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Like everyone else, I believe that life is a mystery, a wonder, a matrix. But unlike many others, I know the matrix is pretty simple and pure magic and beauty is the heart of it. Not chaos but order. Not hate but love is the real substance of our lives. This is how I live today. This is how I desire to live every day, in the pure essence and heart of life, actualising my Self through Surrender and ruling the Matrix by the irony of letting go of any anxious thought. For all eternity, I am wonder in and out and my life is the Matrix produced by my thinking, forever evolving into love and beauty, subservient to ‘I Am’.

What do you really want in life? What do you really, truly crave that you can give your life up to have it? What will you have that will make life more interesting for you? Or, What is the most important, seemingly impossible desire of your life right now? Whatever it may be, I am helping you to get it within these words. But you are who is going to have to want it, desire it, ready to pay the price to have it as your prize!

I just watched the Matrix both reloaded and revolution. An amazing movie, and I feel everyone who truly wants to change their lives should watch it at least once a year. This amazing movie holds a lot of messages/secrets for your success. But they are not secrets; only your attention must be paid to the words beyond the mere action. Now, that is the first lesson you must learn.

1. All action is moving words. That which you do or do not do is consequent on that which you say or do not say.

Words are unimaginably powerful! Word is life, and life is light of men. Word is an activity, the first and only mental-physical activity any Being is capable of. That is the activity that moves between the physical world of expressions and shadows and the mental/spiritual world of images and patterns. Jesus said, ‘By your words, you are justified; and by your words, you are condemned.’ In the Matrix, there are a lot of actions but none of them stems outside of the agreement of Word with Motive. The word you say and where it agrees with the motif you feel is the actions you perform. No man therefore may change that which he does and influence that which happens to him unless he changes first that which he finds on his lips to say. ‘Say thou blessings at all times, and it shall follow thou hast blessings at all times. Say thou thank you to every breath, within you and audibly under your lips, and you shall have all things happen to you to say thank you for.’

2. Your motif, your feeling, is your humanity and divinity. Your humanity is divinity because You are in God’s Image and Likeness. You are I Am. And Feeling is the Primary Movement of Being, of I Am. Your feeling is your humanity and divinity.

All the success that comes in the Matrix is not without feeling. All pure and true feeling is the feeling of the Oracle, the Infinite Good that longs for and desires your Good always.

Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-Control.

These are the feelings of complete Life. These are the Feeling that establishes Truth and Happiness and Beauty. All your life is radiant to the extent that you live in and the degree that you feel this anchor of the soul, this purity of spirit.

In the Matrix, whilst the entire world of Zion felt that the enemy was the circumstances and conditions around them (machines) which they (humans) have created, Neo’s motif, his feeling of peace through love, restored the peace that is long sought after by everyone. Your conditions are a creation, not an enemy. Your circumstances are a manifestation and ought not to be resisted because they cannot be resisted. To change your circumstance if you do not like it, appreciate it in love and see the beauty of it. Acknowledgement of Good reproduces Good.

3. Get blind to see, get illogical to manifest art and beauty with your life. You must see beyond appearances if you want the appearances to change. You are not ready to change what appears until you see beyond it.

It is an appearance every day that the sun moves around the earth every 24 hours, but the truth is that the Earth revolves around the Sun. It is with faith that you can see the spiritual fulfilment of the physical desire you have. If it is done there, it is done here. But let’s connect back to the Matrix. How did the feeling of love and peace overwhelm Neo? He began to See. He saw the existing circumstances for what they were: Beauty and Light. But he saw this only because his two eyes went blind to the daily appearances. You do not have to lose your two eyes; they are a part of the grand Beauty. But can you see the Beauty of having your eyes? Why not open your eyes to the good that happens every day? Why not open your eyes to the excitement of the expectant attitude you have the grace to experience while your desires are yet to manifest? Can’t you feel the thankfulness, the beauty, the truth of hoping for your desires to become real? And can you see the light of the present conditions, how they keep you to appreciate what you are expecting? They are not your enemy; they are themselves desirous to give room for the better thing, only if you are going to thankfully acknowledge them. I am persuaded that God thankfully acknowledge the darkness and by that called the thing that was absent into being, Light, in the beginning.

Neo got blind when Smith burnt his eyes out. But that was when he began to conquer because now he could see clearly things as they truly are. That all things are one, and to fight what you have now is to resist what you desire to come. He appreciated the machines, and ‘he went above them into the skies.’

4. Take the risk again and again, but try it differently — better and much improved. You are a born risk-taker. Do not sell yourself short. You took the risk to stay in this world your first ten seconds of arrival before your first breath. Take risks continuously and more intuitively.

