Sleep in Wonder, Wake in Gratitude, Live in Duty

A Manifestation Technique

Adelere Adesina 👑
4 min readApr 29, 2021

This manifestation technique is not my own. It is yours because only you can do it and make it active. I made a mower and you bought it, mowed your lawn with it. It is not my own but yours, who make it work. Much less an eternal truth that I did not create, except We are now discovering it together: me in expression; you in experience.

Have a Desire

Before you continue, have a desire. In case you do not like the word ‘desire’, have an aspiration. Have a height you crave from your heart to reach, a goal you have set to achieve. There is no Meaning to the deeds of a friend who bought a mower for a desert, is there? What do you really want? What do you truly, really want? Do not be shy nor feel any timid to desire anything that can satisfy you. There is just a rule to your desire: you can happily wish someone else to want it (for you) as you want it (for them). With that, want something and now continue.

Your Name Is Wonderful

Let’s take care of this once and for all. Your name is Wonderful. You are a child of Divinity, born to be heir of all riches of God. You are the rightful heir with every one of Us. We are all heirs and joint heirs. ‘A child is born… and its name is Wonderful.’

Why so? If anything has ever made you wonder all your life with incomprehensible consistency, it is Divinity. It is the Nature of God. You asked people from childhood about God, didn’t you? It was your utmost Wonder. Your greatest mystical Marvel and Admiration. You were completely curious about it, still are. It doesn’t matter what you have labelled yourself t be: the only subject you cannot spend a day without thinking about is God, Spirit, the Divine. Since this is the highest of your wonder, let us call it WONDERFUL. But have you not heard? Have you not seen? You are told to be in the nature of divinity, to partake (have share in) the Divine Nature. Put differently, because you can Wonder about the Wonderful, You must be Wonder yourself. This being the highest of your wonder and you being a centre of wonder to it, you must be in the nature of this WONDERFUL. Your name in essence is the name, WONDERFUL!

At Night before Slumber

At night before slumber, put yourself into a state in your Nature. The state is wonder! Wonder what it felt like that you experienced the day you just did. Do not tag the experience good or bad. Just wonder at it, at its perfection and at the room in the same perfect experience to still give birth to higher experiences. Wonder at everything around you. Your whole heart and body must feel grateful for being Here and Now.

Then turn your mind to your heart’s desire and Wonder. Wonder what life must be like with your dreams manifest. With your goals accomplish, how far would the reality you have experienced be from where you now wonder in? Wonder what it feels like to be the successful leader, friend, business partner, soulmate, artist, engineer, student, etc. that you desire. Wonder until you sleep within this wonder. Wonderment is a dreamy state while waking. Wonderment is a imagination in loftiness. No undesirable image can be in a state of wonder, because you are Wondering what it feels like — and feeling is living.

Your dreams must be sweet like a lullaby of love accompanied you there. Yes, because the lullaby of your wondering spirit has sung a symphony of admiration that your imaginative mind and wondering heart cannot resist.

In the Morning While Waking

Wasn’t your dream beautiful? Much more, do you not feel your heart and mind cheerful?! Then as you wake, be grateful. Be entirely grateful for Being, for Living in the experience of wonder at all the beautiful experiences life now offers you. Be grateful that the wonder of the night is coming to pass in its only certain day! The only certain day is today. Let this gratitude fill your morning. Let ‘Thank you’ be on your lips, but even more, in the childlike feeling of your heart.

Sure wonder evokes a feeling of lightness, a peaceful experience of letting it be. So, carry on lightly. Gratitude removes all fears and lets all the good of the present be clearly seen. So, carry on gratefully.

In the Day When Creating

The word is not ‘work’. The only work every soul is here to perform is the work of our Father. Our Father’s work has been creation from the foundations of the world. So do you, dear CoCreator. In the day when you are engaged in creating, let your creation be duty. Duty is that where you are responsible. No principalities of society, nor power of higher authorities nor things, paradigms, that exalt themselves to high places can and may halt you at duty. Because it is not an obligation anymore where you are under compulsion — no one can intimidate you to conform when you are desirous of living your duty. Nor is it slavery that you risk the danger of punishment when you fail to comply. Your duty of creating is love in service. You are on your duty, creating in all that you do. Bringing to life all that is love, harmony and beauty by the inspiration in you. Now you have created in thought, feeling and action. Your creation manifests.


In the shortest possible time and by means that you cannot intellectually conceive, all your desires are going to manifest. So, live in this grace.

Then when it seems difficult to be grateful, when feeling wonder seems absurd, when loving your creation becomes drudgery, remember what your name is within you.


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