Most Effective Boredom Killer: How To Stay Alive And Never Dull

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Boredom is something common to most people. It appears to be rampant amongst young people; but that is because the elderly almost often don’t complain it. You can be sure about 99% of people feel bored at some point in their day. And about 80% of the population are almost always bored. Is that not a strange statistic? Considering that no one likes to be bored, most people end up bored some moment of the day. What does it mean to be bored? What does boredom mean?

The dictionary explains being bored as being in a mildly annoyed and restless state through having nothing to do. Or becoming uninterested, without paying attention. It is also described as being tired of the world.

Boredom is a feeling of tiredness, restlessness and uninterestedness which keeps a person wandering in mind for want of what to do. The bored person usually seeks something to do which can shake them out of boredom. The natural tendency is to indulge in apparently exciting or arousing activities which can exhaust the energy that is making them restless. But such activities are usually not sustainable. In no time, they burn out the excitement and begin to seek some other ways to calm their disappointed energy. The choice of things remain unhealthy and never really kill boredom because those things are a wrong medication to fix a partially right diagnosis. Let’s talk in clear terms what boredom really is. What the most effective way to kill it is.

Boredom is the lack of appetite for self company. It is the inability to keep oneself company or to be able to engage with oneself. When you say you are bored, you basically mean you find your company not exciting, attractive nor engaging enough for you. Another way yet to put it is that you do not see the total sum of who you are as able to absorb the limitless energy that flows into and demands expression through you. In brief, boredom is making bad company of yourself.

Now, note the word ‘see’ in the second to the last meaning and the word ‘make’ in the last meaning. Boredom is not something you are powerless about. It is both your perception and your decision. You make your boredom by yourself. Perception is a matter of the knowledge and information we have. It is the attitude of receiving information or data from the outside world. Decision is the exercise of will, the expression of your ability to choose in favour of a particular idea or desire. No one wants to be bored. Therefore, no one makes the conscious decision to be bored in life. If people ever remain bored, it is something they unintentionally make of themselves. That happens by their perception of who they are. Simply, how they process the idea of who they are results in how they make decisions about themselves. So, if you never really intend to choose boredom but you get bored anyway, what can you do about it?

I want to give you a prescription which is attends to the fundamental cause rather than treat the effects. I want you to pay attention closely thereby. It might be strange to you at first, especially so if you have been thinking in the line of removing symptoms without treating the cause. But THINK about it. If you think it will move you forward, then go ahead and apply it with understanding. Also share it with someone when you find out it is really working for you.

As mentioned earlier, boredom is associated with restlessness, with an energy flowing to you wanting expression but becoming suppressed within you. This suppression is what is disturbing your body, or making you feel disinterested with life. As a dictionary puts it, you become ‘tired of the world’ when you are bored. The simple reason why this energy becomes bottled up and suppressed within you is because you do not know or are not aware of certain truths. That is, you are ignorant of the truth. You do not know what to do with the energy. But that is not the root cause. The root cause is that you do not understand something deep and simple about yourself: who you are. Let me ask you, Who Are You?

Who Really Are You?

Who Do You Think You Are? Not who you think others think you are. Who do you think you are?

Bill Gove said, ‘If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me. Not the me I think my spouse thinks I should be. Not the me I think my kids think I should be. Not the me I think you think I should be. If I want to be free, I’ve got to be me. And I’ve got to know who me is.’

You see, that is the root cause of boredom: not understanding who you really are. There are just many symptoms which this leads to, one of which is boredom. To be bored is to not know who you are and how you can direct the energy that flows into you through you. It is some kind of unreal limit placed on yourself by you. A bored person always finds an external company to seem to remove boredom. Because their internal company is disoriented. But that cannot work since nothing outside of themselves is left to their control. So, the external company or engagement gets out of their control and boredom returns, even stronger.

To kill boredom and live a full, restful, balanced and truly happy life, you must know who you are. You are more than you presently think, unless what you presently think is not from the suggestions you have drawn about. Live and float above the limits. You are more than ‘more’. You see, the man is always more than his room. If he wishes, he can make it stuffy. If he wants, he can make it stale. If he desires, he can make it comfortable and adorable. He can make what he wishes of the room because he is more than the room. You can make more than what you wish of your life, time, engagements and activity because you are more than those things. But do you really know who you are?

