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Except if you’re working on MASTERY OF YOUR IMAGINATION which no one needs to manifest a specific thing but certainly must have in living a wonderful life, these are very specific basics I believe you must have a grasp of if you want your effortless manifestations.

I am drawing these specifics from Neville’s manifestation of his trip to Barbados. He was very basic at using his imagination, he didn’t even believe his imagination is God. But he still did it. So, what are the basics?

1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT INTENSELY! Know what you actually want to the point of burning desire. Not what you would take if you were given anyway, but don’t really want because you wouldn’t give up what you currently have. For 12 years, Neville would not give up his failure and shame in New York for a bountiful visit to Barbados. But when he had the intense desire to go, he was ready to give the old state up.

‘In November, 1933, I bade goodbye to my parents in the city of New York as they sailed for Barbados. I had been in this country 12 years with no desire to see Barbados. I was not successful and I was ashamed to go home to successful members of my family. After 12 years in America I was a failure in my own eyes. I was in the theatre and made money one year and spent it the next month. I was not what I would call by their standards nor by mine a successful person. Mind you when I said goodbye to my parents in November I had no desire to go to Barbados. The ship pulled out, and as I came up the street, something possessed me with a desire to go to Barbados. It was the year 1933, I was unemployed and had no place to go except a little room on 75th Street. I went straight to my old friend Abdullah and said to him “Ab, the strangest feeling is possessing me. For the first time in 12 years I want to go to Barbados.”’ (Lesson 4)

The question to always start with is: WHAT DO I TRULY WANT?

If you are dilly-dallying with secondary desires, you don’t know what you want yet. Imagine Neville meeting Abdullah and saying, ‘Abdullah, the strangest feeling is possessing me. I want $3000 to take me to Barbados.’ He would still not have admitted what he truly wanted. He went straight to the desire, ‘For the first time in 12 years I want to go to Barbados.’ He wondered what the means would be quite alright. But he was very clear at first what he wanted. So, ask yourself: WHAT DO I REALLY REALLY WANT?

No want = No conscious manifestation.

I Want This => I Manifest It.

2. ASSUME YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! You don’t need to wait a moment before you do this. In fact, you don’t need to read the Power of Awareness or the Complete Reader. Understand me clearly; these are quite important if you desire to become a MASTER at using Imagination. But they are not necessary for manifesting one thing. They don’t even guarantee that you will manifest after you’ve read them. It is the doing that works. So, what did Neville do? He assumed he was already in Barbados. The relevance of these books and lectures for you is to coach you, show you like Abdullah did with Neville, how to assume that you already have your desire. If you are not doing that, they would be a futile exercise. If just a line of a text or teacher helps you to do that, there’s success!

Abdullah said, ‘If you want to go Neville, you have gone.’ Neville must have thought, ‘What a strange language. I don’t understand Abdullah again.’ ‘I said to him, “What do you mean, I have gone, Abdullah ?” He said, “Do you really want to go? “ I answered “yes.” He then said to me, “As you walk through this door now you are not walking on 72nd Street, you are walking on palm lined streets, coconut lined streets; this is Barbados. Do not ask me how you are going to go. You are in Barbados. You do not say ‘how’ when you ‘are there’. You are there. Now you walk as though you were there.” I went out of his place in a daze. I am in Barbados. I have no money, I have no job, I am not even well clothed, and yet I am in Barbados.’ (Lesson 4)

It’s very strange language. Nothing like, ‘If you want to go Neville, you should go and book the ticket, pack your bags, etc.’ Nothing like, ‘If you want to go Neville, you should wake at 4 am every morning, read ten books in a week and work at the store for $3000.’ None of those because he took Neville STRAIGHT TO THE END — If you want to go, you have gone Neville! So, Neville says: ‘We always go to the end. The end is where we begin.’ (It Is Within, Neville)

No going to the end = No intentional manifestation.

I go to the end => I Manifest It.

3. LIVE IN THE END! Okay, two weeks have passed but Neville hasn’t got any money to go. He was then trying to explain his not having gone. ‘Two weeks later I was no nearer my goal than on the day I first told him I wanted to go to Barbados. I said to him, “Ab, I trust you implicitly but here is one time I cannot see how it is going to work. I have not one penny towards my journey, I began to explain.”’ Neville was slipping out of the end. He’s sneaking out of it by trying to explain his present conditions. When you are justifying, you’re not living in the end. When you live in the end, you have no explanations for yourself and for others. It is a truly irrational thing to do when you don’t explain nor complain simply because you are living in the end. Some could even call it rude. What would you have called Abdullah’s reaction to Neville?

‘My old friend Abdullah, with his turbaned head. As I sat in his living room he rose from his chair and went towards his study and slammed the door, which was not an invitation to follow him. As he went through the door he said to me, “I have said all that I have to say.” On the 3rd of December I stood before Abdullah and told him again I was no nearer my trip. He repeated his statement, “You are in Barbados.”’ (Lesson 4)

He shunned Neville’s whining twice, and asked him to persist in the end. So, don’t just go there, then sneak out hours or days later. Live in it. Sleep in it. Be in the end. This is when manifestation follows. Gratefully, we have our Living in the End class coming up with Robert.

Again, Abdullah did not begin to put Neville through a thorough class in imagination so that Neville could manifest his trip to Barbados. Did you realise that? He certainly showed Neville what to do. But he wasn’t giving Neville all the secrets of imagining, etc. at that moment. Just so you understand that it is the DOING not the knowing that works!

No living in the end = No intentional manifestation.


If you want to be a master, you certainly would need a teacher, a coach like Abdullah to Neville for five wonderful years. But if you want to manifest just this one thing, please don’t wait until you’ve read the next book or until you’ve had the vision of Moses and Elijah. Do it now, these three steps. You will manifest quite alright. Then, will you be a master? A master of what? Of your imagining. So, will you be the master of You?



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