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MAKE GOLD OF THE GOLDEN RULE: If You Believe Worth More, Regain All the Gold You Could Have Earned But Were Never Given to You Before Now

How would you feel to hear that your parents literally threw away a bar of gold? Maybe a bar of gold is affordable for you. How about if your best friend intentionally took five bars of gold to fling into an ocean? Now, that is a little bit of a lot. A bar of gold today would cost you $765,950 to buy. So, five bars of such is worth $3,829,750. You know, if I told you that it should not matter to you any much that a close relative is losing that much money, it is likely you fight yourself to avoid giving me a punch in the face. Especially true if you know the power of money. Even truer if you have about $1,000,000 dollars net worth, either more or less. Because at that time, you will have found that the average millionaire spends five to ten years of diligent work to have their first $1,000,000 net worth, since it takes them about that much time to really believe they can have such worth and more. Don’t let us lose focus. So, how would it feel to learn that your life’s partner woke up one morning and somehow managed to lose five bars of gold at $3 million+? Have you answered that? Good.

Now, judge yourself. If it was you who lost five bars of gold either by some error of judgement, ignorance or other such reasons, how would you feel towards yourself? Will you find it reasonable to accept any excuse for yourself to permit that loss to settle with your calm? What will you do about you for such a loss? Did you know that an average person on earth does this kind of thing? An average person on earth loses some five bars of gold, including you at a time or another. This is why.

Many people have heard about this rule, the golden rule. But many people never really pause to ask, 'Can this rule called the golden rule bring be any gold? Is it true to its name?' Because of the obliviousness to the answers, the next thing that happens is many people put the rule aside and rather go about hoping that luck works for them to bring gold. Well, the golden rule can bring gold. And it has brought gold worth more than five bars to many people in the past. Ponder on these. If there is any rule that works best in the Nigerian country, it is the Nigerian rule. If there is any such rule that works best with the gaining of gold, it is the golden rule.

I must say carefully that every labour, every work, every diligence of man is intended to earn gold by which he may live. He who is on a job earns a paycheck at the end of it. Paycheck is paid in money, which well is a legal tender that is backed by gold. In other words, the money reflects what amount of gold can be claimed by an individual who has it. The same goes for profits or any other means by which a person labours to get money. It is gold that is sought, received and used. The tragic tale is that most people do not use the golden rule to fetch their gold. By this ignorance (ignoring to know or ignoring to do), many have lost gold which might add up to five, maybe ten, bars of gold.

What is the golden rule?

This is the rule stated by Christ many years back thus: 'Therefore, whatsoever you want men to do unto you, do also unto them.'

In this one rule is contained all that could be used to gain gold in large sums, preserve and multiply it, and bless others with it. All this achieved without losing one’s mind. But note that this rule started as a conclusion to some lessons that had come before. He said, 'Therefore...'

The history of this rule, the lessons that brought it upon as a conclusion, is thus. First, there are three ways of expression for the human. Expression through thought, through words and through acts.

Expression through words will be mentioned first. How would you feel when a person walks up to you and call you to your face, 'Hey, fool. You know you are stupid and a failure. Right?' If you are weak in heart, you will fall into depression. The strong in heart of you will steam with anger. That is just it. What you do in words are powerful and affect other people. Your words are a form of expression. You could speak them negatively or you could make a positive impression of life through them for your listeners or hearers. The Master did say, 'I say unto you, Say to none of your brothers, "You fool," lest you enter into the same condemnation for your own heart and soul.' Your words are a powerful means of expression. Learn to use them wisely.

What about your thoughts? Well, dominating thoughts become reality. Thoughts have a definite way of become realised. Thus, we become what we think about, or as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. How again would you feel when a person expresses a negative thought of you? When a person thinks you are worth no more than a sex object, for instance, does that not break your heart? How about when someone else thinks of you as worth no more than penury all year long? Does that not hurt you? Why would a person’s thoughts have so much effect on you when it is disclosed to you if not that thoughts are real, powerful enough to affect and capable of determining feelings which conceive actions after their kinds? Your thoughts have the same power of expressing and projecting you to other people. Your thoughts are a way of doing things. Even though your thoughts are not disclosed in words to others, they are disclosed in your expression of feelings, attitude and tendencies. These are not acts themselves, but can be read in their own way of compelling your body to work. More so, they naturally tend to feed themselves into the acts you put up. Your thoughts are powerful. Thus, Christ taught that the thought of the heart is enough a place to commit an act, either the sin of adultery or the kindness of seeking reconciliation. When you respect other people, your heart will be pure unto them in thoughts.

