Outright Revision

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This is what, this night, I would share with you. I tell it from experience; and then, from then on, when I have found a crisis in my life, I have applied it. I do not live by it every second of time because I am fairly satisfied with the life I live; and so there is no need for constant change in my life. ~ Gifts Bestowed by God, Neville Goddard

You can change the past. Man can revise the past, and change it as though it never happened. The day will come, everyone is going to change the entire past, and simply revise it. ~ If You Can Really Believe, Neville Goddard

In the last two days, we have learned about revision in practice. I demonstrated with personal examples what works and what should be avoided. What works is simple. Assume what you want already happened, now imagine what happened as if you experienced it the way you wanted. What doesn’t work? Anything that complicates this.

These steps are straightforward and practical, and I am very pleased that amongst those who began to apply it, a friend has some instant success with it which he already shared with us here. Now, no one has to tell him that imagining creates reality. He knows it by his own experience. He may forget it on occasions, but if he doesn’t, he shall live without placing a limitation on his life. We can live without accepting any limitations of facts, of the past. In fact, it is our birthright to live without limitations. For it is said, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.’ No limits placed on it. All things, and that includes REVISING AN ENTIRE PAST.

Neville suggested to his friend that a time is coming when an individual will awaken to the activity of revising his entire past. Neville speaks from experience, always teaches from what he has experienced that worked. So, he shared it with his friend because he himself has done it, and having done it, he has achieved something which many people long for: a Balanced Life.

This is the sure way to achieve a balanced life. Take your entire past and simply revise it. Then with Neville, you too can say, ‘I am fairly satisfied with the life I live; there is no need for constant change in my life.’ When revising any section of past, it does not mean everything goes away. Only the things you don’t want are replaced.

From my experience, there is hardly anything you need to manifest for you to lead a fulfilled life which you cannot manifest through the art of Revision. Why? Because almost all the areas of our lives have we got wishes, and almost in all these areas have we got limiting assumptions, thereby limiting experiences of the past which if revised, could usher our dreams into this objective world.

For instance, most people who want to be married want a happy marriage. But from some distant past, they have witnessed something unlovely about someone else’s marriage which they accepted as fact (because they did not understand that this someone else is really them-’self’). By this acceptance, they have believed the unlovely thing to be true about marriage and have assumed they wouldn’t be happily married. Now grown, they are trying to manifest a happy marriage. I am not speaking theory. This I say from experience.

You can prove what I am saying very easily if you would be honest with yourself. Think of one disturbing experience you have had lately. Maybe today. Now, try to remember when last you felt the same way that experience made you feel today. Perhaps a week ago, a month ago or even a year ago. Remembered? Okay, take it further. Try to remember the first time you felt that way. It might shock you that something similar happened decades back in your life, maybe to you or to someone else. Maybe you read it in a novel or saw it in a movie. But you’ve felt the same disturbing reaction from a similar experience in a distant past — and you’ve carried it with you across the years. Unless an experience is revised so as to replace the assumption creating it, it is bound to return and again.

‘Yesterday is today’s future,’ Neville says, ‘Now this may seem an insane statement to tell you- -that yesterday is today’s future: it seems insane you think it’s not, it’s past: but by the curvature of time you will discover but you will not know it, because you will be asleep unless you begin to awaken, and you will come upon what is yesteryear in your future, for the moment is never receding, it is always advancing into the future to confront us. And so if you don’t change it, you will simply find yourself repeating over and over.’ (The Coin of Heaven)

So the Pruning Shears of Revision works this way. Not everyone will do it on the same day. I wrote not long ago that I am doing it now, because I have realised that I needn’t try to manifest a new future. I want to be rich, I have wanted it. But I was told I couldn’t have it and I accepted the fact as truth. I want to be true friends, I have wanted it from childhood. But I saw someone who didn’t have friendship and I accepted it for him. I want to be healthy, well I have wanted it from childhood. But after all the pills that I gulped down, what has become my assumptions? I want to be confident, but I was bullied and ridiculed as a child. What did I do about it then? Accepted it and move on, but time is curved. That yesterday which I ignored and neglected is today’s future. And that’s how it works for all of us. This is why I call you out to OUTRIGHT REVISION!

You can revise from the experiences of yourself, of someone/something you know and of your self-concepts which you want to change. And it is my belief that when you do, you too will reach the point where you will have a well-balanced life. A life that lets you peacefully and joyfully expand into your infinite translucence and transparency. Revise.



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