The Science of Attraction

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readMay 11, 2021

This is the greatest science in the world. It is the greatest science in the universe. No one is trying to sell you anything by calling this a book on ‘the greatest science’. Still buy yourself wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding.

Once again, this is the greatest science in the world. I, the writer, pretend not to be the scientist in this science. I Am an interpreter, and there is one renowned scientist that you know who alone could do this science with success. It is you. You are the scientist of the greatest science. In fact, this science is the greatest because it is the Science of YOU.

You may or may not have heard about Attraction, the Law of Attraction and so on. In the century when I wrote on this science, a documentary has been released: The Secret. It has brought the awareness of this science to millions. But what You are to get in all your getting is not knowledge. It is understanding. I believe when you contemplate the name of this documentary, it must surprise you that the science was rendered in a media titled ‘The Secret’. Why would so important a science not be public? Why would it be hidden? Have you been introduced to You as a Science? Have you been instructed in a system about you? It is indeed a secret, albeit an open one. There is a saying that goes, ‘The best place to hide something is in plain sight.’


As with all the sciences you have learned, there are objectives to our study here. The primary target is for you to arrive at the laws of the Universe that have to do with YOU with exact precision. The secondary objectives include being equipped with the understanding of how to work harmoniously with these laws to improve the quality of your life and with the indepth awareness that enables you to pass the knowledge across to others in the manner which attends to their states of consciousness.

Without exaggeration, this science equips you with the necessary information that you require as a scientist to experiment success in your little or big universe (to whatever extent you want it defined). There is only one way to ascertain this. Follow the objectives through.


Since you are the scientist and I am interpreting for you, the pages to come shall be as brief as possible on each topic or area of discussion. However, there are enough details to clarify your experimentation and facilitate your learning. The scientific method is to draw hypotheses and theories from observations of facts which, after being subjected to thorough experimentation under special conditions and analyses, yield themselves to laws. This same method is now being used. You must bear in mind, however, that the subject of study is now no longer the object of physical or natural sciences as such. We have transcended questions of ‘What is the nature of atoms?’ or ‘How does the rain fall?’ We are in the realm of only one resounding question, ‘Who Are YOU?’ This is the most important question EVER! Without any bias for physical and natural sciences, we shall flexibly accommodate the nature of our inquiry into the method of our inquiry and vice versa. Therefore, expect a conventional approach in an entirely unconventional subject matter. You shall soon find that so little is known to our scientist about You. And You know so little as the scientist of YOU. But that unknown is what allows science to thrive and chart new areas, is it not?


This science that we are about to learn cuts across three planes of your existence. You are already quite familiar with the appearance of your body and its functionalities. Most of the sciences you have engaged in have been limited to this aspect only. However, this is a tiny bit in the whole scope of this science. I would ask you to imagine your future now. Think of the kind of person you would be in 10 years time if everything you ever dream of is possible and actually happens. Either you think it or you ‘try’ not to, there are at least figments in your mind. You can see ‘you in ten years’ on a projected screen now where your physical eyes seem not to ‘see’ these things. You are the Scientist and YOU are the Science, remember. With this observation in You, would you safely conclude that there is a non-physical part of you, an invisible component that can see invisible things independent of space and time? I take it you say Yes. Conventions help scientists communicate and transfer information rapidly, and their conversationalists can adapt conventions rather quickly to their conversations. I shall do the same with you, and call this invisible part soul or mind. Finally, a part of you is knowing that the images you see of ten or twenty years from now are created and assumed in your mind. This part of you knows, is intelligent. There is no intelligence in the images unless how this part of you assumes meaning into them. This higher part can tell what may be reorganised in your physical world and even in your imagination, it can wipe out whole data to restructure them. Let us call this part your Spirit or pure Energy. These are the three planes of existence that you can identify of You, scientist. You can see your body with your eyes — the physical plane. You can see non-physical images and states with your mind — the metaphysical plane. You can see your mind’s activity and reorder it as spirit — the mystical plane.


This is a science that anyone who can respond to the pronoun ‘You’ may take. It is the greatest science, but not everyone is ready for it yet. You can only be ready for this science when you admit that you surely want something out of life, your life. You may or may not know how to have it — fortunately that is not necessary for taking this science. Surely, however, you cannot take this science unless You Want an Ideal. This is the only pre-requisite.

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