What Is Attraction?

The Outside and Inside of the Law of Attraction

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Magnets pulling metals; moon pulling the tides; nucleus pulling electrons at orbits; and consciousness pulling an objective reality to its centre: there is one thing common to them all, attraction! The alchemist, the sailor, the physicist and the mystic are all working with the same principle just on different levels of awareness or degrees of vibration. They have all accounted that all things are possible in the realm where they operate when the law of attraction is honoured and orderly applied. What is attraction?

On the Outside of the Law

On the outside of this law is the principle that ‘An object comes to a subject with powers to draw, magnet or attract the object.’ As such, when we talk of attractions, we express them in terms of things that are coming to a certain centre. The earth is attracted to the sun’s centre, and the wealth of the economy gravitates to the centre of the top 1% in the economy. Attraction literally means this in your dictionary, ‘Direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes,’ or even ‘Exert a force on (a body) causing it to approach or prevent it from moving away.’

This is how the Student has known attraction in initial study. This is good and important. Yet, the student must understand that there is an inside to this law. For every outside indicates an inside, every Alpha is polarised in its Omega. Until a unity of thought and experience is reached across the polarity, there is little that can be done with this law — or any other law for that matter. Thus have said certain friends wisely, ‘While most are aware of this law called attraction, they must transcend into proper education on it.’

On the Inside of the Law

Inside the law of attraction is a principle that seems to be a reversal of ‘attracting’ unless we understand it fully. On the inside of attraction is expansion, which has the idea of extending across a certain domain. Meet the physicist, the sailor or the mystic who are enlightened to what attraction really is inside out in their areas of studying the Universe, they all resolve to this one conclusion. It cannot be expressed fully in words, but the heart knows it whenever words that narrate it are spelt. This:

A subject attracts that to which its force field extends unto. OR Whatever object or thing in the nature and force field of a subject is attracted to the subject.


The outside of attraction bears strongly on this inside. And no wise teacher may tell the Student to do away with identifying that ‘everything gravitates to you, the centre of attraction.’ For this awareness tunes you to begin to search within yourself how you may rearrange your consciousness to become attractive — appealing to the kind of objects you desire. You no longer blame external forces for your present conditions which you have attracted from the past. Now you begin to seek a hold in your consciousness that puts you in a position to attract the things you desire consciously.

When you begin to look at yourself to become attractive in the mirror, you then begin to shift yourself properly as the centre of your world. That is, you become aware of who you are. You see your I Am-ness. On a practical stance, when you think of the ideas that the supply is infinite and yet you attract all the things you want, you begin to see that the only way everyone else can also attract everything they want even if it looks like what you want without conflict is because they are ‘manifesting it’, rather than ‘snatching it’. So that attraction does not mean pulling what belongs elsewhere to you, but pouring from within you what belongs to you.

Such a practical understanding now raises the consciousness of the Student to see that all things are because they are (depending on the experience by which you come in, the understanding in practical sense might differ — do not therefore conform yourself to a case study described above and Be Open). Certain teachers put it this way, ‘The Universe is Within Me.’ In the words which your heart says, ‘Everything is because I AM.’

The inside of attraction now weds unto the outside thus. ‘I Am the Centre of my Universe; and I Am a Personal Centre of Infinite Energy. I Am a Force Field that can pull all that was, is and will be.’ The conclusion of this being that the Student does not wait for things to be attracted unto him/her. The Student activates as the supply of all these things which are to be attracted.


Supply of what? Supply of all things which have been created from the foundations of the world, but now you desire them to be brought forth. You are the Supply of the Universe — the Universe is in You.

We understand this properly when we see that Attraction is nourished by the vibration of all things. You are vibrating on a level of awareness now, and as such you are supplying all what you presently receive in manifestation. Is that not it? Do you not supply to another in other forms what you find received with you?

Everything that was, is and will be IS in a constant state of motion. Spirit’s activity manifests in movement: ‘Spirit moves upon the waters.’ And whatever Spirit has created contains the vital outpour of Spirit into it. It therefore continues to move at the level of spiritedness in it. Everything is in a state of vibration. Everything moves in and out. Attraction is impossible without motion. For what is attracted must have the inherent power of motion and what attracts must have the power to cause motion, or inherent motion that pulls along least resistant lines. There must be established lines — effortless channels, pathways of movements — most natural to these participants of attraction. Even if an observer out of the fields of motion call them leaps.

Giving Is Receiving

Inside the law of attraction, we find vibrations ad infinitum. The Student must see by an inner perception that s/he is ready and concerned with giving that which s/he is expectant to receive. It may be in another form that this giving occurs — but it is important that the giving exudes the quality of feeling or the vibrational force field that is equivalent to what is desired to be received. It is utterly impossible to receive good health by a person who is ever irritable; nor should one expect to be promoted who sends criticisms out even when all appearances seem to justify it. What seems is not what is!

You have started out on the premise that you want to receive your desire. But you are ready to receive only when your force field has been strengthened and tuned by you to cause things in the image and likeness of your desire to gravitate towards you! Thus, your desire must turn into an assumption in your feeling, a fact in your premise of what you do or don’t do. Even when you are yet to receive? Especially when you have yet to receive!

Since all things gravitate, or travel, by the path of least resistance to where they must be from where they now are, does the Student see that to give is to set the channels in place whereby these things can come? And this path cannot be set unless the Student paves them, which is the only work of creation that we all must do — LETTING WHAT WE DESIRE COME, TO US AND THROUGH US. To give is indeed to be blessed!

The spirit of the spiritedness of all possibilities respond to our calling when we set a channel for them. All your desires are like water dammed up from the objective reality. But these desires are states as real as, intensely more than, the present experiences we have. Now, with the level of spirit through them in motion, they respond when they are called. They move when they are pulled. They happen when they are released. But like that water dammed up can only flow when a channel is opened, you must set through yourself an effortless path where these desires can travel and reach you. For to observers, it is a leap! But here, they only have journeyed.

This is the nature of attraction; it is the way of love.

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