The Secret to Earning More Money Even in a Recession

Adelere Adesina đź‘‘
13 min readDec 14, 2020


is the application of one law in the search for riches. What is the one law that can make for the man a future that is rich and abundant in terms of wealth? 'Believe and act’. Now, this might appear so simple, much more simple than you even expect. Now let us take this law which promises man the possession of all which he may desire and apply it to earning more money in a recession. Before we proceed, I want you to open your mind and examine closely.

Let us talk first of 'believe’. You have heard or are getting to know now that 'as a man thinks in his heart, so he is.' Many others have put it in different words.

As a man believes in his heart, so he achieves.

As a man dreams in his heart, so he becomes.

As a man thinks and feels in his heart, so be acts.

This is where the power of faith steps in for molding your achievements. God puts this law there, and it does not regard who you are or what you have done. The law is not man-made, and cannot be bent for any partiality. The sufferings of any man cannot be made to alter the law; nor his plain honesty without other virtues of righteous work. Directed to money, 'As you believe about money in your heart, so you earn.' Let’s face it; recessions are the easiest times to be poor not because there isn’t money in the economy but because there isn’t money in the hearts and minds of most people in the economy. Put in different words, people say that 'they are looking for money’, 'money is scarce’, 'money is hard to find,' 'there is a recession out there and it is eating all the sources of income.' All this may appear true; but they are only as true as you choose to believe. The reality is that there is always more money, most especially so in periods of recession. It is the period, you may observe, where you do the more relative spending and enter more debts because your spendings kind of increase. We hardly really spend less because of a recession; we simply earn less.

Remember that man whom Jesus asked, 'You may if you believe.' And he cried out, 'I believe. Help my unbelief.' I guess you might be at the same point right now, doubting what you have just read that there is more money now than ever and you simply are earning less of them because you didn’t believe. Which law implies that you can earn a lot more than you do right now if you believe. You might have doubts about that, some kind of unbelief. I hope it is convenient with you that I 'help your unbelief’. Now, there is really nothing new I am teaching you. You have known how to use this law from childhood; you have just forgotten to be aware of it. Now, that is the word: +aware+. Bracketing it in that sign so you may see it clearly.

What does awareness have to do with you earning money? Let us think of children for a moment. From childbirth, they never really desire money. They don’t 'ask' for it. If you are a parent, the reason is not because you won’t give it to them. It is because they are not 'aware' of money and what it can do. The moment they become introduced to some better life, such as eating candies, they become 'aware' of candies. This desire in them wets their drive to be more aware so that they can satisfy more of it. Then with a little more of understanding, they become aware that some amount of money in their hands can buy them candies. Children ask you for pennies at that time of life, so they can buy candies. Not because you can’t/won’t give them tens of dollars if they ever ask for it with definite purpose. But because they are not aware they can ask. Put in different terms, a child asks you for N20 while you will find ways of giving N500 to the child if the child asks and tells you a definite reason for demanding it. Don’t think definite purpose is required only for big goals. You never give your child money without asking them what they will do with it. You don’t want them to tear it; but when they tell you they want to eat candies, you give it--now you know it will not be wasted but carefully used. So, definite purpose is required for big as well as small goals. The only reason why a seven-year old kid is not receiving N1,000 daily from you is because the kid is not aware that he can ask and if he asks in the definite assurance that you will perform it, you will find the shortest possible ways of doing it.

Switching the roles, you never demanded for N1,000 from your elderly ones until you become aware of the fact that you can get N1,000; and in becoming aware, you believe with immovable assurance that you have it already. Your thinking level is raised to the understanding of the possibility of N2,000 and you receive it. The day you receive N100,000 to pay for your tuition is the day when your level of awareness of your capacity to receive that money is raised to that level. What is more? It is not your sweat how that money gets to you--it is the sweat of whom you are asking.

