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The Exact Things to Do to Earn Your First $1 Million in Life: Two Principles of Success and How to Use Them to Earn

Well, the methods that are to be mentioned here do not just apply to money. However, as me, every successful person began their journey into what it takes to be successful first because of a true, burning desire for money. There and then, they learn diverse other lessons that are important and that inspire them for greater success than for money such as happiness, creativity and peace. Interesting is that the same laws apply, and the degree of variation of methods is really little from when the subject is money to when it is non-material desires that are of the higher states. I want to relate what you must do to earn your first $1 million in life. I want to use two unique laws to expose the secret to you. So, open your mind and receive the instruction with calmness.

The first thing you might not have been doing until now but which you really need to do for success such as in earning $1 million is to ask it. That looks simple, right? However, most people just stick to wishing. There is a big gulf between wishing and asking, which nothing in this world can fill. Wishes are the kind of thing that happen in a fairytale world where there is a fairy godmother to listen to your wishes upon a star and grant it by waving a wand. For the sake of goodness, this world was not brought forth not by a godmother. God does not reserve a wand to wave for each wish. The simple principle of requesting that leads to success is declared thus: 'Ask and it shall be given unto you.' That is a really simple process. However, most people just allow their heart desires to be sought as wishes. They hope God hears them and gives them what they wish for. It will not happen. What does it take to ask?

The reason why most people do not ask is because asking requires definite courage. Asking is a bold step. The average person never asks unless there is danger ahead, or unless it is rationally okay to ask. Thus, most people conform to the average person’s way of life. They ask not, unless for cases of danger or they feel that there is an indebtedness by which they think to wrap God. Either of these two cases are sure to fail. For in the first instance, the feeling is that of fear not faith. In the second, the state of the mind is arrogant not humble for blessedness. However, the principle of asking goes beyond just requesting from God.

Indeed, the example which the Rabbi used was thus. Humans, when their children ask them for bread, do not give stones in the place; nor do give snake when asked for fish. That is the point. Our asking is not just from God. We must learn to ask in definite terms from life whatever price we want life to pay to us. We must know how to ask people for what we want. They will not give stones in the place of the bread that we ask. We must learn to ask what we want. That is when our desires go beyond wishes and settle as definite requests. Be confident to ask from your employer, customers, business, career a definite sum that you want it to pay you for a specific service which you give. If you want to earn $1 million from your business, then ask it from your business.

Another important lesson about asking is to be as definite as sharp and definite can be. Know what you want and ask exactly what you desire. Many people say, 'I want a lot of money.' That sounds fine. But it is totally misplaced from harmony with a definite desire. For instance, N1,000 is a lot of money when you hold 200 copies of N5 note. Is that not? However, that is the kind of asking which most people want to ask. Earl Shoaff mentioned a lady whom he knew. She said she wanted to count a lot of money. No more than six months after she asked, she really began counting a lot of money in the bank. It was not her money; it was the money of other people. This is how much asking definite terms could really matter.

Now, the second law here is that what you sow, you shall reap. It is a law on all effects that we see on earth that they follow after the image and nature of their causes. It is definite that a man who sows thorns does not reap fig, nor does he reap thistles who sows apple. You must sow what you desire to reap. What in this case do you desire to reap? $1 million. Right? In that case, you must sow services worth $1 million. Think and dream desires that are in tune with $1 million. $1 million is a great degree of positive value. Maintain positive thoughts at the same level and density as $1 million. This is you sowing the $1 million into your mind.

Sow through your words and expressions, too. How do you expect to earn $1 million if you do not give people a smile of $1 million? How do you expect to earn it if you do not have the handshake of a $1 million earner? If you do not know how to hold your shoulders firm in tune with $1 million, how do you hope to earn it? You desire $1 million, but your words contradict that desire because they are negative all day long. Curses, abuses, ill news, etc? Those things are depressing the true power of subjective value within your listeners who are the ones to pay you $1 million someday. How can they pay you when the subjective power to value what you are doing to the tune of $1 million is depressed to see it worth no more than $1,000?

Sow into your acts, too. Your work must be worth more than $1 million. The service you give must be increased with all diligence, skill and creativity to the tune of $1 million. In length, breadth and depth, you must measure services that can sell for more than $1 million. This is the golden rule at work. That means, do not wait to be given $1 million before you make everything you do worth $1 million. Imagine the confidence you use to perform work. The zeal and zest. The passion and priority. The proficiency and professionalism. The simplicity and creativity that you put to work for you when you do work worth more than $1 million to people, regardless of if they bid to pay you $100 or $10,000. This last part sounds absurd. To simply make it clear unto you, I will mention two reasons why this is a great practice that will definitely earn you the greatness you desire.

First, you are building the habit of doing more than you think you can do. You are building the habit of performing at $1 million each moment. You do not want to get to that stage in life to begin to learn it. The best time is now; now is the time to build the 'habit’. Do it consistently until it is a part of you to do work like you will be paid $1 million on all that you do. Otherwise, when you get your first one million dollars, you will not be able to keep up with it without the habit--thus, the end is worse than the beginning.

Second, even when people do not seem to have the potential to pay you $1 million, doing for them at that frequency puts you in a place where

- Your consistency can be seen for its due reward; this is not your intention, yet it follows (I know many people struggle with this working; how can you not do things for the mere sake of showoff? Purify your thoughts and simply, truly care about what you do and the people you do it for. It will naturally follow.)

- Opportunity meets preparation. This is what most people call luck. It is actually a due blessing from God. Since it is opportunity, no one can say in what form exactly it comes for each person. However, if you have the enthusiasm to do your best and be fair to all, you can be sure that however disguised opportunity is, you will find it. One sure lesson I can share is that opportunity comes in different shades and only the prepared can mount its steed to ride away.

Well, there you go on the exact things to do to earn your first $1 million in life. When you practise these steps, you can be sure that you are working in harmony with the laws of success and happiness. And as surely as the sun rises from the east to set in the west, you shall earn your first $1 million when due.

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