Well then, your acts. This, you will agree, is the most regarded as the manner of expression of Self to the world. The error lies in many people thinking that only your acts express your true self. Your thoughts and your words count, maybe even more seriously. For this reason that every act has its seed in a thought. Your acts are a great way of expression, especially because they are a physical manifestation, a four-dimensional experience of self; thereby, they require effort and time on your part. The man who goes an extra mile when taken to go one is doing a great deal. This is the special attribute of actions, and why they are the final form of expression.

Having gone through that, what is its bearing to the current discourse? Well, these three outlets are condensed into 'what you do’. Before this is expanded further, what about the rule that you judge not lest you be judged? True this comes before the conclusion or golden rule; and the golden rule is concluded just because of this principle. When you judge, you are making a conclusion of the facts or evidence. You are making a proclamation of what must bind. It is not necessarily true, and might be far from right. Yet, it is what must bind. It might bind on you or other persons. Yet, a judgement is a judgement. Now, when you look at others, the judgement that you pass for them is passed for you as well. When you judge that a person is condemned, be careful that your condemnation does not walk up to you--for it is bound. When you judge that a person is a fool, expect to act as a fool yourself. Of course, when you decide that the measure, the standard which you want to place a person is to see they are potentially great, then you claim you are potentially great yourself. Having mentioned on this, let us go to the golden rule’s power to earn you gold.

There are three beautiful things about the golden rule, two explicitly stated and the third given for you to ruminate upon. The first of the laws in the golden rule is that you have desires, wants. It is as sure as the sun most certainly rises from the east. You are a being of desires. Therefore, 'whatever you "want" men to do unto you' is a statement that counts your desire. Be exact about it. You must know what 'whatever' you 'want' is. You want men to enrich you? You want your spouse (human) to give you a happy home? You want your boss to be fair? You want your colleagues to be trustworthy? Whatever you want, be exact about it. If you have lived up to this point without desires of your own, you had better start to create your desires now. You had better begin to 'want’. Thus, desire gold. Gold here being any great success you want in life, career, business, etc.

The second law in that golden rule is this: 'Do that which you want’. In connection with this law is the history given earlier. How you want men to think, speak and act about you is how you should think, speak and act about them. The measures you want to be measured with, the standards, that is, which you want others to make the templates of how they think of, speak to and act towards you are the same measures you may use towards them. There is more than just you 'doing' in this law. This law is stating a fact that is not expressed in words but that is deeply rooted within it. You see, this law shows that there is more to what you can do than just what you have. It shows that you do not have to 'own a million dollars' before you do what millionaires do. This is the law that gives no room for anyone to blame their actions upon their experiences and environments. 'What you want to get, you can give unto others.' You want to harvest a hundred seeds, you can plant a seed into the earth. What you have does not determine what you do; it is what you do that can determine what you have. Thus, if you want to earn a bar of gold, make others earn a bar of gold. As powerful as that.

The third law that is not mentioned clearly is thus: this rule says nothing of you receiving that which you want once when you have done the deed. This is a great remark. This is why the rule is golden, and why it has wrapped all the law and the prophets in just one line. Do not expect to be paid by the men to whom you have done whatever it is you do. The rule is not, 'Whatsoever you want men to do unto you, do also unto them; and they shall do unto you as you want.' Well, this golden rule leaves out that third part because they are not the ones who repay you, those men. It is God who repays you. He might do it through those men; or by some other means. But the lesson that you must first understand is this. All you do are not done so you may exploit a person to get what you want. Consider this carefully. All that you do is done not to make the person do in return unto you. That practice is a manipulation of a sort. More so, Jesus taught, 'What gain is it if you do good only to people who are bound to repay you that good?' You are the light of this world, loved by all. This golden rule contains by this omission the force of love. Love others. Love what you do. Love brings sacrifice with it. Thus, bear that which you must sacrifice in your exploit with the golden rule. With this, more gold than you can contain will be returned to you. For you have scattered your seeds well, and some have fallen into the good ground.

The golden rule can bring you all gold in life if you apply it this way. If you do not, it will rob you of gold. Remember that it is a rule; innocent of the use to which you put it, yet always working as a rule of nature. I pray you great gold in all areas of life.

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