Remember What You Did, and Do It Again!


Adelere Adesina 👑
7 min readMay 30, 2022

We are told that God’s ways are past finding out (Rom. 11:33). This is literally true. Did you know that when the Imagination fulfils your wish, the ways could not have been consciously devised by you, yet you devised the ways by which it came to pass? Did you know that when your Imagination has brought your desire to pass, it would happen so naturally that you would suppose it could not have happened in any other way. Because it happens so naturally, you and I are faced with a challenge; it is to remember what we did. To actually remember that we brought it to pass not by the channels that the imagination used but by imagining itself.

Now, let me tell you a story. This story is to teach you the importance of remembering the cause of all your life’s experience. So that when you remember it is your imagination who did and does it, you would not give power to the means deployed but to the only one God deploying these means.

It was when I just came across Neville and began to pay attention to what he was saying. At the time by the end of 2020, I was financially desperate. I had unofficially left a job which was irregularly paying $300 yearly and at which I worked for three years. I tried to build a business, but after a short-lived success, it was a struggle for me. I had written a few books, none of which sold profitably. I had tried to organize a personal development event, which after so much efforts did not hold. After having exhausted my practical options, I had nothing left to do that I knew of. I had depended heavily on my parents’ support for living when I wanted to be giving back to them, and I wasn’t being the good example and support I wanted to be for my siblings. December 31, 2020 was a very thoughtful period for me. That night — after about a month and a half since I first heard Neville’s own voice on How to Manifest my Life Using My Imagination, and after about a month since I did not want to read any Neville’s books because he said ‘My Imagination is God, and God’s Eye,’ which was too outrageous for me then — that night, I chose to be alone all night, and vowed to myself that I’d not start 2021 in the same financial state. I found a clip of Neville’s lecture ‘Andrew’ on YouTube. It is titled, ‘It Works’, about 9 minutes long. I listened to it the first time, and listened repeatedly. At the time, the one thing I wanted financially was to double my earnings. It was a period when I’ve been listening to a lot of meditations and working on my breathing. Neville talked about the breathing technique in this audio.

‘I bring before my mind’s eye a scene which would imply that I AM the one that I want to be… and dare to assume that what you’re seeing in your mind’s eye is true… It works. I bring them into my mind’s eye and I work myself up into an emotional state. It’s like a peculiar rhythm. I breathe in and breathe out, and breathe in and breathe out, and suddenly I reach a certain point, and then one deep inhalation as though I’m setting it up in a time explosure before my own mind. I set it up, and then all of a sudden, I have a deep deep inhalation, and every pore of my being explodes, and then I do nothing beyond that.’ (Andrew Lecture)

I did this with respect to money, although I do not remember the scene that I imagined exactly. I recall that what I brought before my mind’s eye implied that I have multiplied my income. At the time, that was all I wanted to do; multiply my income, make my yearly income monthly. Such ideas fascinated me and I wanted it. This was the night from December 31st to January 1st 2021. This audio tape was looped, so I listened over and again, reenacting the scene until I slept off in that feeling of having ‘exploded’. When I woke in the morning, I was least worried where money was going to come from throughout the day. Well, money came in from a book and a gift. Strangely, much as I loved the audio tape and listened to it severally, I couldn’t bring myself to imagine the scene again. So, I forgot all about it and started listening to other speakers. Within the first ten days of January, I went very effortless. I unconsciously stopped trying to get money, and began to organise a playlist that I would listen to daily for January. Then I travelled for an unplanned trip. Before the journey, I created a simple two-paged summary of all that I’ve learned about success and mindset. Somehow, I got the idea to circulate it where I was going. I had no reason to after my books failed. But I did, and got a few bucks. When I returned to where I lived, I still did circulate it after having expanded it, earning from the circulation more than $300 by the end of January. It was such a leap for me because I never had that much in a single month, although I always wanted big money. That is, I couldn’t have devised how it happened consciously. But it happened so naturally and effortlessly so that I had done nothing to make it come to pass. Just natural conversations with people, the writing was something I’d have done anyway because I always write. My cost of production was almost nothing, probably not more than $10 for the whole month. Yet, I had $300 which all my hard work in my previous job couldn’t even regularly pay me in a year? That blew my mind away and I wanted it again. But I forgot.

Not knowing what I did exactly to have caused that and still wanting to take the income a step higher, I thought I would only do that by circulating more of the text I made or listening to more audiotapes of the speakers I heard. So in February, I made a new playlist and circulated more text. Regardless of what I did, I did not achieve that income level again. Not also in March as the decline continued. A frustrating experience, but one full of the lesson that it is Imagination who creates reality, not the actions I was doing in my garment of flesh. That I only must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and dwell in that state. The state will compel me to act in rearranged ways. Yes, the state that we are in compels us to act according to how the state has rearranged the world for us. It took me months to learn the lesson, but I did. So when I tell you that you don’t need a book or a coach to manifest one or two things, all you’ve got to do is to work it. Work what you now know of the law. When I say this, I speak from my experience. In the same way do I speak from my experience when I say you must have a teacher, a coach, a regular study and practice life for attaining mastery of the law. It is one thing to manifest one or two wishes, it is another thing to live in the fullness of realising why your manifestations happen, and know that you did it and you will do it again whenever you like wherever you want. It is one thing to manifest money, but another thing to be the master who manifests money as you please. Personally, I feel freedom in the latter.

My teacher says, ‘Take the building away, destroy the building, but leave me the power to recreate it. Don’t take from me the creative power, but take all things that I create.’ I hope that would be your attitude also. Not that the building, the money, the position, etc. must be taken away from you and I; all things go in their time, so you need not be fearful for it, not assume it would be taken away from you. So, he’s not saying these things must go. He is encouraging us to have the attitude that if we were to choose between maintaining our current manifestations and gaining the power to make any manifestation happen, it would be in our best interest to choose the power that can cause our manifestations time and again. So, don’t be like the world: ‘The world would rather have the things created than the power to create.’ I hope that wouldn’t be your attitude, that what would be your attitude is to have the power to create, to BE the power that is creating lovingly, purposefully. For although I lost that manifestation, I have gained much more back when I found out what I did and repeated the same act: IMAGINING. (Quotes from Power)

So, at the same time, I have told you exactly what I did to take that income leap and told you to remember exactly what you did when it happens. Don’t look at $300 and wonder whether you who are currently earning $5000 a month could relate. Couldn’t you? At your level, suppose you begin to earn $60,000 in a month, what would you feel like? It is the same thing, but in your own way. I urge you to remember that you imagined it to be and it Be. Don’t be carried away by the means, for his ways are past finding out.

Bring him, her, them or you before your mind’s eye in a scene which would imply that what you once wished for is now realised. And set it up into an emotional state. Regulate your breathing, that is RELAX by taking simple breaths until you are able to feel yourself into the state you’re imagining. In this regulated breathing, let your imagination explode in the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If you already know what you want and the scene that would imply the wish fulfilled, the exercise of this breathing technique itself could be done under 30 seconds. Yes, half a minute. Then you can repeat the act until you actually feel the explosion within you, and after that, do nothing. You will be compelled. The world is busy trying to do, but are not being. You actually do nothing, and let life develop it. Thank you.



Adelere Adesina 👑

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