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8 min readJun 4, 2022

Happy New Month, dear friends. Today’s writing is about manifesting money’s abundance.

‘Money has an odour. It is unlike any odour in the world. It’s more fragrant to the miser than the most marvellous perfume in the world. He can tell it. You put a money bag to his face and it’s like putting roses to mine.’ ~ Neville Goddard, I Am the Reality Called Imagination

When it comes to desires and manifestations, Money appears to be one of the top desires on the list that everyone wishes to manifest. In this writing, I believe you will get a summary idea of how to use your imagination to believe your financial abundance in. This isn’t just about manifesting a one-time sum but having money always present.

In order to manifest money, you must start with a ‘miserly desire’ for money, such a desire is most natural for imagining having money. ‘Money has an odour… more fragrant to the miser than the most marvellous perfume.’ Therefore, I cannot specifically imagine having abundant money in a natural sense unless I am willing to be miserly about it. Does this mean I don’t put that money to contribute to the good of others? No, but I admit and accept that I like money for money’s sake. This is vitally important, and this miser however big or small is in everyone of us. You may be 30% ‘the miser’ that Neville says while I am 93% the miser; but the miser is in all of us if we can smell the odour of money. Let me show you.

Let us assume your job pays you $5000 monthly. My question is simply, ‘Are you okay with not earning more than $5000 monthly?’ I don’t suppose so. In a stricter sense, do you want to have Only the money that your job or your business can pay you or do you want to have more money than they can ever compensate you with? I honestly believe you want the latter. Now that we realise you have a miserly desire for money, shall we proceed?

The first step to manifesting abundance of money as you wish therefore is to admit that you wish to manifest so much money for itself (for money’s self). In other words, raise your self-concept around money. Believe that you are the sufficient reason and purpose for money. ‘I want so much money because I like/love it.’ Jettison these ideas from your consciousness about money: ‘I want plenty money so that I can do something with it (for someone),’ and ‘I deserve plenty money because I am working hard on my business/job.’ So desire money just for the feel of having it. Fall in love with stacking a pile in your pockets or purse, having a bank balance that always has excess, etc. I cannot overstress this because the primary reason why we don’t make so much success with imagining money is because we don’t accept ourselves sufficiently enough to believe we deserve as much money as we want without leaning on any other reason. I think it is just like sex, and the society we live in dwells in the collective state of consciousness that sex is a shameful act, so there must be a justification for having it other than the pleasure itself, a justification such as making children, etc. If then I want to have an enjoyable sexual life, I must raise my self-concept of sex beyond any standards of society to the highest ideal I may find. Likewise, the collective state of consciousness around money is that the miser who likes money for money’s sake is a bad, greedy person, and a good person wants it for other purposes like charity, supporting family members, etc. So, break free by raising your self-concept above this state of justifying why you want money by something external to yourself. Dream your self big enough, important enough to have all the money you wish for. I don’t care whether it is the top 10% money, the top 1% money, the multimillionaire money, the billionaire money or beyond. Just dream yourself big enough for it.

One of the consequences of this when you really expand your self-concept around money is that you become less concerned about the channels that abundant money will take to happen to you. In other words, you don’t limit yourself to having money only from your salary or your profits. You open up to all the diverse ways money can come lavishly.

Second, contemplate a general feel that you always like to have for money. This is you deepening your self-concept really. Let me assure you that being a multimillionaire does not guarantee being debt-free, nor does it guarantee being able to afford anything money can buy. You see, money is not the power; your Imagination is the power. We create a problem when we imagine that getting money will automatically get us some other thing we want. Yet, you can tell by your personal experience that it is not true. Remember when you finally got some money you have been waiting for so that you can use it to get some important things. Yet, you didn’t get those things because the money went elsewhere? (Something to revise? 😉) Truly, people can be broke billionaires, yet people have been and can be superabundant while they only earn $400000 yearly. It is not the figure; it is the state of consciousness. Infinite states exists… and infinite means any possibility is there. This is very important then, a unique sense of relationship with money that you wish for. For instance, do I want to have the sense that ‘I can afford anything I wish,’ ‘I always have more money than I could spend in my lifetime,’ ‘I always have more money than I can ever lavish daily’? Or Robert Millikan’s self-concept with money, ‘I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.’

