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Naturalness is when a scene feels at home with you so much so you simply accept it as factual or true without any mental effort. In other words, you easily believe and accept it because it is most believable and commonplace when you imagine it. A natural scene does not evoke an unnecessary excitement, but only a simple sense of satisfaction and pleasure. It comes from sensing what will always surely repetitively happen when a thing is factual.

Naturalness in imagining a happy marriage is imagining a scene which will surely repetitively happen when your happy marriage is now a known fact to you and all. It doesn't come with excitement, but it implies that you are completely at home with feeling happy in your marriage.

I want to share ten scenes that are natural in a happy marriage. You can modify any one of them and imagine for yourself.

Ten Natural Scenes in a Happy Marriage

1. Sleeping in each other's arms: Happily married couples don't just sleep. They love to sleep close to each other and in each others arms. It is natural to imagine yourself wrapped in your spouse's arms, or imagine your arms wrapped around theirs. Of course, you have the sense that the one right beside you is your husband or wife, and this is the way you both frequently fall asleep together.

2. Eating together: Especially your breakfasts and dinners. You are married to someone? You naturally eat your family meals together at breakfasts and dinners, dinners mostly. It is natural to savour the same meal, you thank your spouse that prepared it or you warmly feel flushed by your spouse's praise of your cooking skills. Beautifully, like the first scene, this is one thing you'll both enjoy for a lifetime of happy togetherness.

3. Going out to important functions together: Now being a single family and unit, you'll both attend important social functions together most of the times. When your family or your spouse's family has a function, both of you show up as one. In social functions that one of you is unable to go by natural circumstances, guess what other people in the functions will ask you: Where is your spouse? How is your spouse? This happens every time for the rest of your happy marriage and life.

4. Missing your spouse when they're away: Yes, you miss your spouse when you are home without him/her being at home at the same time. Whether your spouse went shopping or is at work, etc. you miss the one person in whose arms you most love to be. Being happily married means you experience moments such as this which makes you feel how important you regard your soul mate.

5. Sharing gist and opinions on a topic together: And when you are together, one of the things you commonly do with your spouse is conversations. You both talk about everything, and after you have talked about everything, you still talk about everything else. In a happy marriage, you voice your opinions on different topics, usually social topics, to one another with such openness and expression that you cannot have anywhere else.

6. Communicating with origin families: Sure you're now both a unit in society called family. But you will share a level of communication with the family where your spouse was born and raised and likewise, your spouse would with yours. You'll be in touch with their parents and siblings most surely, as your spouse would be in touch with yours, hearing their good. Phone conversations along this line is natural for the rest of your happy marriage.

7. Planning and nurturing your family together: With your spouse, you both share the common responsibility of raising your family. Whether you are reproducing, adopting or none of the above, you get to do it together and live with the choice together as well. Therefore, you both frequently share the consequences of your choice in this matter with each other throughout your happy marriage.

8. Wearing the same fashion: From sharing the same perfume to wearing matching clothes, you and your spouse will have moments of rocking your common styles together. It may be a 10% share or 100%, but being happily married means you go out together considering how you are matching in your styles with each other, and how others will see you as one. This is an experience that until old age, you'd continue having.

9. Sharing your baths: And yes, whether frequently or occasionally, if you're happily married, you happily share your baths with your spouse. That's a definitive experience. You even bathe one another as a part of your natural loving experiences. This is something you keep doing for a long time in a happy marriage.

10. Wearing your rings: Being happily married means you enjoy seizing every opportunity to present yourself as one, wearing your ring. Whether you are together or miles apart due to an event, you find yourself wearing that bond of marriage which your spouse so specially promised you with. So, you always feel it as a part of your natural dressing.

11. Talking about your wedding together: This is an extra. You always have moments of talking about your wedding together. You could have talked about it 1,000 times. I assure you that being happily married means you'll still find 10,000 times more to talk about everything in your wedding with one another. It never stops. As a bonus on this bonus, you also talk about the other special first days in your life such as the day you first meet, first said yes to being together, etc.

Notice that throughout the suggested scenes, there is no mention of sexual intimacy nor of parenting. That is because these do not necessarily imply marriage, while a sealed companionship which the preceding scenes represent certainly implies a happy marriage.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful Queen Joy, with whom I am naturally enjoying a lifetime of the scenes such as stated above.


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