The Mystery of Other Tongues

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readJul 8, 2022


‘I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you. Nevertheless, in church I would rather speak five words with my mind in order to instruct others, than ten thousand words in a tongue.’ (1 Cor. 14:18–19)

One of the most fascinating practices in contemporary Christianity is the practice of speaking in tongues. But why, the very basis of understanding the great mystery is removed entirely in the thought and practice of this act. Today, I hope to bring you to the full understanding of this beautiful art and to bring you into a thirst for you to put it to practice.

The great mystery is this, ‘God was manifested in the flesh’ (1 Tim. 3:16). When you look at the flesh (any whatsoever), you see God who is manifested. No matter the earthly identity of the person I behold. He may be tall or short, rich or poor, an Alice or a John. They are God manifest. Now, behind your name is God. But we are told, ‘God is Spirit.’ (John 4:24) and ‘There is ONE Spirit.’ (Eph 4:4) This is the foundation of the whole structure of life.

So, you have the Spirit within you as I do. I am spirit and you are. But there are no two spirits, even if it seems to the world that there are. There is only One Spirit! Now we are told that the Spirit gives the gifts as he pleases, giving ‘to another various kinds of tongues.’ (1 Cor. 12:10) But the natural rational man thinks this is anything about earthly language. This is not. It is all about the vision within.

All the gifts are within the One Spirit who is the giver, and at various occasions or segments of your life, YOU give yourself these gifts to match the imaginal need of the present stage. I say YOU so that you understand clearly that the Sprit is YOU and YOU are the Spirit giving these gifts to yourself. For there are no two; the giver is the receiver of his own gifts.

Speak in Other Tongues

Well, the tongue ‘is a small member yet it boasts great things… no human can tame the tongue.’ (James 3:5, 8) As this drama is entirely within, every inner speech is a tongue in itself. It is unique and specific, capable and always eagerly productive to evoke the state that it uniquely identifies with. To have an untamed tongue is to speak within words that fall short of the premise of the wish fulfilled. The tongue can no human tame. So, why are we asked to ‘not stumble in what we say, thereby able to bridle our whole body’? (James 3:2)

We are to replace the tongue and speak in other tongues. A tongue specifically speaks cursing within us, another speaks blessings within us. You now ask yourself to change your tongue. Speak in another tongue, not the mother tongue, the one that the natural man will speak. But speak in the tongue of your wish fulfilled. ‘No human can tame it…’ but ‘…the Spirit gives to another various kinds of tongues.’

No man can shut their inner conversations. Never has it been done. You can send it to the quiet because you turn deaf ears. But it persists in the very fire it has set ablaze. Well, change it! Not by your logical mind nor mental arguments of ‘how it ought to have happened.’ Inner conversations are changed by the Spirit, who is Your Imagination!

It is meaningful to speak five words with your mind in the church (your body of beliefs) so as to instruct, to awaken refreshing states of consciousness than to say ten thousand words in A tongue, the rational tongue. That was how we started this writing. Paul said he would rather instruct his body of beliefs with five clear words than carry on untrained, unguided mental conversations which aim at no wish fulfilled.

Now, my friend and student Martha, she spoke in another tongue. She spoke her five intelligible words which evoke a fantastic state. She wrote to me, ‘I started focusing on my inner conversations and I had a successful experience today. I am over the moon.’ Why?

She had a meeting with a senior colleague which in a tongue, she had ten thousand words of how difficult it was to relate with and please the senior colleague. She had imagined, but now she watched her inner conversations and found that she was mentally arguing and displeased with the person. When she changed her mental speech the night before, the following morning their meeting was full of amazing praises from this senior colleague. She spoke in another tongue.

If man will speak in another tongue, he will bring every state he desires to listen to him as we are instructed in the story of Acts 2. They all heard them each one in their own tongue. Each one of the infinite states of consciousness is always listening a speech that corresponds in its own natural tongue ‘The wonderful works of God’ (Acts 2:11). In other words, it listens for the tongue that awakens it: the right inner speech that matches the wish fulfilled.

Now, your reasoning mind will mock. We are told in the story, others mocked that the apostles were drunk. The sense of ‘others’ belongs to the rational mind, and he will mock. He cannot understand how you will say to yourself, ‘Wow! My new car is so much fun to drive around town,’ when by your senses that claim is denied. So, he mocks that you have been drunk, that you have been too Nevillized and heard too much from Adelere, so you are out of your senses.

Well, you are told, ‘Do not be drunk with wine, but be filled with the Spirit…’ and ‘The Spirit gives… various tongues.’ So, don’t just take my words and read ten thousand of Neville’s stories alone, but be filled with the state of fulfilment. How? Speak another tongue.

This is impossible for the rational mind to reasonably state your wish is fulfilled when all evidence denies it. You cannot and should not do it on your lips. Neville said, ‘Speak it inwardly in your Imagination Only’ (The Coin of Heaven, in Awakened Imagination)

So, your physical senses deny it that you are now happily married. You are still in your parents’ house or still sleeping as a bachelor alone. But when you go to sleep tonight, speak in a new tongue. Declare that your wish is now fulfilled with the right sentence, ‘Isn’t this wedding ring the most adorable dress I have ever worn?’

Or your desire is to be a millionaire, but your account balance denies it. Your net worth statement denies it. Your current financial status denies it. Now, SPEAK A NEW TONGUE. You cannot tame the old tongue that says you are poor for that inner speech is eternal with the state that it assumes, but you can REPLACE IT. Now, speak a New Tongue. ‘What a millionaire that I am! My accountant enjoys working with me.’

This is the mystery of other tongues. Now, you too may speak! For you are the giver of this heavenly gift!



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