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We are always in pursuit of one thing: what can make life happen just as we want. O, not one person will not give up all that they currently have to get what they feel is necessary for them to have what they want. There isn’t! We have troops of students registering for colleges all the time, graduates learning how to be skilful and fit for employment, employees upgrading their skills and productivity and employers finding the most efficient business systems they could deploy. Everyone in each category is simply devoting time, energy and money to what they believe is the ’cause and solution’ to their current situations in life. As Neville puts it, ‘We are going to search for the cause of the phenomena of life called in scripture, “the Father”.’ (Neville, Seeing Christ through the Eyes of Paul) If there is one lesson of utmost importance that I could share with you, it would be this. There is only one cause of life, and that is your own wonderful human imagination. Find it and you may have all that you wish for. It is this important lesson of all that the writer recognized to say of faith, ‘But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to the Imagination must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.’ (Hebrews 11:6)

What is the cause of life? What is the means that you have elevated highly in your life? For this is the first and the one that you turn to when you want to achieve some objectives. When you want to move from your current condition of life A to a newer condition E, what do you turn to as your means? Do you first ask, ‘How much would it cost?’ Then you have made money your means and would forever be in pursuit of it. Do you first ask, ‘Who are the people I can talk to?’ Then you have made people your means and would forever live in the tension of seeking validation and having disappointments. Do you first ask yourself, ‘Which company is the reliable manufacturer of it?’ Then you have made the merchants of the world your trust, and be not surprised when they frustrate you. Do you first ask, ‘Where can I get it?’ Then you have made locations your means and they are ever changing. For all these things pass away. ‘Heaven and earth shall surely pass, but not one of my creative word (desire) will go unfulfilled.’ So, what is your cause of life?

‘Man sets up physical causation, saying you must join the “right” club, live in the “right” neighborhood, know the “right” people. That your place of birth or the color of your skin is the cause of your experiences. Now you are told that the cause is invisible and you must love this cause more than any earthly thing. You are urged to fall in love with it! To make it yourself and have no other god besides it!’ (Neville, Seeing Christ through the Eyes of Paul)

Imagination is the only means! Turn to imagination, for he is God! If you seek him diligently and become the creative master that operates this vast power of imagination, all things are possible unto you. In fact, nothing shall be impossible to you. Do you know that? If you were honest and you have not been living in imagination, using him as your means, you would say honestly, ‘I don’t know.’ Then I invite you to test it. Test him and see.

Can your imagination all by itself bring to you everything necessary for the complete realization of your exact objectives? Well, test it and see. Try it, for what you need pay no nickle to put it to the test. You cannot apply for a thing in this world but not expect to give up something in return. Well, to apply your imagination for your solutions, you must pay the price of giving up beliefs in any other seeming power. For there is only this power. So, I ask again, Can your imagination all by himself, all by being consumed with your desire, bring to you the feeling of its fulfilment and the unreserved objectifying of it? YES!

Make this the only means, your only means. For you will surely always seek the means, what you believe to be the causation of life. If you believe in physical causations like the right neighbourhood, your forever pursuit would be to move into the right neighbourhood, one after another. If it is money you put your trust, you would always seek to have more. But when you make imagination the means, then you seek to imagine the end just as frequently.

My friend L.J. has worked with this family for seven wonderful years. She loves them, and loves her job. But there was only one thing, every time that they are to travel, they were always caught unprepared until the last minute, and that caused several tensions for every family member on the journey. Even though they had all the time and resources in the world to prepare years ahead for any trip, she experienced the frustration with everyone of them of lack of preparations. One day, she decided to put her imagination to the test. ‘I Am the Lord’, she thought. So, I must be able to test it and see. My friend shared with me how she imagined that she heard the wife of the house telling her, ‘I have booked the tickets for our next trips ahead. I have made all necessary preparations.’ Without saying a word to anyone as she had done in seven years. She had advised early preparations, but who was she advising? She thought her wise words, rational arguments, attitudes and so on would be the means in those seven years, but it didn’t work that way. Was the family not the extension of her imagination, and merely doing what she had accepted as true of them. Having used the only means which she now has, her Imagination, and believing in the reality of what she wished for as already true, two weeks after, the mother of the house approached her with the exact words, ‘I have booked the tickets for our next trips ahead. I have made all necessary preparations, L.J.’ She believed it was so and she was rewarded with the experience that it was so. Therefore, is not her imagination the Father of life, the cause of all the phenomena of life? Has she not found him whom the world seek as God on the outside? Is he not within her?

I urge you today to take it, not as words of solace but of power so that you may test it. Take it to the extreme test. My friend did in two weeks with her imagination what she couldn’t do in seven years by any other means. What would you hear now if your wish is realised? Who would say the words to you? Could you bring their voice within you and listen to it intently as a friend? Could you distinct their voice from my voice, from the voice of your favourite singer, from the voice of Neville? Then that voice has an undeniable reality in you. And if you would make it express the words that you want to hear, the speech is a solid reality that would become an actuality in its appointed hour.

My urge then is not for you to take mere knowledge but to take application. Apply it, for I have found the Father. This Is the Father, your Imagination. He is the Father in Heaven, and Heaven is Within. He is your only means, and if you would accept these words, then you would pursue him. When you have a desire, which is a word sent to you from heaven within, you will pursue only one means: Imagining. Then you too may ask, ‘What would I do and what would I feel if this were already true and done in my world?’ Then act it, and no power on earth can stop its realization. Simply because your imagination is the Only Power!

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