Let me extend this to your work life. The day you begin to earn the minimum wage is not the day you really become able to earn it. You always have been able; you just got aware that time and it caused the faith in you, then you earned it. Once when earning more is comfortable with you, you earn more. Every moment a new level of money is comfortable with you (you believe you can; you become spiritually aware of your ability to receive it), you earn it. Now, think for a moment. From childbirth receiving nothing to receiving N10, then N100, then N1000, then N10000, then N100000, then N1000000, then N10000000, then N100000000, then more. The only thing that really stops you from earning them is your awareness of the fact that 'you may if you believe’. I really hope you understand this idea of your level of awareness. The idea means that 'the money is always there, waiting for you to be aware of its presence there; then you earn it.' The money is waiting for it to feature as the absolute possibility in your heart, and it finds you.

Now, within the past week alone, I have asked a number of people I meet to not say 'They are labouring hard for money’. Rather say, 'Money is finding them.' A motorcyclist said to me, 'I am looking for money every day of my life.' I replied him, 'Have you found it? Switch the role. Always say "Money is looking for me." And you will find it.' I don’t know how well he is doing the exercise; but I know that if you try that for the next thirty days, you will find money come to you even from unexpected places. A friend said, 'I’m hustling for money.' I told him, 'You are working and you earn money. Money is hustling for you.' Imagine that you work with that mindset. What kind of gratefulness, calm and cheer do you have? Who do you think more money stays with: the cheerful one at work who is grateful to receive as much as is in the world or the grumpy who is always bitter and complaining about how scarce money is? Money finds you if you ask it to. See money as a faithful servant and people as your lovers and partners; this is both how to earn a lot of money but never love money. You use money; you love people. Once that is the case, again, even in (or better still because of) recessions, money finds you--you will do more good to many people with more of it in your care; so, money finds you.

I cannot count how many times my transport fare has been paid for; nor how many gifts I seem to receive from here and there. And it becomes more by the day. This is not only with me. It happens to someone very close to me who I have taught to use this same principle. Things seem to flow from everywhere more than ever, and they increase. We are grateful. Even then, we give more out--for you must first be a giver. I shall come to this point of being a giver in the second part of the law, 'act’. But now is the second thing I want you to understand about your faith. It is done to you what you want; not from the narrow places you expect. Fix a certain amount of money you want in your life right now; not that you need, but that you want. Do you expect it all to come from your business or work alone? Don’t limit God. You are not doing this yourself. You are simply applying the law of the GrandMaster, the Creator of the Universe. He is the one doing it. It is a sign of doubt and doubleminded pettiness to expect money to flow only from a single source. Count your blessings and see that money comes to you from different places in different forms. Now, two things.

1. Become aware that the money is everywhere around you; there is only abundance of money; God is more than able to give it only if you will ask with a definite purpose. In fact, God is anxious to give you the money if you maintain a clean, peaceful and cheerful heart towards your desire for it; if your lack does not turn to greed (greed out of lack is shown by bitterness, complaint and envy). This is 'seeking first the kingdom and its righteousness' with respect to money; money then becomes added unto you. God is anxious to give you the money because He knows that money in your hands does good service.

2. Expect the money but do not be narrowminded. Do not limit yourself. Let 'money flow to you in multiple ways from multiple sources.' There is no limit to God. You are not the one doing the work. The child is not the one making the money; the child only receives the money. This makes you free your mind of all worry and doubt. Expecting God to rain food from heaven is what killed a chief and king’s favourite three thousand years back. He could have simply allowed God to use the Syrian army to supply Israel’s needs. In other words, he could have simply been more openminded to God’s infinite possibilities and not try to find out how it will be done faster than the time. What will you tell your nosy child who wants to tell you exactly how you make the money you want to give him/her?

Let us turn now to the second part of the law. Act. Earl Nightingale said, 'Ideas are worthless except they are acted upon.' James said, 'Show me your faith without works and I shall show you my faith *by my works*. Faith without work is faithlessness. It is not alive; it is dead; it is doubt. Geniune faith not only wishes a thing is done. It expects that it is done and acts as though it is already done. This is where I can list endless things that you can really act as though your desire for money has materialised. But I shall list a couple of them.

1. Give unto others. Once you really believe that more is coming unto you, you find nothing stopping you from giving unto others. You even do it cheerfully because you know you are receiving more than they are getting from you. 'It is more blessed to give than to receive,' said the Rabbi. Now, I come to the point I said I would revisit earlier. You can only learn how to openly, honestly and gratefully receive from many other sources when you do genuine acts of giving. I do not mean trading, not the one that is planned where you are giving to someone by expectation that they will repay--a Greek gift. I mean cultivate the habit of spontaneous giving, the one that you have not planned for. This is not trading; it is giving.

