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‘Our ideals are waiting to be incarnated, but unless we ourselves match our inner speech and action to the speech and action of fulfilled desire, they are incapable of birth. Inner speech and action are the channels of God’s action.’ (Chapter 6. Awakened Imagination, Neville Goddard)

Today’s post is ‘Use the Book of Life.’ At the beginning of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, tired Alice having nothing to do peeped into a book her sister was reading and for the lack of pictures nor conversations in the book, Alice thought, ‘What is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?’ Lewis has given us a great thought while he set the stage for the entire drama of Alice, and this drama is all spiritual. It is ongoing right now, the story of Alice, and her sister is reading the book without pictures nor conversation. Then Alice would ask of what use such a book could be put. So, Alice asked:

‘What is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?’ The answer is: Nothing! It is of no use to ‘Alice’ and you are the Alice. I am the Alice. The story of Alice is the fantastic story of you and of me, the story of Imagination awakening. Then Alice would question the use of a book without pictures and conversations because such a book is NOT the book of life.

The book of life is the Imagination. The whole vast world is within the imagination, and all the states of the world which are occupied by the Imagination are occupied strictly by pictures and conversations. So, you and I can determine the wonderful thrills in our life and not get tired only by putting lively images and conversations into any state that we wish.

You now turn to Revelation, and just as Alice, this is a book of mystical wonders and truths. In Revelation 20:11–15, we find this Alice on the great white throne, the Human Imagination! Alice is the operant power, the one who is seated on it. So, the same first paragraph of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is written here. There are two books, one is the book of the dead and the other is the book of life. So, the mystic wrote: ‘I saw the dead, great and small. standing before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books.’

The books, all states that exist, these are every possible event. And they judge only the dead? They cannot bring the dead to life? These are the book without pictures or conversation, the book that Alice’s sister holds. Who is Alice’s sister but the rational sense of man that looks outwardly. He judges his experiences of life whether great or small on the basis of this world of death. But this world is dead, and I know it from experience.

So, he has these books of how it should have happened, why it didn’t happen, what external factors caused it to happen, who can make it happen. If he is rich, he judges his riches by the deadness of this world. The reasoning mind will always attribute it to some luck, or some business strategies or the economy’s growth. But these are dead; all states are dead, whether great or small. Whether riches or poverty, whether insignificance or fame, whether misery or prosperity. All states are dead before the books that judge them. Yet, another book was opened and it is the book of life.

The Book of Life is the Book of the Awakened Imagination. When man awakens to the power of his imagination and lives from the premise of his wishes fulfilled, he opens the book of life and finds the name of all that he wishes to express in it. How can you find the name of any wish in this book? By pictures and conversations. Now, I will share the wonderful story of my friend who opened the book of life.

She has been working on some deals for her company, and would like to secure these deals from their clients. They have competitors who could exploit any earthly means they have to make the deals their own. After all her effort on the deals, she got the disappointing yesterday that the three contracts have been awarded to their competitors. Well, my friend has been using her imagination to achieve her desires, and she has used the pictures, ‘Imagining the wish fulfilled,’ imagining what it feels like. But this book that would be of use to Alice, this would be the book of ‘Pictures and conversations’.

My friend’s conversations were on the other side of her wish fulfilled. When she called me and I listened to her, I realised the mental arguments she has held. I told her to change her conversations. ‘Mentally hold conversations such as you would hold only if you have got these three contracts today. Conversations such as, “Wow, it’s so amazing how they awarded us the contract. The dealers made us their partners just like that,” etc. While you imagine the wish fulfilled, project the imaginal act from these conversations just as a movie has its background music.’

Well, today and in less than twenty-four hours, one of the contracts have been reawarded. Her company has the deal now. Actually, they have all three deals, but my friend has got her objective confirmation of one today. She opened the book of life and she brought that state of successful deals back to life! That is how to do it.

Alice asked, ‘What is the use of a book without pictures or conversation?’ To the Imagination, there is no use. For the imagination to bring a dead state alive, it must centre itself in the feeling of the wish fulfilled. But how to do that? Fill the book of life with pictures and conversations of what you would see, hear and say when your wish is fulfilled. When you do so, the book of life is opened to you. The prophet said, ‘Those who are written in the book of life… enter it… the holy city.’ When you mentally animate the state by picturing it and holding conversations that imply you have got your wish, the dead facts of life will be reversed to life and your wish will translate into an objective fact. The state that you picture and converse within will enter as an objective actuality. Now, you may put it to test like my friend. Your results will convince you of the truth of my words.



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