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Attraction through Vibration

Adelere Adesina 👑
6 min readMay 1, 2021

What we have perceived from the law of attraction is that things come to us, or gravitate to us. This is the proper relationship all desires we receive are designed to behave. Now, this perception without complete understanding has made a lot of people imagine the law to work as a way of saying, ‘get these things’. The idea with ‘getting’ is that you are ‘taking it’ from elsewhere without replacement.

We get only what already exists, not what is now manifest. Every idea of getting starts in the wrong direction to the law of attraction (whereas this law says nothing of getting but of a natural pull between two until they are in contact). Every intention of getting starts with a mindset of limitation. Then this limitation attracts its like attitude of efforting and trying for ‘my share, my part, my own, my thing’ exclusive of others. A frustration results when we don’t get this ‘thing’ no matter what we do; or when we seem to get it, our spirit is not united to it. Because the thing we so much love has refused to love us in return, to release the spirit in itself to us. Simply put, we are unhappy about it. Therefore, we destroy it and soon, it flies away! Because we start from a position of getting using attraction as a justification, while in fact it says nothing of ‘get’.

What we must learn is release, giving. Attraction is the response of everything to our release of creative thought and feeling. Thought is the highest work known in the universe, and feeling is the greatest expression of energy. They form a magnetic field that can pull things. Just like magnets create a field that attracts every metal within its radius without any physical contact. YOU create a field that attracts all the things which come to you, all what you desire!

Put differently, YOU have to release the kind of field that is tuned into the abundance of what you want. Then the abundance cannot resist (for there is no resistance in the universe) but gravitate to you. How do you release this field that draws the motion of your desires?

First, by thinking of what you desire with concentrated will and attention rather than effort and brooding. When you think of it as if you already have it, you can only ‘think from it’ now. That is, it becomes your mindset. But it requires zero effort to do this; what proves really difficult at all is learning to use attention rather than force. Since you’ve got used to applying force. Otherwise, let the thinking of your desires be in a light, effortless manner. ‘You always imagine anyway,’ and ‘What you lack is not what you want but what you do not imagine.’ (ENGRAFT) So, imagine your desire fulfilled. That is a field of attraction you have established.

There is something to do with this field; scale it! As a child, when you experimented with magnets, you realised that at a range, the magnet works; outside of it, attraction stops. You also learned that more powerful magnets can operate at higher ranges than others. So, you knew then that the difference in magnetic field intensity is what makes the difference in which magnets attract fail to when positioned in the same distance to some metal. Well, you are a centre at equidistance to everything you desire. That is, WHATEVER you want, either big or small, all of them are at an equal distance around you (radius) and you are at the centre of them all. So, you are the subject that is sending the force field for attraction out. ATTRACTION IS THE RESPONSIVENESS OF EVERYTHING TO YOUR VIBRATION OR FORCE FIELD. You have to extend your rearranged force field to enter into the radius of everything. That is, thought has to leave your mind in the feeling of fullness for the desire you have. Your desire must become in your inner eye the only reality and your past reality is but a past life.

So second is to amplify your force field with feeling. You feel more and more alive to what you want until when there is any mention that you are living, you associate as if living already with that object of desire. This is impression on your subconscious mind. An aside on the word ‘impression’, learn to impress only one part of everything: your subconscious mind. Not even anyone but your heart. The rest is expression, and expression that overflows from an impression of faith (expectancy with gratitude) will attract an expression of appreciation from all corners of the world. You must forget that you want and feel that you already have. This inner experience is necessary to facilitate the third step in establishing the force field for attraction’s working.

The third thing is giving. Giving literally establishes the unrestricitive and well-greased paths for attraction to move the objects of your desire towards you. What you give must be even more than what you expect to receive. Because your field must present an attractive power greater than whatever you are attracting. Think about that! Only the higher can send the lower. Move, stir and attract the lower. Your field and its channels must be higher! Thus, you must be giving and releasing what you have. What do you have? You have thoughts you can send, thoughts of peace but never evil/judgement. You have feelings, of forgiveness and love rather than resentment. You have words, and a beautiful word a day makes another heart shine! You have material things which you can let go for others, especially as spontaneously as possible; and with the heart of blessing and not expecting a personal reward. You are working with the Impersonal Power!

This is the care I must suggest to you again. Let not your giving to any person be in expectation of that person’s favour, nor to impress them. Many take this way upon themselves. If it works, it limits them even more greatly in the future. For they quickly fail to see that they, not the external person (another’s ego) are the Power. Therefore, they put in effort. As a result, they cannot hold what they have received, and are not able to go for more. In order that they do not continue in this process, if it works once, it must unwork ten times. If it works ten times, it must unwork a hundred times. This is what people call the law of averages! The law of averages that a lot of effort will someday count is not the perfect law of the universe, but an inversion of attraction. It does not mean that when you do a lot, some will pay off. It means rather that when you do a thing with effort, you already create blockage or resistance for a hundred more things. For in the way of effort, the other things are repelled.

Therefore, your giving is simply an act of gratitude, your art of opening channels for the universe’s release. The Universe imitates you because the Universe is within you. So, when you give freely, all things are given freely unto you. Giving also teaches you to receive. Unless you have given in greater worth to what you desire, you can barely feel peace at receiving. It is this that causes attachment to things for many people: feelings of greed, anxiety and insecurity are the subconscious mind’s reaction to the initial act of not giving everything freely enough. They are repelling, just as is giving to satisfy your ego, or another’s.

There you have it! Release your thoughts, and your feelings, and your possessions immaterially as well as materially. The frequency of what you are willing with eagerness to give is the frequency where you ultimately attract!

‘All these things shall be added unto you.’

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