Using the Current State You Are In to Move into the State of the Wish Fulfilled

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On movement of consciousness, Neville said, ‘When we have learned to control the movements of our attention in the four-dimensional world, we shall be able to consciously create circumstances in the three-dimensional world.’ (Neville Goddard, Out of This World)

One of the best facts about movement is that it occurs when the position of something is changed from one place to another. For instance, if I were to arrive in Sweden, it could take me the next ten months if I don’t know where Sweden is. But it could even take me the next ten years if I just don’t know where I currently am relative to Sweden. But the moment I know that I am moving from Nigeria and my destination is Sweden, I could arrive at my destination in the shortest possible time. In other words, to detect that I have made a meaningful movement, I must have a fixed starting point, an original position relative to which I move into my new location.

This is where the state you are currently in has such a meaningful use. It is a wonderful reference point for you to move into the state of the wish fulfilled. Much has been expressed clearly about moving into the state of the wish fulfilled and living from it. Even more has been suggested of techniques for entering into the state of the wish fulfilled. I would just like to draw your attention to usefulness of the current state where you are leaving. It is a wonderful reference point to move into the state of the wish fulfilled.

1. Your current state could be used to construct the new state. This is the most obvious use of the old self. We could look at it, closely observe it. We could look at our beliefs and experiences and understand that we don’t want to remain here, we want to have a change of beliefs and experiences in life. We call this desire. It is a manner of movement. “Movement from ‘dreams to things’ is the power driving humanity.” (Neville Goddard, The Law and the Promise) If one is experiencing poverty, one could use that state of mind to construct what a rich life would please one to live. If a person is heartbroken, they could make up a new state of friendship and love for them to live in. What does it require to do this? Become aware of the current state, decide if you’d like to perpetuate it in your experience. If not, decide what you would like based on what you don’t want to repeat itself from your current state. That you can “dream to things” is the power that you alone have, and nothing else in this world but you.

2. Your current state could be used to move and enter into the new state. This is such a wonderful use of your old state, and Neville is fond of describing it this way. “This is how it is done. Although I am living here in Los Angeles, I desire to be in New York City. While lying on my bed tonight, I close my physical eyes to the room surrounding me and assume I am in New York City. Then I ask myself these questions: lf I were now in New York City, what would I see? Would I think of Los Angeles as three thousand miles to the west of me? Where are my friends and loved ones? How are my finances now that I am here? Then I would answer these questions carefully and fall asleep in New York City.” (Neville Goddard, Eternal States) ( This is how it is done, the movement from one state to another.) When we have a desire, we are in an old belief, an old state of consciousness in which our desire is absent. So we only think of our desire. But when we have made a successful movement from our desire to our wish fulfilled, we shall not think from that old state. We shall think from this new state of our wish fulfilled. Now, how can we think FROM the state of the wish fulfilled. We may liberally use our old state as a reference point. We will think OF the old state FROM the new state. Aside the example that Neville gave us above, there is a wonderful technique which Neville taught also. It is wonderful because it is simple to grasp and could be easy to practice (with discipline, of course).

I Remember When

This technique was first received by Neville in a dream. And here is how to use it. ‘Well, you could take that same technique and do it concerning anything in the world. “I remember when I didn’t have a job.” “I remember when he had no money.” If I say, “I remember when he had no money,” that would imply that now he has money. “I remember when he couldn’t contribute to any charitable cause in the world. In fact, he was on the receiving end!” That would imply that today he can contribute and he is on the receiving end. If you can stand perfectly still and assume that things are as you would like them to be, but at the moment they are not, well, then, you can say, “I remember when.” Now, remain faithful to the vision and forget the appearance of the moment.’

Assuming that your wish is already fulfilled, you simply remember when you lived without a quality of life that you desire. By this remembrance, you are using your old state to enter the new state.

3. Your old state could be used to Confirm that you have moved into the new state with persistent assumption. In this use, right before the new state is manifest in your physical reality, your old state could be used to detect that you really have moved out of it. How? Well, think of both states literally as houses for your consciousness to live in. Let’s say the old state is an old single room in a wretched neighbourhood, and the new state is the latest mansion in an affluent, uptown estate. If you have started to live in the mansion, you couldn’t be using the kitchen from the old house. You could use your jacuzzi bath, but would be really unable to whine about how the shower has broken again in your old house. In the same way, when you have moved in consciousness to the new state, you will be incapable of psychological reactions to the old state. It is a great way to confirm. When you react to the old state, instead of guilt yourself further or think you’ve messed up your manifestation, just learn that your Imagination is confirming to you how you’ve really not moved. Your imagination is giving a cue, a reminder that you want to make a move — and this moment of reaction, this now is the best time to make that move. When you react to your old state, it’s your Imagination’s way of saying something like this,

‘Hey, pal. You know the last time you did SATS for this wonderful wonderful new state you want to move into. Erm, I just want to update you that we only took a look at the mansion. Would you still like to occupy it or should I let the agents know you’d like to keep this apartment? By the way, I made down payments already. Just wanna know what you decide, pal.


God, the Imagination’

So, what do you decide, pal?



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