Recreate not Change

A Draft Chapter in L E T

Adelere Adesina πŸ‘‘
2 min readApr 7, 2021

Recreation is to create again. It is the human re-action to divine action. The divine action of creation is done in imagining the desire and feeling that which is imagined as though it were already performed. This is the Alpha and Omega. On the three-dimensional plane of existence, all the man has to do is to recreate. That is, to create again that which has been brought alive within the awareness of God. God is I AM. Thus, that which is brought to the awareness of God is that which I say that I AM.

The Student in Unfoldment understands that change is vanity upon vanity. For time and events happen to all humans on the physical plane. To attempt to change that which already has happened is beating the wind. Every objective representation in the world of matter is a happening whose cause is rooted in creation, the divine awareness of being this or being that.

To change is to attempt force on a condition. Change is done only when an existing reality is exerted upon to transform it. Do you not see how this is unnatural? For even within the force, you are letting the undesired condition happen. Yes, every forceful act is confirming the naturalness of the unforced process. Thus, the Student lets the negative happen by trying to change it, or to constrain the positive to occur. This comes only by a feeling of limitation.

I speak Now to the Father within You. You shall change nothing for You Change Not. Remember when You created Light (out of) while darkness. You have not changed darkness. You rather say, β€˜Let there be light.’ Then in the most effortless manner light unfolds. Yes! In that moment, You recreated that which in the desire of Heart You already created β€” even before the foundations of the world.

Recreate, not Change

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