That was what the Oracle did with the Architect. They played the same game six times, and at the sixth time, the Oracle, always trying ‘something new’ to achieve the very same end, always taking ‘the same risk’, got to the resolving point. This is a short article, but you must learn to separate the flesh from the bone in what I have just said. Certain things are meant to be tried differently, that is, in a different way. But those things themselves are to remain. As Niobe was fond of saying, ‘Some things never change; and some things do.’ The way you do things must improve and improve constantly, day after day. But the things you do themselves or the equivalent that you desire to do, do not give them up. This is the true charge of persistence. The Oracle won the sixth time because ‘something is different this time’, as Neo said. The different thing is the rise in the consciousness of Neo though. It is the ‘feeling of love’ that made the game different. Feeling is powerful! But to this point, take the risk again and ‘much wisely again’. But take it anyway!

5. When the ultimate victory was achieved and Seraph asked, ‘Did you always know?’ The Oracle responded, ‘Oh, no. No, I didn’t. But I believed. I BELIEVED.’

These were the last words in the Matrix. Faith is central to everything about you. Faith is the secret of your Power. Your Power is who You Are, the I Am, the Neo, the Spirit. Your power reaches beyond the physical exertion. Your power reaches the source itself. But to enter into your power to bring harmony and beauty, you require Faith. You do not have to know. Don’t even try to; that was the Architect’s business. What you have to do is Believe. We know they say seeing is believing; but believing is rather seeing. I have written this book to show Pictures of Faith so that you may See It vividly and understand as well as apply that Believing Is Seeing! Faith is the Strangest Secret in the world. We become what we think and feel about. Consider the power of faith in the words of the Great Teacher. With God all things are possible. + If you Believe, all things are possible unto him who Believes. = With God all things are possible to Him who Believes. Use the power of Faith.

6. I wanted to keep it at five points; but this sixth is necessary — and you can complete the arrangement with the seventh, the lesson that springs out from within you in contemplation of the lessons here. You may comment ‘My Seventh Lesson’ below or even write a complete article to share your understanding for the illumination of others. All the violence and absence of rest in the Matrix happened because this lesson was yet to be learned and practised by the One, Neo. This is the ultimate lesson of all within humanity. So, what’s the sixth lesson I want to share? It is Surrender.

Surrender to the Power, the Being, the Infinite Spirit within you. You can bear witness that you have an excitement within you that words cannot express.

In the silence, in the stillness when everyone and everything seems to be asleep, when the world falls deaf and dumb to your soul and only peace moves within, you always feel this Power. You know through this Power that you ought to be more than you are. But it is impossible to reach this power without surrender. Point 4, the idea of having to fail today and try again, is not unnecessary. But it is necessary until the moment you realise that it is completely unnecessary. It is necessary until you see that you can surrender and let the Power do His work. In the Matrix, Neo overcame because he surrendered. He surrendered to his purpose and so did as a committed executor — even when it was unreasonable to many people he knew. He surrendered to his supposed enemy, the source of machines — and so did as an ally to solve a pressing problem. He surrendered to love and the humanity of hope — that he would persist until he succeeded. He surrendered to the power to make his choice — and saw the consequences as the inevitable. Finally, he surrendered himself to the most resistant enemy he had. He fought until that moment. But at the moment when he allowed the penetration, when he surrendered or ‘died’ to the enemy, he became victorious and won. This is the perfection of the work within you: surrender. This is the final breath on your cross. This is when faith has its perfect work and suffering nor worry is no longer necessary, for constant glory radiate your life thereby. This is when the past is forgiven completely by you and the future is completely created for hope, and the present is completely loved to live within. Surrender is the final breath on your cross, I say, the final breath where, ‘Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.’ This is the true return to Source, to whom all things are possible and you are one with Him.

You are created for an abundant life, for the kind of greatness that is going to make you proud. You are intended to experience love and beauty, life and light. But you must desire it. There is a lot you can learn about your success when you watch the Matrix. Understand that whatever the Matrix teaches you is because you are ready to learn it. So, open your eyes and ears to see beyond the appearance. And I know that you are going to find tremendous power awaiting you. You cannot tell how much your desires want to prove useful in your hands because that is their purpose, and they want to serve their purpose in life. But you must desire them, commit to the desire and execute the desire. You must love them, too.

Some references for your use:

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(Greatness awaits you! Greatness is in your power! To obtain the e-book of PICTURES OF FAITH, follow either of the links: or Cheers to Believing by Seeing Faith with the power of your mind.)



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