What do you do when wonderful manifestations saturate your day?

Well, on a daily basis, very wonderful experiences manifest for me whether to me or to someone I know. I don’t bother about anything on the news because I receive genuinely happy news and witness fulfilling experiences on a daily basis. By applying what Neville is teaching me as faithfully as I could, I have my days filled with multiple manifestations every waking day. If you could, catch the feeling of how I wake up: ‘Wow, what an amazing day for more manifestations. Isn’t it wonderful?’ I grew so confident at this that I unassumingly told a friend something very odd and unlikely would happen because it was already done. Well, I imagined it was done. It so happened wonderfully that he called me later and said, ‘Adelere, I am very religious and you know it. But you seem to have a way of speaking with the Father that I don’t know. Could you teach me spirituality?’ Grateful I could tell him what Abdullah taught Neville, which Neville taught us: Your Imagination is the Father.

So, what do you do when your day is full of such wonderful manifestations? In all honesty, I believe it is Revision of Self. Wonderful manifestations isn’t all. This is what I encourage everyone to realise, that beyond manifesting the one big money or the one dream house — have them if you want, and they’re yours already as soon as you want. But beyond all this is living with your self, that is, your body of beliefs. Living with my Self now and by being more and increasingly aware that the Power is within me, I discover that my Self wasn’t the loveliest body of beliefs in the world. It then made sense to me what Abdullah suggested to Neville. ‘Neville, you must first start with self. Find self, don’t be ashamed ever of the being you are. Discover it and start the changing of that self.’ (Changing the Feeling of I lecture) It seems likely that Neville already have manifested his trip to Barbados and returned when Abdullah suggested this to him. When Neville was beginning to take his imagination very seriously. Abdullah understood he wouldn’t meet the very best of ‘self’ when he found it. So, don’t be ashamed of the being that you are. Simply start the changing of it.

Revision is the one and only way to do this, in my very plain understanding. In 1949, Neville was speaking to his friend who was head of the chemical department at Allis-Chalmers then. He suggested to him, ‘You can change the past. Man can revise the past, and change it as though it never happened. The day will come, everyone is going to change the entire past, and simply revise it.’ (If You Can Really Believe lecture) Neville teaches from experience, and he must have experienced this. It’s not the easiest of tasks to do. But we could either keep living with an unlovely self the way we already are or honour our spirit’s desire to expand by revising that self into the loveliest one.

So, now that manifestations fill my day, revision is my way of life. I now see very clearly that all my childhood dreams would already have been manifested if I didn’t have a limiting self-concept which I must revise. Well, I am grateful that Neville teaches how to do this. I am grateful that I am the power to recreate life and I know I am the power. I am also urging that you take Abdullah’s suggestion to Neville very seriously. If you still want a particular manifestation only, please enjoy it. Go to Barbados and come back. When you will have died to thinking there’s an external cause of all your life, all life, you would be ready to find your Self and change it.


I am Adelere Adesina 👑, the phenomenal man living in Nigeria and teaching my friends all around the world what I do, Imagining to Create Reality.

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Adelere Adesina 👑

I am Adelere Adesina 👑, the phenomenal man living in Nigeria and teaching my friends all around the world what I do, Imagining to Create Reality.