Adelere Adesina πŸ‘‘
2 min readMar 26, 2021

My Personality

Individually, we never behave any better than who we think God is. The way we see Him is the way we are seen. How we feel after Him is how we are felt after, and how we feel ourselves to be--at least, to be in perfection.

Nothing is personal about me except the person of God. Therefore, I cast aside all my entanglements and baggage with anything that is not God within me. I identify with God. I identify as God, for I am Son of God, God's own dwelling place. God can dwell only where He can be contained.

If He created the heavens and the earth, they cannot contain Him for He has been before they were. Indeed, He contains them all--for in Him, we live and move and have our being. Here then is my identity established to me: I Am the Temple. I Am the Temple of the Most High. I Am the Temple of God, and God's name is I Am.

God dwells within me because He is my very Self. God's Spirit is in me and God is Spirit. God is the Temple. Therefore, I Am God and child of the Most High.

Upon this, I can affirm as follows to my awareness and Being: I AM, and all I identify with is that I AM. I see none of the things I do or have, none of the conditions of life as personal. What alone is personal to me is God, is I AM, and with this, I rise above all conditions of life to breathe peace and progress into them. For I Am, and I let growth be.

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Adelere Adesina πŸ‘‘

I am Adelere Adesina πŸ‘‘, the King of Kings. I am the Imagination Coach who teaches what I do, Imagining to Create Reality.