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From Circles to Spirals

Adelere Adesina 👑
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There are far higher bases for every action in the development of human than solving problems. It is true that strength could break forth to overcome weakness, and power could be gained to conquer impotence. It is still true that weakness, impotence and all elements in the class of problems are in themselves depressing and not sufficient to call forth strength nor power. There is nothing in darkness that perpetuates except in the intelligence of soul that seeks and thirsts for light. So that the whole appearance of problems, of darkness in fact, may be done away with in the call for advancement. For souls who are yet to realise this, problem-solving must be the trigger of the use of intelligence; and in a cycle of gain and loss will they reside. For problem-solving starts with problem-hunting: and everything that we ever seek as humans, we find.

If indeed we find all that we ever seek and we may, I must add, seek anything that we could think and dream of, why do we not seek a basis that does not plunge us into a dearth before we thirst to find yields? Why do we not seek a basis which does not require us being sunk in darkness before we seek light? Isn’t there such a basis indeed? The maxim that what we seek, we find guarantees that there is indeed such a basis. And the basis is Law itself.

Growth is the fundamental impulse of life, unaided by any external stimulus. Unaided by any external stimulus, every aspect of Life is in progression, in exponential or explosive experience of newness. Everything is right now at where it has never been up until this time, from the electrons orbiting the atom to the Sun orbiting in the Milky Way and everything in between. Civilisation is now at where it has never been before, and will surpass this present moment in its next stage of growth. The impulse of Life in everything is Experience.

The Experience

The experience is basically what we live for at any moment when we do not require a negative basis to force and compel us to dream and act. Indeed, a negative basis is not a force for it cannot be reckoned with. The experience that something provides, both in terms of the remembrance of it, the lessons from it when it is past, and in a more useful way, in terms of its happening, the thrill and fun, the perfection of soaring to a height never reached before now. Everything is ongoing right now for the experience. Do we experience it?


We have heard the admonition countless times, it’s nearly a sermon now, that we live in very restricted limits of our capacities, that we have deep reservoirs of everything which we are not using yet. It is as true for the individual as it is for humanity. We place a limitation upon ourselves; we measure ourselves by the limits of the past. Clearly, experience is not the only thing we could live for.

Primitively, we could live for action, to do or not to do: so do parents train their babies whom they think have no intuition (tuition within). A little above that is living for judgement, if good or bad. We heard it so often how it is good to do this or bad to do that. That’s what the stories, movies and other instructional materials do to every child in this world. We could then live for evaluation, which is not quite the same as judgement. Evaluation if something is right with an event or wrong with it. It’s the code of society, the standard that teenagers begin to use to determine the value of each event, nearly independent of everything else. For it is an epidemic at this stage of life also that such people who use this basis for living crave objectivity, feel disconnected from everything and everyone, and depressively from themselves.

Further ahead, we live for polarity, whether it is positive or negative. Whether it creates a spark of a vibe or it is dulling. Young adults are quite susceptible to this. There is nothing saying we cannot find a person of an age group in a class or not; the classification is how society has contributed to the matter by its paradigmatic codes for living a so-called standard or societally acceptable life. The regulation often blamed on society has rather caused a relative stablity of standards amongst different age groups. Anyway, at polarity, people start living for what is positive or negative — all the charismatic movement in church, the touchiness appeal in the workplace. It is either this partner is positive, as in an intellectual, financial, emotional asset or that friend is negative, as in a social, biological or spiritual liability. The codes here are beginning to be formed by what we think will work for growth, in other words, listening to our intuition — although from the outside.

When we grow past this stage, we begin to live for power, and it is either something is empowering us or disempowering us. That is how we tend to look at all things. From the stage of polarity, we begin to believe we are more inclusive of others in our relationship to them. We want to correct people or ‘positively improve their behaviour’. And we proceed even deeper at the stage of empowerment. We want to stand for others because we are ‘giving them power’ to dream and act. Our codes are coming from the idea of achieving goals, since achievements seem to represent power. And achievement does represent a level of power at this stage for many people. Again, intuition is driving this, yet from the outside.

And there lies the challenge with positive people and empowering people, for the direction is objectively controlled. We realise that even when the principle of life is more involved than ever in their journey of life, at this stage, they are about solving problems, tackling challenges, overcoming obstacles, resisting circumstances, validating empowering ideas and condemning the opposite. In other terms, the negative seems real and capable of self-performance or self-perpetuation. The idea is to beat the darkness out, and this could appear fulfilling, purposeful. In fact, we when we are positive or focused on empowerment, like to believe that we have found a real purpose, a true purpose. And that purpose is to bring something down and bring its opposite up. In other words, we are looking for weaknesses and we hope to strengthen it. We are looking for darkness and hoping to light it up. We are hoping to meet ourselves in the middle of the tunnel so that we can press to its end for the light or start the light campaign right within the tunnel itself.

The Experience, Indeed!

Faith fashions forms. Belief begets reality in its likeness. And to look for all these is to find them. Hasn’t it been said that a conviction exists that we have finally found the purpose? It is because we find the darkness, the tunnel, the weaknesses that challenge us to go further. If we allow ourselves to pay close attention, we shall know that it is not the circumstances that inspire us into positive or empowering activity; it is the thrill of the positive or empowering activity itself. The experience, for that is most inwardly; and that has not changed amidst all the ideas and ideals that we have lived for — we were always experiencing. We can draw at this moment upon any experience until this stage. In fact, positive minds could still say ‘Ten Rules for Living’, do and don’t do. Or, ‘How to Be Good in Bad Times’. Clearly drawing upon the Experience from the earliest stages of life. Empowering people could still go, ‘Staying Positive in Challenges’.

Every other stage of growth requires the experience, but the Experience does not require them. It is consistent through and above them. As such, the experience could be lived for without needing a challenge, an obstacle or a negative circumstance that we want to change. Experience is not the event; it is the feeling after the event. Experience is not the happenings; it is the subjective appeal of the happenings. It is an intuitive law, a law of our being which is self-stimulated and self-stimulating when we live for it. And live for it we may, we will when we have tired of living for empowerment.

What is more is that through the experience we may be in touch with all the lower levels of experience and everything inbetween. We may be about what we do or don’t do for the experience. We may Do Rigthly the Empowering thing to be Positive Because of the EXPERIENCE! The experience is a cancellation of fear, and an acceptance of adventure. Truly, there are higher things to live for beyond the experience. Yet, on the scale of what we live for without a depressive attitude nor agitation of the mind, the Experience is the start. What we call in usual terms, Living in the Now, Being in the Present Moment.

How To Live in the Experience

Focus on who you are more than on any objective or task. Dwell upon all that it means that you are who you are, not who you think yourself to be or not to be. And if you are one with everything, you may carry on with this discovery by focusing on what you do; on its connectedness to everything and everything’s connectedness to it. This is how to rise to the experience: dying to our beliefs by rising to the glory of who we really are.

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