Practice Making Then Become Now

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In the last two notes, I have encouraged you to practice with your imagination. Not because you are trying to manifest something in particular. Just take regular moments every day to practice imagining various things. Today, the practice example I am suggesting is to make ‘then’ become ‘now’. Do you notice the progression? We start with feeling IT (something, any ‘thing’) real. We then move to situating ourselves in IT (someplace, any ‘place’). In this practice, we are being in the moment of IT (some time, any ‘time’). How do you do this?

Today is Wednesday. Now you know a Friday. Every Friday has an exact way it feels. It never feels like Monday, nor like Thursday. This Wednesday, when you think OF Friday, you can feel what Wednesday is like. You can feel Wednesday so real because you are IN it now. Well, how do you make Then become NOW? Shut your attention away from this objective world by relaxing yourself in your place of practice. Whether it is in your study, in your living room, on your bed, wherever you might be. As you shut your eyes and relax yourself away from the reality of this hour, though it has been Wednesday today, assume you are now in Friday. Assume today has been Friday. As you do, could you catch the mood you have on a Friday? It has a peculiar mood, you see. A pupil would know the mood of Friday through the expectation of a temporary break, and so would an employee. Well, do you catch the mood as though today were Friday?

Now you can picture another day, or ‘time’. Could you assume today were Christmas? What would you feel like if you were in Christmas? Or it’s the first day of the New Year? How does it feel like, your birthday? Okay, make it a day, any day in December. December has its own mood, it is not the same rush as September at all. February has its own feeling; it is nothing like January. Are you able to move across these times and feel as though today had been such a day as they would be? Well, you can extend it to years. Everyone knows that 2020 has its own mood. Well, so did 2010, 2017 or even 2030. You can enter into these times. Before you try these advance, start with consciously making this Wednesday feel like that Friday. When you do, you have made ‘then’ (that Friday) become ‘now’.

Man does this unconsciously. On a Tuesday, someone says, ‘Why does today feel like Saturday?’ He does not know what his Imagination can do with time, how it transcends time. How it is Supreme because Space-Time is within it. Space-Time is really within you. The whole vast world is truly within you. It’s all within you. Therefore, practice!

All olympic champions practice, they practice for months and years for performances that last minutes. Your manifestation acts would not last minutes; it would last a lifetime. Do you understand that when you’ve manifested your current aims, you will have new ones? That manifesting mastery then is about taking conscious control of your attention as often? That this, whereas it takes no effort, requires your practice? Neville calls You ‘Controlled Imagination’, ‘Determined Imagination’ when you have built such ability to live in the end of your various wishes at all times.

‘Make results and accomplishment the crucial test of true imagination and your confidence in the power of imagination to create reality will grow gradually from your experiments with revision confronted by experience. Only by this process of experiment can you realize the potential power of your awakened and controlled imagination.’ (The Law and the Promise)

Neville studied with the one man whom he would call his teacher, Abdullah for five years. In those years, Abdullah made Neville go through practicing in his imagination DAILY.

‘Every day, with my old friend Abdullah I would practice this art. At dinner he would ask me to look at the lampshade. He didn’t mean for me to see the lampshade — anyone can do that — but to focus my attention through it. Looking beyond, I would see living, breathing human faces. Other times he would ask me to look at a car, a house, a wall — not with my outer eyes but with my inner eye; and when I did, I would always see Man. When I first began to do this I had to break it, because I could feel myself moving through and beyond this world, to see an entirely different world. That’s Imagination!’

Would you like to live in all miracles all day long everyday of your life? You are all imagination. Start by the art of practice, become DETERMINED IMAGINATION! For ‘Determined imagination, thinking from the end, is the beginning of all miracles.’ (Awakened Imagination, Neville)



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