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Adelere Adesina 👑
6 min readMay 12, 2021

In so far as we have desired to transit from where we now are to where we may be, there must be laid down a way. A Way is an approach, a manner, a path by which an objective is objectified. Your desire and mine are objectives that we construct in mentally. We may realise them, objectify them, in a certain manner. However, there is overwhelming evidence to draw from in our experiences of people and from our personal experiences either in the past or — so long we are yet to understand the true nature of things — in the present, overwhelming evidence that there are some ways by which the objective never becomes objectified. Such evidence is in the outward appearances of lack and limitation which pervades the lives of many around, and which our ignorant mind had once been lost to perceive solely. Those ways are downwards, competitive and therefore, exerting. They require a deal of effort to maintain anything that already was, and as such an even greater measure of effort to ever attempt to manifest what may be. Now, our desire is to transit from what is to what may be, from the place we are to the place we express fuller glory and joy. This is not a matter that efforting ways can afford us, as they lead downward but not to higher expression and upward movements.

Thus, when we say we recognise that our movement, which is the natural expression and first activity that proceeds from our (recognition of) Being, proceeds through a certain manner or way, we mean clearly there is One Certain Way. A Way that is Certain. There may be many routes into this way, plenty lanes and avenues. But it is The Way. This way that afford forward movement alone we call with our fellow awakened friends The Effortless Way. We now encourage one another to desire this way, and to recognise it as the Only Way to Go.

We realise that to call a way The Way is to make a definite assertion. For ‘the’ indicates its definiteness, its Certainty and Surety. This way must be at once Universal and Impersonal. It cannot recognise the travellers on it by some arbitrary differentiation. Put differently, it does not regard diverse qualities of everyone everywhere but accepts all diversities at once. Either you appear in quality to be wise or rich or strong does not affect the way’s absorption of you into its channelings for your forward movement. For this reason, we recognise that the Way speaks of Grace. It is not by power nor by might in The Way. This leads us again to the very inner truth of the outer expression, ‘The Effortless Way.’ Our experience has instructed us to know that power and might is used to work, and the motion of any of the two is effort-asserting or efforting. The exercise of power is force and the exercise of might is resistance, both of which are featured in any approach of effort. That we speak of Grace, and not by power nor by might, we recognise it is not by means of physical coercion nor of mental exertion that The Way augments movement from one state of existence and its corresponding conditions to another. Therefore, ‘not of work lest anyone should boast.’ In realising your effortless movement, you cannot boast of it anymore than I can. We cannot attribute that which occurs in The Way as owing to any variation in the dimension of our strengths, backgrounds, sufferings or even pleasures, and so on. Yet, we can all boast of the Way, that it surely supports whoever stays in the Way. Therefore, no effort is required on the part of any traveller to ascend upward in this way, to move forward in this way. No effort, no work. All that is required is to stay in the Way, the Effortless Way.

Again, ‘We realise that to call a way The Way is to be so definite as to acclaim that there is no other way except the Way.’ Thus, no one can move at all unless they first are found to be in certain tracks of the way. I wish for you to understand this very carefully, my dear friend. The Way is the only way there is. Everything that Happens is effortless. Show me that which you suppose has come by effort, and I shall report to you another evidence of the Effortlessness and Grace of the Way. Very certainly, and this only you may expect — we all may expect. Because there is only The Way. It is One and the Only Way that affords any movement to any individual. In other words, You and Everyone Are already in The Way. Again, this restores into us a greater realisation of the inner truth that is enclosed in the words, ‘The Effortless Way.’ The truth which we now realise here is that: ‘We do not have to do anything or work any special exertion before we enter into the way. We already are there, in The Way.’

At this point, I suppose that a question must have formed in your mind, ‘If the effortless way is the only way there is, how come there are various contradictions of forward movements manifest in the lives of people? Why do undesired conditions occur? How does the way usher people to unseemly experiences?’ Your question is justified, and right when you ask, you can also begin to realise that this is not a factor of the Way but of the Traveller in the Way. We have started on the proposition that ‘as we have desired to transit from where we now are to where we may be.’ Call this to remembrance and realise that where we may be is an open possibility, a generality. The place of choice may be upward or downward in the specific and individual circumstance. That is, a traveller may ascend on the Way or may descend on the Way. The function of the Way is to afford effortless travel, motion in grace towards the chosen state. Therefore, we are in the effortless way but we must watch what direction we are faced.

Everyone who experiences an undesired state and its outward conditions in the Way may examine the direction where they are headed in life. To clearly understand this, imagine the Way to be like a ladder which goes from the earth into the sky. A person is on a rung as high as the Tokyo Skytree, and this person must always be in movement. It is ‘natural expression and first activity of our Being’ to be in movement. However, this person now moves downwardly. They move from such a height as the Tokyo Skytree to one that matches the height of Star Tower, many meters below. Whereas the ladder extends so as to afford them to apprehend such heights as the Burj Khalifa’s match many meters as well above Tokyo Skytree. It is not the ladder, therefore, that is responsible for their descent but their Choice of direction. This is where everyone may be responsible for themselves, and it is this responsibility that we first call our attention unto. We are responsible to choose a definite state or place and fix our desire firmly there.

We must recognise that we may choose a certain state, that is to say have something we want. This is our way of assuming responsibility, to want something of our own nature in our own accord. Not what we are compelled to find, nor what we are tricked to seek. But what we choose to have. Only in our conscious exercise of this choice can we maintain that we are going to greater heights in the way, or forward-directed. For no one else may know what your forward-direction is except yourself. Only you know your expected end. Only you can tell us all. What I can say with eternal assurance is that your expected end, whatever they may be, are in the nature of what means ‘forward’ for you. Now, be responsible and this Way shall afford you progress. Choose to express forward movement, to transit to a higher state before you proceed. Simply, Identify that which you Want.

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