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Adelere Adesina 👑
3 min readMay 9, 2022


When you are revising anything, you don’t try to make the thing itself change. You only assume that the change you ‘once’ wanted has been in place, so that it ‘was’ very natural for you to have experienced the thing in a different and more loving way as you’d like. Let me give instances.


Old Experience: My friend called, told me he’s lost his job and accommodation. He didn’t know what to do nor where to turn.

Not effective/natural: I imagined he’s on a job in an office and entering his own apartment in a street.

Very effective and natural: I assumed he was actually already employed and sheltered by the time we last talked about it. The implication is that I imagine as if to be remembering our call, and it felt that he was telling me how he’s got such a pleasant job that he was very pleased with and he felt comfortable where he now lived.

NOTE: I am not imagining he would be calling me to share the good news. I imagine that when he did call me the last time, he shared the good news.


Old Experience: My friend took a walk with me and told me in our conversation she wanted to start a business but haven’t got the capital for over a year. She asked for my advice.

Not effective/natural: I imagine she was doing the business and I was congratulating her.

Very effective and natural: I assumed she already started her business before she had her conversation with me. So, I imagined that the afternoon walk where she told me about her situation, what she was really telling me was how she’s got her financial capital so easily that she’s now glad she’s started successfully.

NOTE: I’m not imagining we would be having another conversation in the future where she’d tell me that. I imagine that the last walk we had, she was telling me that wonderful news and I reacted with joy for her.


Old Experience: My friend called me aside, asking me to be her therapist because her day had been unkind to her. She needed funds to travel in 24–48 hours and to pay her secretary, but already spent all her money unknowningly, had no expectation of money and no possibility from her business in this eleventh hour. Her secretary lost important business documents hours before and hadn’t retrieved them.

Not effective/natural: I imagined her secretary brought the documents to her and she was travelling, paid her secretary.

Very effective and natural: I assumed she already had the documents, paid her secretary and got extra funds for her trip before she called. I imagined she was telling me how wonderful her day had been, she had these necessary documents handy which she could trust to her secretary. She’s telling me how she’s paid her secretary and now she’s travelling certainly, she would miss my company for the time on her trip.

NOTE: I am not imagining she would be telling me that some other time. I imagine that was what she was telling me our last conversation and I was thrilled for her.

All three revisions were wonderfully manifested. What made them work so effectively? The past is a state of consciousness, when you revise it, you assume another state of consciousness through it. And that must be externalized as well.

How could you do the same?

Specifically, don’t try to change anyone or anything themselves. Change how you experienced them FIRST by changing what you believed to have been true about what they’re expressing, then to alter what you experienced of their expression. You don’t try to imagine they would do something in the future, even though you know you’d harvest the experience in the future. You simply reimagine what you supposed has happened to what you wanted to have happened. That’s very effortless, very natural and very effective.

It works when you’re not trying to change anyone or anything. The focus is to change what you believe about them into the lovelier thing, then reimagine what you experienced to agree to what you now believe as true.

Can you do this?



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