spirit that may become whatever it contemplates. I Am ‘rich’. I Am ‘perfect health’. I Am ‘joy’. I Am ‘growth’. I Am ‘ease’. We want to really use this power of creativity, and use it in productive ways to live a nourishing and lovely life.

But when humans have not achieved their objectives and goals, they create cover stories for themselves. Not fully accepting the law that Imagining Creates Reality, these cover stories are cooked up to explain away or justify why they repeat the same experiences. Everyone could take the blame, everyone that cannot be changed no matter how hard we try, but not ourselves. As a friend said, ‘That’s why the attorney is there; to blame someone else. Humans don’t like to take the blame.’ Well, I am not writing this to ask you to blame someone, not even yourself. I am urging you to be responsible. Take responsibility for the state that you are in, and make the decision to move into another state of consciousness, the state(s) where your aims in life are achieved.

You have to ask yourself, ‘Which one is easier for you to live with: to keep the failure and desperation going in your personal experience while you put the blame on everyone (maybe at times including yourself through self-pity) OR to take responsibility for your current experience of life and switch your state of consciousness so that you can live the life of your dreams?’ Wait a moment, I don’t say either is easy (not at first anyway). But which is easier for you?

You are creative. That is a given, and that means if you want to find 100 cover stories, you will. We are so capable of defining our stories and meanings in life that a man living in Africa could explain how his current tragedy is due to the butterfly that was deceased two days ago in Asia. If you will give time to listen to his story of victimization, he will explain it in the most logical story you’ve ever heard. But he says that cover story when he needs it the less. All the BS just when he doesn’t need any of it because they don’t serve him right there.

What are your personal cover stories? Is the plot based around the Ego? Maybe you’ll say your ego is restricting you. Or your old beliefs are stopping you. Your old paradigms or the old man is stopping you from being who you’d like to be. Is that really true, or your perfect alibi to yourself for your mental lethargy to think from the state of your wish fulfilled?

Is the plot of your cover story based on spiritual attacks? That you could have become as successful and fulfilled as you dream, but there were those various attacks. Maybe social attacks, or physical attacks. Some people would even turn this law of imagining and say it’s because someone else imagined them into their despicable state. Perhaps, but what are you Accepting to be true by all your cover stories? That you are the Operant Power or that you have lost control of your life?

Is the plot of your cover story based on God? Such as ‘God’s will be done.’ ‘God’s time is the best.’ Not that these are not powerful thoughts, but how do you use them? To excuse yourself from changing your attitude of mind for good? Or to remain grounded in the persistent assumption that you already are what you dream to be?

Is the plot of your cover story based on victimization? Feeling sorry for yourself (or for others) because of how you’ve been treated, or how life has happened to you. Is that how you’re constructing the story? Making yourself or someone else a victim in need of sympathy. Victim because of your place of birth, your skin colour, your relationship’s turmoils, your financial situation. Or what else? The word BECAUSE is truly powerful, and the victim uses it most unproductively. Instead of ‘I Am Successful BECAUSE…’, ‘I Am Confident BECAUSE…’; the victim will speak in weak terms, ‘I am weak because…’ Blow your cover!

What is your cover story? You’ve got to face yourself today and reflect. Neville calls it an uncritical observation. ‘Most of us think that we are kind and loving, generous and tolerant, forgiving and noble; but an uncritical observation of our reactions to life will reveal a self that is not at all kind and loving, generous and tolerant, forgiving and noble. And it is this self that we must first accept and then set about to change.’ (Neville Goddard, Fundamentals)

If you will uncover your cover story, you will experience a breakthrough. Becoming responsible for yourself as the Operant Power is the path to breakthrough. Taking charge of your imagining is the sure way to personal freedom. Imagining Creates Reality. Therefore, if there’s an explanation you have for anything happening to/for you outside of your imagining being the cause of that experience, you are keeping a cover story. Do you still have a cover story?



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