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1. INDEPENDENCE: Your Inner Speech is independent of your physical experience. You may be saying something on your lips but in your mind, you're meaning the exact opposite or even speaking something unrelated.

"The outer words did not conform whatsoever with what they were really thinking on the inside." (Neville Goddard, Control Your Inner Conversations)

2. FOUNDATIONAL: Everything in life starts from the Inner Speech, and there's nothing that exists that did not first have to be spoken within. This includes our actions, habit, circumstances, even our imaginal actions, our visualisation, our dreams and our feeling.

"The circumstances and conditions of life are out-pictured inner talking, solidified sound. Inner speech calls events into existence." (Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination)

3. OBSERVATIONS: The only way we can truly observe our current state of consciousness is by observing our inner conversations. Our inner speech reveal to us where our attention has been focused. 'Man, know thyself,' really means, 'Man, know what you are constantly saying on the inside.'

"An uncritical observation of our inner talking will reveal to us the ideas from which we view the world." (Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination)

4. OVERSHADOWS THINKING: Nothing escapes the power of compelling which inner speech has. Even our thoughts follow the tracks laid down by our inner speech. Unlike you might have believed that thoughts are unbounded, thinking and the thoughts they produce are restricted to the inner conversations which govern them. A man cannot think beyond his inner speech.

"Thinking is usually believed to be a function entirely untrammeled and free, without any rules to constrain it. But that is not true. Thinking moves by its own processes in a bounded territory, with definite paths and patterns. "Thinking follows the tracks laid down in one's own inner conversations."" (Neville Goddard, Seedtime and Harvest)

5. UNFAILING OBJECTIFICATION: Everything else might fail to happen, but not inner speech. In fact, if any process fails to create the outcomes expected, be sure it is the inner speech that objectified the failure of that process. Inner conversations always become the world frozen around us. Any success you want a mental insurance for its certainty can be gained by making your inner speech be of that wish fulfilled.

"If the reader asks, "What if the inner speech remains subjective and is unable to find an object for its love?" the answer is: it will not remain subjective, for the very simple reason that inner speech is always objectifying itself." (Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination)

6. THE GREATEST ART: Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh, Picasso, Mozart, Shakespeare, Einstein, Whitney Houston, etc. might be remarkable artists who have given us masterpieces. But the greatest arts is the Right Inner Speech, and the greatest artist is the one who has mastered it. You can always be the greatest artist, making the most heavenly and breathtaking forms of the whole vast world. Your canvas is nothing less than the 8 billion lives on the planet and your inner speech is the arts by which everyone is swayed to any event which you have formed.

"Right inner speech is essential. It is the greatest of the arts."

7. THE NEW MAN: As inner speech is solely creative of everything, a change of concepts of self can only be done by a change of one's inner conversations. The new man is literally and in practical terms what you have when the new and ideal inner speech now habitual for you. To change your self-concept and put on the new man, it is your inner speech that must first change and the new speech become a natural habitual way of speaking to yourself within yourself.

"You put on the new man whenever ideals and inner speech match. In this way alone can the new man be born." (Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination)

8. PERPETUAL: Even if a person has a physical inability to speak, they are always having inner conversations. We all alike cannot stop our inner speech. We may stop thinking, but we must still have inner conversations about stopping our thoughts before we ever stop our thoughts. Inner speech still carries on anyway. We are constantly speaking to ourselves morning, noon and night. And this is why the whole world continues to exist, because our speech which is compelling our human experience to be never ceases in us. In fact, if a person is unconscious such as in sleep or in a coma, they are still speaking to themselves, generating their dreams and visions. This can make them oblivious to this physical world by experiencing another real world which their inner speech has created.

"So now, what am I actually doing on the inside of myself? And I am doing it morning, noon and night; I can’t stop it. If I stop for one moment, it isn’t. You can’t stop it. You take it into your dreams, and you are still talking. You are really talking at all moments of time." (Neville Goddard, Control Your Inner Conversations)

9. THE GREATEST ACTOR: There never was, is nor ever will be a second voice in your head. Even if you hear the voice of angels and God, of friends and foes, of neighbours and strangers, of pity or strength, all characters who speak in your mind are entirely from the Same and ONE inner speech: You. You alone are the speaker and by your inner speech, you have a glimpse of what a dramatic, creative and professional actor unlike ever known before that you are. Your inner speech is constantly acting, assuming all sorts of pitches and tones to satisfy the impression of any intended mental story you are telling yourself.

"But your being, your Imagination, is a protean being. It can assume any shape, any form, in the twinkling of an eye." (Neville Goddard, Many Mansions)

10. THE ULTIMATE PROCESS: When you learn to discipline and control your inner speech, you can leave all other processes to exclusively work with your inner speech and you will create radical results. Not only that, all other processes become automatically attuned to the highest spiritual levels possible. You will find a perfection of your self-concept and you will realise that your revision is more instant and productive, all by exclusively controlling your inner speech. This, however, is a difficult task.

"As we control our inner talking, matching it to our fulfilled desires, we can lay aside all other processes." (Neville Goddard, Awakened Imagination)

These ten lessons indicate that mastery of inner speech is the greatest spiritual achievement of man, who is God. Here's a bonus lesson.

11. POWER OVER WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS: Man's only mental power that can be exercised in any dream, vision or even any experience of other worlds which are just physical like this is the inner speech. By controlling your inner speech in your dreams as in this world or any other world, you change the events which occur there.

"By arresting the activity in me that caused the scene to become alive, everything froze. The waitress walked not. The birds flew not. The diners dined not. Then I knew that when I released its activity in me, everything and everyone would continue to complete their intention. Releasing my power, the waitress completed the serving, the bird flew to the limb of the tree, and the grass began to wave, as the leaf which was arrested in space fell to the ground. Now I know I am the center of creative power." (Neville Goddard, Eternal States)

"Not one thing is out of order, change the activity and you change the world in which you live, and you change that activity by the changing of your inner speech, for speech mirrors your mind and your mind mirrors God." (Neville Goddard, The Coin of Heaven)

Start today to master your inner speech.



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