Money Changes You! What Will Be Your True Colours?

Adelere Adesina ๐Ÿ‘‘
3 min readMay 10, 2023

Though we have closed the three-day series on Common Wisdoms vs Manifesting Money, I still feel it is important to discuss the common wisdom that money changes you.

Most people have heard the opinion that you never know someone's true colours until they have money. Sometimes when you fantasise to your friends about having lots of money and supposedly moral/kindly things you would do with it, you might hear the remark: Have it first. Your true colours will show. That's when we'll know whether you'll do these things or not. A natural reaction before you become a doer of the law is to try to justify that they are wrong and you are right, that you wouldn't change and more significantly, one of your reasons for wanting to make money is to prove others wrong that you'd not change.

But those reactions are strictly from the state of not having money.

Get on having money. Money will actually change you. Of course, it has to! Why? Because you too have changed relative to money. So, rather than trying to remain the same kind of person because of anyone, mentally adapt their resistance to feel that money has changed you. Which means you feel the change in your relationship to money.

When you have money, you experience changes such as going from a poor condition of living to a comfortable or luxurious condition of living. You change from having excuses for not fulfilling your obligations to having the pleasant joy of meeting your obligations effortlessly. You change from accumulating debts to accumulating wealth. You transform from begging for money to staying confident about money. You go from understanding how poor people justify poverty to feeling that you'll be rich till you die. You go from worries on where and when the next money will come to having nothing left to spend on. Has money changed you? YES! Because it is the natural effect of being in the state of having money, which is the spiritual cause!

You won't be a kinder person when you are rich. So, don't imagine kindness to imagine wealth. Money does not cause kindness. But this means you don't have to be worried that money will stop you from being kind, because money cannot stop kindness either. You just might not find the conventional way of kindness to be your style anymore.

Yes, with money, you have styles. You have certain ways you would like your things to be done. Or more broadly speaking, money changes you from someone with less options to someone with more options. Money gives you affordability. You can now select what represents you better and more specifically, not just accepting whatever comes.

Will money change you?!


What is there to be scared of? Isn't that what you wanted? To change your relationship towards money is also to be changed by money.

Be unapologetic about it. You don't need anyone to understand your way with money. In your imagining, don't imagine that you are nice to people with money at all. Forget that you remain the same timid-natured person who is driven by the opinions of others in your imagination. See yourself secured, highly. A confident man or woman who has their money!

Be changed! Just make sure the change is transformational!

Be transformed!

Yours royally ๐Ÿ‘‘,
Adelere Adesina ๐Ÿคด๐Ÿฟ



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