Overcoming the Fear of Death (2)

It Isn’t What It Is

Adelere Adesina 👑
4 min readMar 30, 2021
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‘It is what it is.’ A common expression amongst wise men — and they are right. What exists is what it is; but not what appears to exist. What appears to have its own existence is not what it is. This can be said of biological death.

We know biological death to mean the nonbiological activity of this body that we carry around. There we have it. Everyone expects continuity. Or at least, we’re hardwired to feel after the continuity, infinitum of Life. So, we ask the question, ‘What happens after?’

What we call death when the body ceases its bio-human activities is but the moment we leave this body. Since we know we continue, it cannot be called death. Noncontinuity is what we really call death. For instance, on this biological plane, we say someone is dead because ‘their body’ ceases from continuity of its functioning. But we have seen that only the body ceases its function at that stage; we continue.

Therefore, ‘We do not die; we lay our bodies down.’

Really pay attention. I love how Wayne Dyer puts this in his The Secret and the Law of Attraction lecture. Point blank: we live in plenty bodies before we depart this world. My guess is you’re 12 years old or more. Maybe 20. Maybe 50. Maybe 80. Now, you had a body when you were born in 0th day of 0th month. You no longer have that body — it is dead to you. You had a body when you’re 5 years old. Everyone remembers it, even you. But nothing you do fits you back into that body. It is completely dead — to you. You once had a body at age 10, 15, 21. You ran at a time, jumped and leaped from many stairs with a different type of body. Simply, you have been in plenty bodies from childhood up. As one body dies to you, you take on another body.

Why? You can say because you are aging — and that is a negative attitude to it. It is assuming there is a fixed amount of years you have to use here on earth, then you’re using it up! Then the fear of not doing so much until that time is up, of not loving enough and living enough, grips people in this thinking. Ironically, it is this attitude of mind that robs most of the time to live because they are dying mentally every time — not doing what they can and want to be doing.

But you can as well say because you are growing, expanding, becoming more alive! That is the truth anyway. No way could you have walked with a body of 2 months. You rose in your awareness to the consciousness of your ability to walk and you trained the body that was until you outgrew it into the kind of body that could walk comfortably — then you never went back to crawling only. That body of 2 years old cannot do the things you currently function at. You have outgrown it.

The biological discontinuity of this body, which we call death, is a part of that growth process. When your spirit can no longer abide in this flesh because it has so grown into a certain fullness it must leave, you shall depart in peace to take another form.

Of course, this is identifying that you are in the process of growth at all. That is the real question, ‘Are you truly living?’ The real emotion is to ask, ‘Are you truly loving and in love?’ Life and Love is what exists — their absence is what appears as the contrasts, not the presence of those contrasts.

Death isn’t what it is. Understand and begin to live. Your body does not have to age when your spirit is expanding. It is due, in fact, to grow stronger until death. Really, with the expansion of your Spirit in the way of Truth, Your Body’s Vitality grows stronger. We have seen this promise plenty times in the Scripture.

* Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died, yet his eyes were not weak, and his vitality had not diminished.
* Then his flesh will be renewed like a child’s, and he will return to the days of his youth.

Of course, you can fear death all you may and sabotage the promises that are due for you. Maybe the word ‘promises’ make them look like you don’t have them yet, and at best may expect them happening. The actual idea is that it is in the nature of your body to grow and expand, unless you make it what it isn’t by unnecessary fear and vain imaginations of evil.

Renew your thinking about death. It is not what it is. You’re going to leave this body WHEN you have outgrown it. Go confidently in your way and continue to achieve your goals! The Time You Have Is Now. Universal Here and Eternal Now! LIVE!



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