2. Do more in your work and relationships. Act as though you have received the money you desire. Suppose you have believed that in the next sixty days, you will earn N10,000,000. Now, begin to act that way in your work. Do every task, every job, every duty and responsibility as though you have already been compensated with N10,000,000 for that job. Note, not because you want to bribe anyone to pay you with it. But as though they already have paid you that much. In fact, when you are doing the job free, do it as though they have tipped you ten percent extra on that money. You will soon find that you are doing more giving this way. Also, this is the application of the Golden Rule at work. I hope to tell you how this works; and I have wanted to write it before. I shall therefore after this writing is complete, in a different writing where I tell you how to create multiple opportunities for yourself and others in an economy/region where there seems to be no opportunities. But again, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' In different terms, he who gives more receives more.

3. Spend more time with your family. Money have ruined men who fail to cultivate the habit of happiness. Geniune happiness is not complete if it is not shared with our loved ones. True happiness is peace with dwellers at home and peace with partners at work. This is another giving to your family. Learn to understand, care and serve them in every way possible. Understand that you rob them of all the material things you may supply them if you do not work; so, work. But you also must understand that you rob the companionship with them if you do not dwell with them in peace and love; this they cannot buy anywhere. If you truly have believed, then with confidence and harmony do you relate with your family and friends.

4. Find the joy in spreading happiness wherever you go. The man who believes he receives the thing asked for goes with the excitement in his eyes and others see the light; it is like a candle causing theirs to light up. Stay happy and remain cheerful in your way. Share it with everyone. Keep it from none. Do not force anyone however to accept the light. Simply share it for all.

5. Not the least however, keep ten percent of all that you earn. Let it stay in your purse, bank, piggybank until it is full to invest somewhere. Then invest it wisely with someone who is sure to know what they are doing and who do it well. Never spend the money nor its returns; keep making it work harder for you. If you save and invest wisely what you earn every Monday morning for the next five, ten or even twenty years, you will have built financial security for your family against your demise. This is not the main reason, not so you die tomorrow. But so you simply care for yourself and for them.

Now, 'believe and act' is the simple thing which transform your position in life from lack to abundant wealth. It is the summary of the law. Many have called it different names. This process does not require hard work. It is simple. The yoke is easy and the burden is light. However, you can be tricked out of it by your heart. Your heart can find it hard to 'believe’. And all 'action' without 'faith' is meaningless, vain effort. This is what you first must solve. I have already mentioned the solution in part. But let me give you some more details, however in brief.

First, write out what you want to achieve; you don’t have to believe it is possible yet. We want to develop that belief, the faith. 'Faith comes by hearing.' Write out your money goal this way: 'I am happy and blessed that I earn ____________ to my bank balance by ____________. I use this income to invest/provide/care/cater/wisely spend on ______________ for myself, others (people ____________). I do my work today with faith and confidence that I ask and I have received. I am grateful to God. Amen.'

Second, read this to yourself in the morning when you wake and night before you sleep for the next thirty days. At night, read it out so you can hear your own voice. If you have a spouse, tell them about the crazy idea and ask them to help you stick to it. Just do it to prove to yourself that this really works. After all, you only need one proof; and the best proof you can have is to achieve it yourself.

Third, avoid all negative remarks from yourself about money. Speak only positive remarks about money and any other thing in life. Also, do not pay attention to people who say evil about money. Listen to only positive things. If there is nothing to listen to, record the reading of your goal and play it to yourself.

Do not take this step unless you are really ready to stick to it. This is about the hardest thing you will begin to do in your new journey. Not because it is difficult itself but because it is a new habit, totally strange to the habits that have kept you in the comfort zone of poverty. This is the secret to think about and encourage yourself to break away from the comfort zone of poverty.

'I did not create my past failure habits that have kept me in the comfort zone of poverty. Now, I am creating the success habits that are putting me in the active zone of wealth and abundance. I am committed to it and I will see it through with calmness of mind and peace.'

Do this faithfully as when your teacher began to teach you 2 × 2 = 4. Continue in it steadfastly, and you’ll find the results.

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