The True Story of Christmas

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Today's subject is The True Story of Christmas. The world all over is celebrating Christmas, believed to be the celebration of the birth of a supposed man who was born about two thousand years ago to save mankind. Yet, the true story of Christmas is your story of how you can be reborn as a new being.

The story goes that Mary was betrothed to Joseph, and she conceived whilst a virgin by the word of an angel. And she brought forth the baby who is Jesus Christ.

This drama took place allegorically, if I may assure you. It has no reference to any physical event. It is all unfolding within your own wonderful human imagination. The Hebrew writers of the mystery of God put their meaning behind the names of personified entities or people. Yet they wrote as to adore the Shema. It is said to be the greatest commandment of the whole law and the prophets:

'Jesus answered, โ€œThe most important is, โ€˜Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.'"' (Mark 12:29)

This story is not about one man. It is the pattern of every man, the one pattern by which any one of us can be reborn to experience the kingdom of God, the expansion of our consciousness.

The Fastest, Safest and Surest Way to Change Your Self

Self is the root of all circumstances and events of any man's life. There is no clear way to explain causation except this. What was held as the cause of the world we live in a thousand years ago has changed today, and today's idea of cause will be changed a thousand years into the future. Only the I Amness of man never changes. Only the Imagination never changes, but he can change all things by moving from one Viewpoint or state of consciousness to another. The Self of man is what must be changed by a practical application of your imagination.

To know it is not enough. You will keep living and moving and having your being in an old state until you actually move, and move NOW.

The true story of Christmas is the story of how to move effectively and permanently. A baby, when born, cannot return to the womb again. So is it that when you learn the true story of Christmas and you apply it, you cannot return to the old self once your new self is born.

So, what is this story? What does it truly mean?

We start with Joseph, for the story started with him. Joseph means 'let him add'. As you would see that he added to the eleven sons of Israel, he added to the wealth of Pharaoh and he added to the virginity of Mary. His name means, 'Let him add.' How does he add? We can see it in his earliest function: a dreamer. He is the dreamer in man. Man dreams. And in dreams, man can add anything he wishes to his experience.

As a child when I had an interesting but interrupted dream, I would pretend to sleep again and conjure up the dream so that I could add 'the ending, the resolution' to my interrupted dream. That's the dreamer in me, and every man has it. We exercise it as adults, too. We have never ceased to dream. Did you not know that we are the Lord who is sound asleep?

We are the Lord who is sound asleep, and the psalmist said, 'Awake! Why are you sleeping, O Lord? Rouse yourself!' The Adam who slept for Eve to be dreamt up, but did he ever wake? He fell in love with the reality of his dreams.

So, we are all that Joseph, and we are adding in this dream morning, noon and night. In the shadow of the past, we unwittingly added unloving suspicions and unwanted ideas. Every little event, but we dreamt the possibilities of things getting out of hand and we saving it. Joseph wanted to save his Mary from public disgrace. But the true story of Christmas is when man learns to habitually add loving states and ideas to his dream.

You are dreaming now, and mentally you are suspicious like Joseph was suspicious of Mary. But if you have been suspicious of all the things that could go wrong and all the people that you could blame, this moment is the time to rebel by becoming the virgin Mary.

The Rebellion

This is what Mary means. Her name is: 'Their rebellion'. It means obstinacy. Joseph, the dreamer had added all the unloving states of a man, but Mary is virgin because she is rebellious to states that are added unwittingly.

We find the roll of Mary in many forms throughout scriptures. She was Moses in the old testament after that Joseph added to Pharaoh unwittingly to the peril of Israel, the true desire of Divine Man. Moses rose to the rebellion of Pharaoh's government. But this Moses is you, when you have sent yourself within to discipline your foolish choices of old states to wise choices of new states. When Moses reached the elders or the older states of consciousness to exodus them, he claimed but did not deny it. He said, 'I Am has sent me unto you.' Then he rebelled against Pharaoh, and by obstinacy took out Israel or God's prevailing desire from slavery. We learned that he did not take the elders to the promised land or fulfilment. They cannot enter, just as a new wine could not be kept in an old bottle.

