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2 min readApr 30, 2021

'God cannot behold any sin of human,' we have heard.

Because you cannot see in another (outwardly) what you do not identify with in yourself (inwardly).

To see a thing is to have first known it. For knowledge breeds perception. Would now the Perfect Father know sin?

(What alone can God see in you when you say God is Perfect, 100%? He cannot behold sin because in heaven, in the nature of God, our I Am-ness, there is no transgression but liberty and life.)

Let your judgement and opinions of others go. Free them from your nature, and they shall be free--and You shall be free. A thief is said to BE (that is, in the state of) a thief by you only because you identify with an even greater condemnation of yourself. ('Who amongst you have not sinned? Let him cast the first stone.')

For a human who has done thieving is known by the glorified individual to be just a friend in ignorance. 'He IS divine just as I AM. But this soul has forgotten, and I remind him now. "No man condemns you. Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more." I mean, Go and know that You ARE Perfect as Your Father in Heaven is Perfect.'

When you identify EVERYTHING as beautiful, you release your judgement and they assume the nature you now give.

Fear in its beautiful state is faith. Hate in beauty is love. Arrogance in beauty is service. Timidity when beautify is self-confidence.

Assume the nature of what you want, and all things shall immediately be so RENEWED. They must eternally remain in this state as long as you wear the garment of your new nature. That is, be clothed in Your Christ, the salvation from your present tumults. The challenges themselves must become immediately disappeared. The glory which you have from the beginning, you shall be glorified with when you glorify God's name. See for yourself what Christ in you asks,

'O Father, glorify you me WITH YOUR OWN SELF with the glory which I had with you before the world was. I have manifested your name.' The name of our Father is I AM.' Must you be reminded again? Even now remember for yourself, YOU ARE GLORIFIED WITH THE FATHER'S SELF, WITH HIM IN HIS PERFECTION. Or how else do you, can you, live every moment without manifesting openly and in secret that I AM?

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