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This writing is a definite encouragement for you and I to see things such as coaching, teaching and learning the Law from a higher perspective. It is quite personal. Thus, I believe that this writing will encourage you to literally invest your time, money and action in the use of the Law. In our Facebook family, Neville Goddard Mystic Teachings and in the parent’s site,, there are tremendous resources which are available for free. Simultaneously, there are resources which are paid for on and which are shared in our Facebook family. Two of such resources are the approved coaches of Truecosmic and the Zoom Masterclass. These paid resources are of high, very high value. Since I learned of them in March, I have been to the Zoom Masterclass myself three times, seen a replay of one that I missed once and I look forward to them always. (May I also add that I have literally manifested the money for each class very abundantly, and the joy of this is marvellous.) I would recommend them, and having heard, studied and interacted with the coaches even privately as moderators, I recommend them for the intentions of their heart and the dedication of their imagination to raise every student to the higher levels which the student aspires. Yet, I have seen comments where people feel they should not pay for these classes and coachings, and feel that Neville would not have done such nor recommended such, after all, many of Neville’s lectures are freely available online.

Personally, I am very proud of the library that I have collected of Neville’s life and works. Perhaps I have over 300 lectures and books in text, and maybe 100 odd more in voice. I know some of us would have a similar library too. Many times, I have wondered how blessed I am that Neville sent these to me, or whoever imagined they would be in public domain for me to have such a vast library. In fact, a friend I met through this family, Shilpa, sent me these study materials in print for my last birthday’s gift. When I consider the space they take up, I truly feel so grateful to have Neville’s works for me to study thoroughly and practice daily. Now, the first time I realised that I have a unique teacher in Neville was when I read more carefully his praise of Abdullah in Changing the Feeling of I. It was associated to my study of Sound Investments for the month of March, and Neville talked of how Abdullah, his own teacher, was a very proud and high-standing man. He believed himself to be important and highly wanted so much that in a world where people saw and felt limited, he was always found in high places and honoured as a VIP. Neville taught Jimmie Fuller to change his self-concept and hold himself in very high esteem just like Abdullah did (see Changing the Feeling of I). Much later, I would read how Abdullah taught Neville to manifest his trip to Barbados in first class (these are two different manifestations in one story, Neville’s trip to Barbados and Neville’s trip FIRST CLASS to Barbados). Abdullah told Neville that he couldn’t travel third class because he was too important to have gone to Barbados in a third-class trip. He taught Neville to esteem himself so important that he could only have gone first-class.

Most of us could testify that the most obvious difference between Neville and other teachers was that Neville taught with such force and power, with such confidence of experience that his approach to manifestation is irresistible. Personally, it wasn’t his teachings that got me hooked initially, because my first impression was they were too outrageous, too bold and somewhat blasphemous. It was his clarity and confidence. I wasn’t able to put the Law to successful practice until a month and a half after I first heard him. Today, I study ONLY Neville and his own teachers by choice, and this daily. Not that you should now although something about it might be inevitable, after all it took me months before I finally took this step — but I did. So I encourage you do likewise.

In the while that I’ve begun full studies with Mr Goddard, here are some lessons about his life as a teacher that I have picked.

1. It is okay to be paid as a teacher and okay to pay as a student. My emphasis of this writing is on this.

Not only is it okay, but in the view of his general teachings, If you want to be paid as a coach or teacher, then bring receiving the payment to pass. If you want to pay as a student, then make the payment a fact. I have had group studies on Neville’s materials only for nine months which I haven’t paid for. Yet, to have paid for the masterclasses on Truecosmic gives me so much joy and satisfaction. This is me speaking as a student. I feel very delighted when I spend my money on learning the law, on being in communities where it is studied and on sharing the lessons. Perhaps this is what makes me love to share it in writing too. To have paid for the classes on Truecosmic is a personal delight. Neville as a student of Blake bought over $1000 worth of commentaries on Blake’s works. Even when he wasn’t dependent on them in life, he said he wouldn’t have chosen it any other way as he gained much insights through them. Strangely, Blake’s own complete works could be bought for $5 then. But the utility of the commentaries to Neville? Well, he spent more than $1000 on them. Wise investment? I don’t read anyone who understands Blake more, nor experiences Blake’s true visions more than Neville himself. (See Blake on Religion lecture)

So Neville paid as a student and I pay as a student. What is that? Should the teachers collect money? Did Neville ever charge people?

Let me draw a line here. I strongly believe that no money is needed to be paid to guide someone to manifest any one thing. Myself, I don’t appreciate that a person wants to take a class to manifest a single desire. Get the emphasis, a Single desire. I believe that in such a case, just ask your friend to hear the good news for you, to see you happy and congratulated. To manifest something, a coach isn’t necessary by my personal belief. A friend is sufficient, and we are all friends when we do the law for one another. Most of my manifestations in the last months have been for my friends, and I am always delighted to hear the news, see the congratulations, etc. Would you not read Neville doing the same thing? Check the Case Histories in the Power of Awareness for some of them are exactly so, at least the consultations held.

When the focus is to learn and master the law in total (which includes multiple multiple manifestations by the way), I believe in holding classes then. This is what I noticed Abdullah did to Neville and twenty others that he taught regularly and privately. He taught them deeply, reminding them and expounding to them the law that Imagination Creates Reality consistently until they were able to live by it solely, or at least Neville’s example justifies these classes (see Gifts Bestowed By God). This is the legacy that Neville gave also. He kept no secret of the law but he taught all who wanted to learn the same one thing in many ways, always asking Self, ‘How can I make it simpler for these people?’ (see lecture titled Imagination). Did Neville offer his classes for free? There were the free ones, the Sunday meetings where he was guest at Dr Bailes’ Theater. Yet, most of his lectures were paid. He once shared the story of a black young man, Jimmie Fuller, who went from being financially insecure to being financially secure all by raising his self-concept. Jimmie first heard of Neville on the radio on Dr Bailes’ channel. Jimmie had only $54 then. Yet, he spent all his modest fortune on attending Neville’s lectures, he and his wife, at $2 for each night. So, Neville had an audience of 500 people (weekdays) to over 2000 people (weekends). And except for Sundays, they paid $2 to attend each of his lectures. (see Sound Investments) Therefore, to think Neville wouldn’t have charged for his classes or wouldn’t have asked anyone to charge for their classes is a sincere effort towards good, but with a misfocused awareness. Neville had Freedom Barry taking classes too in San Franscisco, and Freedom was paid. It does not mean the teacher’s focus is the money. But that the teacher’s purpose is to teach the law undiluted is not to imply the teacher isn’t to be paid for his dedication.

I feel personally that is the modern Dr Bailes of many of us moderators and coaches here who have devoted to studying, practicing and teaching this Law to others, at least I speak what I believe of Truecosmic. Therefore, ask a friend to manifest for you; ask a coach to raise you into a master.

So, as a student, I am always delighted to pay. I always have the money on time. ALWAYS. I always have even more. In fact, my self-prophecy on always having more than I can wish to spend daily began to manifest on the basis of paying for the masterclasses. In the same way, as a teacher I am delighted to receive. Always pleased when I realise that here is a master becoming, and I am honoured to witness it. My teacher, Neville is very honoured to see me, a master becoming.



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