Physically, anyone would be unreasonable to heed to a man who claims he sent himself to another to save them from a world power. To show you it is the true story of Christmas expressed in another form, to show you that it is man who must rebel against his own old conceptions of himself, his own household.

We find Mary as Judas amongst the disciples of Jesus, who by betraying his own secrets of self, exposes him to crucify the old ideas of himself as a weak, ordinary and simpleton mortal so that he could be reborn three days after as the risen Lord.

The same state of Mary is Ham in the story of Noah and his sons. She is Abigail in the story of David and Nabal. We can go on and on.

In the story in Matthew 1:18-25, this same state of rebellion against the old state to birth the new concept of self is expressed as Mary. This is a drama within you, where you act the different parts to birth your new self unaided by any man.

Rebellious of Joseph's foolish dreams, she self conceive a new state called Jesus or Joshua, and she brought him forth, silencing Joseph's old dreams once and for all. This is the surest and fastest way to change your self-concept.

You learned that Joshua took Israel to the promised land, taking the deliverance from Moses, after Moses moved to remove Israel from the land of slavery where Joseph left them. Jesus is the anglicised form of the name Joshua, which both means Yahweh Saves. Is this not the same story?

Put to Action

Mary self-conceived Jesus, the deliverance of Israel from sin. Sin means to miss the mark, to fall short of a glory, ideal or objective. Therefore, Mary self-conceived the ideal and brought forth the child. She used the voice of an angel to impregnate herself with the idea, just as Moses did.

Therefore, the FIRST step to changing your self-concept is to decide what your salvation is. To know this salvation, you must identify what you are saving yourself from. What manner of Pharaoh has your Joseph dreamt into life in his deadly visions of his sleep?

Is it poverty? Is it illness? Is it insignificance before men in this world? Is it failure in your ventures? Is it unweddedness? You must identify the problem, not to complain about it nor to whine about it. Rebellion means to oppose an established rulership by executing a definite course of action. Obstinacy means to refuse to change your course of action in spite of the persuasion that asks you to stop. Therefore, in identifying your problem, your only focus obstinately is to overthrow it by the newly defined aim.

SECOND, you identify your angel, the one that will serve you with the news of your wish fulfilled. Who do you know that would remark out of any of these modes of feeling? Wonder or surprise, joy or celebration, rejoicing or thrill. You don't need anyone who will be proud of you. Neither do you need anyone who will be sympathising with you. Just someone who would wonder, feel surprised, rejoice or celebrate with you for the experience of your new life.

THIRD, you imagine that this person speaks the words that imply you now are the person you would like to be. Perhaps a wealthy person, a healthy person. They may speak that they've never seen someone as highly respected and dignified as you. Or they speak of your successful career with joy, a shining inspiration to them. They may speak of your happiness now that you're married. Or congratulate you on any other thing you wish. Focus on just ONE idea that you let them tell you they are so happy, so full of joy or so inspired that you are or have it.

Learn to Say No Without Words, with Attitude

In your period of conception or during the time that you are waiting for the physical delivery of your new self-concept, Joseph cannot be allowed to touch you. 'When Joseph woke from sleep, he knew her not until she had given birth to a son.' Your old self-concept would not be so appealing to you as to turn you back to worry like you have once done. It would not be so concerning to you as to make you give a moment of attention to 'What if life was like my old self again?'

You must learn to turn it down and say No! The bones of Joseph were buried in the promised land. That means you paid no attention to the old state, you buried it as to not even know what state the bones would be in. You lack concern and care about what life is like in that old state, even during your transition to the new state.

Let nothing of it ever be spoken by you in consciousness, unless as a dead, impotent state. And even that, not because you're contemplating it. But because you're thinking from your new state and feeling the heaven of it. Yes, you woke today and it seemed that nothing had changed. But with your attitude of mind, you say YES to your new state and say NO to the old state by refusing to react with concern, and simply rejoicing in the words of your angel.

This is the true story of Christmas. You can do it daily. It is nothing about a man who lived two millenia ago. It is about you, and how you birth yourself out of yourself. And this birth can happen daily, one concept at a time.

If you have done everything that I have instructed you in this writing today, then congratulations to you.

Adelere ๐Ÿคด๐Ÿฟ



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