Third and as my brother Robert described it, ‘Go bold.’ Set a specific goal weekly/monthly for your business or a monthly goal for your job. By a specific goal, I mean have a deliberate wish, an true desire to earn so much from business this week. Don’t limit yourself by any means. Then imagine you already have that much at the end of the week. There is a caveat here, which is: this goal is unrelated to how much you dream to have in life. Okay?

It is not your short-term goal because you think it would help you to get your long-term goal. It is an independent goal. It doesn’t even determine how much you will have in the week, just how much you want to earn from your basic livelihood. Why, money could come from many other means in the week in alignment with your other money goals or self-concept to money. For instance, let my self-concept be ‘I have more than I can ever lavish everyday.’ Then I want to earn $1000 this week from my business. Does it mean I’m trying to spend less than $1000 in the week? No way! I only wish for $1000 net in business. But if I would spend $1200 in the week, by my self-concept, I would find money come to me so that I must have more than $1200, even if it is by $5 more. Maybe as a gift, as a bonus, some coupons, etc. So, I don’t believe that I will only spend $1000 in the week, but that I have $1000 profits in business in the week. Please, do understand me correctly and don’t complicate it. I may have only $800 in this week, maybe in part $700 from business (not having met my wish this week), but my self-concept will automatically adjust my spendings to something below $800. In other words, ‘I shall not want, not feel lack.’

Going bold and specific will let us see that we must Operate It. Operate the amount you wish to have. Many of us wish to save money. So, if I want to have savings effortless which tomorrow I wouldn’t consume, then I must raise my self-concept today to include that I am always having much money to save. So, ‘Isn’t it wonderful that I am always having more money than I can spend daily and so much excess that I can save effortlessly?’ How is that for my fundamental inner conversation, my predominant mental diet? Then I deliberately wish, I would save 20% of my income in this week. Or I would save $1500 in this month. A specific savings desire to imagine ahead of the evidence is wonderful.

Having raised my self-concept, having conformed my inner conversation to it and having imagined ahead of the week that by the end of the week, I have got exactly what I desired at the beginning, I would let life develop it.

What happens if I didn’t have $1000 this week, but got only $700 from business? Well, if you would still wish for $1000 the next week, then I would set the goal again. If however I would have set a goal of $1500 for the next week, I would set the goal for $1500 in business. Then I would REVISE this week’s earning. I would believe intimately, believe thoroughly that I have only expected $1500 from business the next week because I got $1000 in business this week. Then I would imagine separately that I already have $1500 the next week. Feeling accomplished on both ends.

My revision will not only bless me with the excess but will ensure that I do not repeat the experience of setting a financial goal but not achieving it. Well, what if I got all these assumptions right in the first week? Great news! What if I got it right after the first four weeks or four months? Still great news! I must never condition myself, however, nor doubt that the Law would bring me an identical harvest to what I have now planted in the last few days, weeks or months. As Neville put it, ‘You must not believe that because your assumption failed to materialize, the truth that assumptions do materialize is a lie. If your assumptions are not fulfilled, it is because of some error or weakness in your consciousness. However, these errors and weaknesses can be overcome. Therefore, press on to the attainment of ever higher levels by feeling that you already are the person you want to be.’ (Chapter, Failure in the Power of Awareness)

Finally, as you go about manifesting this, you would have further specific experiences with money that incite you to expand your desire, expand your awareness. Do not be bothered nor fearful, simply expand. Remember, start with believing yourself to be miserly or at least important and self-valued to have whatever money you wish (don’t see it negatively as you have been taught for it is merely a state of relationship with money). I believe with this in your practice, you would create more financial abundance than it seems reasonable you could have. Thank you.



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