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Oneness in I & I AM: Notes on Unity and Power

Adelere Adesina 👑
3 min readApr 3, 2021
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‘Development is the objective of Life. Growth is the Expression of Being. Production is the process of development, the mechanism of growth. Therefore, product is the fundamental relation of the universe. Multiplication is the centre of all relations: multiplication, the product of two becomes one. Multiplication…is the Relation of the Universe… I and my Father are One. How shall the two, though being two, become One?’ — I & I AM: Notes on Unity and Power

We are fond of thinking in a linear or vertical manner about things. This includes how we think about the Oneness of everything. A vertical thinking makes it difficult to see certain evident laws of the universe. We then think they are secrets while they are plain. How can all things be One when they are different entities? There are answers from all angles, but this note is a comment on the meditative answer that ‘it is by multiplication.’

Let every single thing in existence ‘be’ in existence to us truly. Existence means ‘standing out’, ‘unique’, ‘One and only’. Where each one stands out, we can bring them together. In fact, the only way new things are formed out of old things is by bringing the old together in a new way. How do we bring them together?

We quickly think that we are adding them together. But addition is a temporary relationship between two or more things. Growth and development are a permanent process. Where our purpose is to grow, to expand, to cause ‘a new thing’, the only way we can bring them together then is to multiply them. This is true production!

Production is the act of producing, the process of making new things. But producing comes because two former things become one. For instance, the acorn seed multiplies with the earth to become the oak tree. The germs from the mother and the father become a foetus. Every new thing that we see around us proceeds from multiplying old things, that is, from producing through existing things. Yes,

1 × 1 = 1

Can we not take this relation to our relation with the Great Spirit, the Universe? What do we say then? My existence is One and God is One. When we come together, we are not two different things but One. It is not by addition for ‘my motive is not to get things from the Universe but to become a channel of Its supply.’

Understand this clearly and you can sink into the awareness that ‘You are altogether God and God is altogether You.’ Now that I multiply with God (whose name is ‘I Am’), a new thing is done, I become a new creature, a new product. I is the reality being experienced or perceived (see I & I AM). With this multiplication, ‘I Am’ one with God.

Not anymore I, but I AM. — Surrender

Would that you meditate on those words gone before. My motive being to become a channel for the Divine supply to all, my intention being to become a centre availing for the Divine to carry on Its work, I become one with God and I AM GOD!

Every multiplication results in a new thing different from what has happened before. In my Oneness with God, nothing about me can be seen in the same light fo the past. This is what has been meant that ‘the old man is dead.’ All things about me become new and renewed! ‘Not I but my Father lives my life,’ and my Father’s name is ‘I AM.’

Multiplication, again, is everywhere in the universe. It is the centre of all mathematical relations: addition, subtraction, division, order, etc. Plant a seed in the earth and it multiplies into hundreds and thousands. This is the centre of my relation with the Divine. In embracing it, I realise that:

I Am one with I AM and all things that proceed from me are in the nature that I AM.

Life, Love and Joy. Harmony and Beauty. Grace and Truth. Expansion and Expression. Growth and Development. Abundance and Opulence.

All that this Spirit is in Itself, I AM.

I becomes buried in I Am, and I AM WHO I AM.



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