Overcoming the Fear of Death (3)

Wake Up, Dear! Wake Up and Live

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readApr 3, 2021
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In the earlier notes of this series, we have learnt that death which most people fear is the cessation of the body’s biological activity. However, where people fear intuitively ‘what comes after’, they are projecting an inner sense of knowing that they continue even after death. This is completely reasonable. After all, humans are not their physical bodies — alone. In this sense, ‘we do not die’ when we put off our physical body. Whatever theory a person holds of what happens after the body’s cessation, the best they can do now is to not fear death but live life fully! This is exactly the death we are required to come alive from!

What lives on in us after physical cessation cannot be physical. It can only be that part which does the knowing, the spirit within. Spirit is eternal, does not ‘die’. However, spirit can be inert or inactive. The activity of spirit is life. This livingness of spirit is what brings ‘expansion and fuller expression’ into our physical experience. It is this spirit which though is eternal can experience a death-like situation in us. Indeed, it has done in most of us.

Without the traditional views of these words, now do consider them. Humans are God’s highest form of creation, made in God’s very image and likeness. Only humans in all creation can rise to the position of sons of God. We are ‘spirits’ for God is Spirit. We, therefore, have the glory which Spirit has from the beginning of the world. We are One with the Father (see the post ‘Multiplication, a Comment’ to understand Oneness). The meaning of this is that ‘as God created the worlds, we create our worlds’. We have the ability to ‘do our Father’s work, who is still working until now.’

Painfully, this glory has been lost from a point in childhood when ‘our spirits are broken and beclouded’. This is what Paul said, ‘We have all sinned and have come short of the glory of God.’ We had the glory in full before. Test yourself when you were a child. It was a moment you explored the world creatively and everyone was surprised at what you were capable of doing. But it was all natural for you — every day! Now, at a point, we did what constituted sin. This is not the behavioural do’s and dont’s that children are exposed to from little. It is the mental assumptions about the world that are formed and accepted into the subjective mind which constitute the real committing. After all, ‘if you look (conscious) to do it in your heart (subconscious), you have committed it already,’ says the Master.

We often look at behaviour as the thing to correct, the thing that is not good in its own. It is not behaviour but the mental/emotional state that needs rewriting or rewiring. This is sin, the violation of law. There is only one law: ‘God (Spirit, Energy) is One’. At a point, we come to accept ourselves different from God, look to It as another power different from ourselves and suppose or forget we are spiritual beings. This brings us to spiritual inert. That is, nothing is done as us being spirits. The law is violated by supposing there is another power different from the One Power, another force which balances things out. Illusions. The other power is our inverted use of this Power, our ego. The other force is the absence of the livingness of this Force of Love. Hate is not existent; it is the non-presence of Love. To fear it is to sin or declare that love is counterbalanced indeed.

‘The wages of sin is death.’ Not the physical death of the body, but the spiritual non-livingness of spirit. We are spiritual beings — this is what makes us creative. It is what makes our thoughts creative force and our feelings movements of creation. We are spirits; this is why we desire and we act towards the fulfilment of our desires. But when the spirit within is dulled out, inactive or asleep, humans phase out. They settle for less, do not engage in creative acts, do not think positive, lively thoughts. It is a painful existence as if passing through the throes of death eternally.

This second death, this becoming inert from within, is completely unnecessary. No one feels good with it. It is responsible for all the negative feelings and we find it unnatural to feel negative, however long we have felt so. Hate, shyness, timidity, anger, resentment, depression, etc. They are all a sign of the inactiveness of the spirit in us. For God is Spirit and Light. And these negative emotions cannot be where Light is. Note the words, ‘it is unnatural to feel this way no matter how long we have felt so.’ Meaning it is not in your nature to sin, to be dead this second death.

Your nature is simply to live, to breathe, to relax and to handle everything lightly! Your mind is a personal centre for the great Spirit — you are Spirit. And through you is to come all good and great feelings. The negative come because you ‘act inanimate.’ Now, do what is in your nature to do! Live Life. Shine your Light! You have nothing to ‘be ashamed of, no nakedness’ whatsoever since you are not your physical form/body. You have no reason to feel depressed and down because of what you think someone else thinks of you. After all, you are not your mind. Your body and your mind are instruments for YOU! You are Spirit! You have this infinite glory of Beingness with the Father from the Beginning. Now you may say as the Master did, ‘Father, the hour has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son also may glorify You… And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was.’

After all, when you begin to awaken to your Life and you begin to Live, who has the glory but the Father? Is it not His creation that has been expanded? Is it not His Spirit that has done it through you?

Your slumber is enough! Your time in the position as if you were dead is enough. Stop and relax, and see that there is no invocation you require except ‘experiencing’ this mantra:

Wake Up and Live!



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