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Oftentimes, people want to settle with the belief that they have to give to get and because of that, even when they imagine riches, they have to be compensating for it with some sort of product exchange in business or personal service in career. I want to remind you that there is no creative power outside of God.

Don't find these words mythical when Jesus said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given unto me." (Matthew 28:18) For even though it is mystical of your awareness, it is literally true.

You don't seek authority to be rich from getting a job or running a business, from inheriting a fortune or having a rich husband to depend upon. You may never understand how it could be possible that without all of these, you can and will be rich if only you assume it persistently. But you can try it anyway. Here's a story below which Neville shared in his book: The Law and the Promise.

If you are especially in a similar position, you may start embracing the steps she took. You do not have to wait one year to apply like she waited until her desperation pushed her. You can start now.

Here's a woman with the following human limitations who still used her imagination to create fantastic wealthy lifestyle for the rest of her life.

Before she used her imagination lovingly for her dream life, she:

• Was out of a job,
• Had no family for support,
• Had no presentable dresses to find a job in,
• Was behind on rent,
• Had little money in her account to live on,
• Was already 55 years old and not any young to start looking for a job,
• Had no friend/husband to whom she could turn.

● She had only her Imagination, her wonderful human imagination who is God the Most High, to whom all things are possible.

Then she created phenomenal riches for herself by turning to this infinite divine power that resided in her limited human garment. The story goes:

"The lady in the following story so successfully felt the feeling of her wish fulfilled, she made her mood the character of the night — frozen in a delightful dream.

"Most of us read and love fairy stories, but we all know that stories of improbable riches and good fortune are for the delight of the very young. But are they? I want to tell you of something unbelievably wonderful that happened to me through the power of my imagination — and I am not 'young' in years. We live in an age which believes in neither fable nor magic, and yet everything I could possibly want in my wildest day-dreams was given to me by the simple use of what you teach — that 'imagining creates reality' and that 'feeling' is the secret of imagining.

"At the time this wonderful thing happened to me I was out of a job and had no family to fall back upon for support. I needed just about everything. To find a decent job I needed a car to look for it, and though I had a car, it was so worn out it was ready to fall apart. I was behind in my rent; I had no proper clothes to seek a job; and today it's no fun for a woman of fifty-five to apply for a job of any kind. My bank account was almost depleted and there was no friend to whom I could turn.

"But I had been attending your lectures for almost a year and my desperation forced me to put my imagination to the test. Indeed, I had nothing to lose. It was natural for me, I suppose, to begin by imagining myself having everything I needed. But I needed so many things and in such short order that I found myself exhausted when I finally got through the list, and by that time I was so nervous I could not sleep. One lecture night I heard you tell of an artist who captured the 'feeling', or 'word', as you called it, of 'isn't it wonderful!' in his personal experience.
"I began to apply this idea to my case. Instead of thinking of and imagining every article I needed, I tried to capture the 'feeling' that something wonderful was happening to me — not tomorrow, not next week — but right now.

I would say over and over to myself as I fell asleep, 'Isn't it wonderful! Something marvelous is happening to me now!' And as I fell asleep I would feel the way I would expect to feel under such circumstances.

"I repeated that imaginary action and feeling for two months, night after night, and one day in early October I met a casual friend I hadn't seen for months who informed me he was about to leave on a trip to New York. I had lived in New York many years ago and we talked of the city a few moments and then parted. I completely forgot the incident. One month later, to the day, this man called at my apartment and simply handed me a Certified Check in my name for twenty-five hundred dollars. After I got over the initial shock of seeing my name on a check for so much money, the story that unfolded seemed to me like a dream. It concerned a friend I had not seen nor heard from in more than twenty-five years. This friend of my past, I now learned, had become extremely wealthy in those twenty-five years. Our mutual acquaintance who had brought the check to me had met him quite by accident during the trip to New York last month. During their conversation they spoke of me, and for reasons I was not to know (for to this day I have not heard from him personally and have never attempted to contact him) this old friend decided to share a portion of his great wealth with me.

"For the next two years, from the office of his attorney, I received monthly checks so generous in amount they not only covered every necessary requirement of daily living, but left much over for all the lovely things of life: a car, clothes, a spacious apartment — and best of all, no need to earn my daily bread.

"This past month I received a letter and some legal papers to be signed which provide the continuation of this monthly income for the rest of my natural life!" - T.K.

(The Law and the Promise, Neville Goddard)


1. Decide to use the law of assumption solely, no plan B.

She resolved to use the law without concerning herself with the means of realisation.

2. Define in a clear and detailed manner all that would satisfy your heart.

Don't think from what you need to get what you want. Aim for your moon and forget about possibly landing on a star in the process. Specify all that you want in your wealthy lifestyle without a concern for the mode of realisation.

3. Use an inner speech which reflects that you have it all, all that you desire.

In Neville's words, "The use of an angel or friend’s voice to make a conscious impression is the shortest, safest and surest way to be self-impregnated." (Neville Goddard, Freedom for All) Let me rephrase that, "The use of a mental conversation/inner dialogue of the wish fulfilled is the shortest, safest and surest way to fulfillment."

4. Persist in that imaginary state and wear that mood to sleep night after night for as long as it takes for you to be natural in it.

Night after night, once you get into bed and lie down to sleep, zero your mind from all other thoughts and concentrate only on THIS WISH FULFILLED AS A FACT NOW. Night after night is an effective way to be systematic with your inner fusion with a state. This persistence is all you are asked to do, the faithful systematic cultivation of the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Then let it happen.

Try it. It sounds out of this world-- but yes, everything is from out of this world, from imagination into this world.

So, try it. Do not regard your limitations. Have no secondary means. Just go to the end and dwell it in as though it were true. Then sleep in that feeling of having fabulous wealth in your life.

You will produce the results you desire.

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