Let’s deal with the perception. Calm your mind. As you are reading, feel your consciousness telling your body to relax. Say in your thought, I want my hand to become relaxed; my legs; my mouth; my head; my shoulders. I want to relieve them of the attention and pressure I have clamped them in. Let go of all your body as you read and think. Don’t force it; don’t just try. Simply let go. Why? Because you are holding them in suppression of the energy and you want to release them for fuller expression. You know this, and now you really want them to have a fuller expression of life. You want them to just be. How? They belong to you. They are yours. You can relieve them; or hold them in ransom. Now, you choose to relieve them. And it does not mean forcing them to be relieved. It means relaxing them, letting them go. Move inside your thought into your head. Begin to release every pressure of thought held in the activity of your brain, too. Look at your debts and say, I release you. Look at your heartbreaks and say, I release you. Look at your sufferings and say, I release you. Look at your sickness and say, I release you. Look at your worries and confusions and say, I release you. I release you all. Let them go. Let them go. How? Because they are yours, and you choose to surrender them for the expression of a greater life. What is the greater life, WHO YOU TRULY ARE!

Let them go and begin to see yourself sink deep into the conscious awareness that truly your body is not You. You live in your body. Your mind is not you. You have your mind. You are greater than both your body, where you dwell, and your mind, what you possess. You are God’s highest creation. You are God’s image and likeness. You Simply Are. You Are.

And because you are, you can do all things in the Mind of God. You are a part of The Mind because it is where you flow from. You are a spirit, a being that proceeds from and remains within God. You are connected to life and life flows through you always. Life flows to you. Life flows around you. Life flows everywhere, and now you know you are a part of that flow. You are the greatest miracle, the marvel of creation, the top of wonder. No angel may be spirit as you, capable of staying in God’s Mind. For so does your body become God’s temple. No beast is capable of live as you, capable of thinking in thoughts, for You are God’s offspring. In the image and likeness of God created. You are the most marvellous being. Who Are You?

Go over the relaxation exercise until you really see and understand who you truly are. When you do, now, let that awareness permeate every part of your body. Let it flow from your consciousness across your brain into your eyes, nose, mouth, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs. Let the awarness of your being fill every part of your body. Repeat the exercise as often.

What gets on there? The awareness of who you are makes you see yourself as the greatest company of you. You have thought power. You can think. You can consider your past, present and future and give them the proper relieve. You can forgive your past. It is your past and cannot torment you unless you let it. You let it only by holding unto it. Now, you choose to let go of your past. Forgive (let go) of your past achievements because you are absolute, and deeper than it was, and you are expressing that deeper feat. You can create your future. It is your future and cannot worry you unless you allow it. You allow it only by wanting to know every detail connected to you about it. Now, you choose to create your future. Create (plan) your future goals because you belong in God’s Mind, and God makes it happen in the shortest path possible. God is anxious (more than excited) to create your future for you because it is His expression through you. You can relieve your present by living in the present. To hold back your present is to stay anywhere different from the present. But You Are. You just not were; you just not will be. You Are. You live in the present, and the present is the only place that is everywhere. Now, you choose to live in the present and be the best you can be, do the best you can do and have the most you can have from there.

As you become aware of you and the truth about your Being, you find out that you have the greatest company anyone really wants on earth, and that is yourself. You are your greatest company. You are a marvellous being, and you can engage yourself in a thought, a plan, an idea, a task, an activity, a business, a duty today and now. You are the life of every other company, as you allow others to be the life of the company, too. You are the joy of every party in the same manner that you let others be. You are the light of every city, just as you relieve your pressure on others for them to glow. Yes, you relieve them because you do not seek them nor some indulgence to kill boredom. Boredom is not in your true being. You cannot be alone and bored. Because you are never alone, never really alone. You can speak with yourself; and with your inner self — called meditation. You always glow and attract men and women of vision and virtue to you. You help them glow. Where then is boredom? It is gone. Why? Because now you now know you are the highest creation of God, the being who completes every circle of happy people, the life of all, as Jesus puts it, the salt of the earth. There, from there you can only be enthused and excited every single moment.

Stay excited, will you?!

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