Look, Looking Your Way to Success

A Tip on Building Instant Rapport

Adelere Adesina 👑
5 min readJun 23, 2021

Yes, looking can be one of the finest yet simplest things you do to experience success. The way you look speaks a lot about the way you think and feel. I caution you to not use this information to label people, not even yourself. You are not a failure if you look somehow — stop finding excuses to keep yourself from living the successful life you dream. Simply, uncritically (non-judgmentally) examine your results, then your behaviour, then your feeling and your thoughts through this note. When caution is duly taken, let’s proceed.

The way YOU look at people makes a whole lot of difference in whether you experience what you would call success or failure. Aside from the idea that your thoughts go before you and attract the people you meet, how you look at people is the first impression you create. I boast — there’s room for boasting, eh? — that I can and do create my first most positive impression of success, positivity and love with 99% of strangers I meet even from a couple of feet away before they look at my personal appearance or my words. Those are ‘complements’, no exaggeration in this boasting. There’s not a day gone without people telling me, ‘I know you from somewhere; I just can’t remember where.’ I believe this is true (we are One Perfect Consciousness in manifold expressions), but I understand they mean we’ve met somewhere before, which we haven’t until that time. Just imagine what kind of ‘first impression’ they must have had to go as far as bringing up their memories themselves, trying to find where we’d first met. Haha. I always love this part; a conversation starter before I even say a word? It’s in the way you look at people.

You probably have heard, read and even shared the moral that ‘Don’t look down on people.’ The point where many miss this moral is that they think it is some arrogant or snobbish looking down on people that is meant. You really can’t blame anyone for thinking that way; the stories that teach this moral often use such exaggerated ideas of a person who is in some considerably better position looking down on others and trampling the humanity, the feelingness or beingness of others. But I would like you to read backwards, sidewards or even upwards; not just forward.

‘Don’t Look Down on People.’ What does it even mean? LITERALLY, it means don’t look down when people are there with you, before you. Have you noticed how many people look down when they are outdoors? Have you noticed how many people look down when they are talking to others? Or look away when they are the ones speaking? The thing is most people never really look at or even look into the other person: stranger or friend. If you think it is snobbish people that look down on others, ask yourself if you’re not snobbing when you look down as you step out. Simply, what you judge others with is what you’re judged by. Again, don’t go about counting how many people are looking down so you can say, this person or that person doesn’t know how to look. You simply look at them, through them and into them. They are going to look up when you do. Tested and trusted!

We can’t snob others all our lives and expect them to be in harmony with our goals, dreams or even values of peace and safety. Maybe you’ve heard that the masses just bump into one another daily, that life is dull with these people running from home to office, to hospital, to church/mosque/their spot, to home, etc. etc. You don’t have to complain it, you don’t even have to motivate another with it; be a difference in that place. Be the light. Radiate what a life of fun, meaning, purpose, joy feels like; those who are ready will see it, connect and ask for your support to shine with you.

I have encouraged people to think about abundance in many dimensions; of these dimensions, the strongest I still value is the abundance of people. If you serve the whole world and you earn one cent profits every month from each person alive now, then in a month you earn at least $80 million before taxes. There’s an abundance of people, and that is your wealth. But if you don’t connect to the very few people you meet daily, why would the Universe expand your territory? If you’re not maintaining the present one with your love and passion, why would you be blessed with a higher one?

Looking your way to success is really simple; it is simpler than looking down on people. I don’t promise it is easy to learn. Nothing is easy to learn at first; if you drive a car so easily now, you know how difficult it was to learn it. But the benefits of learning outweighs the cost. You know it once and for all; and, especially in our case here: you connect with people who can later become business partners, life partners, best friends, etc. simultaneously as you also lift them in the present to feel happy, feel good about themselves.

So, how do you look at them, through them and into them? Actually, you know how. What you have to do is essentially release love in your heart; don’t bottle it. Let your love flow; let peace flow; let joy and happiness flow. Then mentally imagine that others can see this love, life, peace, joy and happiness, confidence, vision, passion, etc. (whatever you want others to see) through your eyes. Finally, your eyes are like the sun; they send out light, and the moon receives it to shine its own. In other words, let your eyes look at their eyes, into their eyes. I promise you that even some of the most broken people at that moment will shake out of it; they’ll wonder what is happening, and simply like you from the start.

Photo by iPrice Group from Pexels

Light is the fastest thing in the universe, meaning your way of looking at people can create the fastest impression before you even say a word or they have time to evaluate you by what you are in. Imagine a rapport that is established in half a second; imagine it is a rapport that the other person is even willing to nourish. If you were selling, you’d have a multitude happy to buy already.

Look your way into success. Let success be in your eyes and look through them into others. You won’t see things to criticise, or how some things went wrong. What you’ll see is another amazing fellow standing before you who’s capable of success, desirous of success and successful from the way you look at things. Your experience of confidence will rise when you look this way and your happiness is going to double before you realise it. The most beautiful part is that when you’ve turned this into a habit, you cannot have a sad moment once you step outdoors. You’ll be habitually happy.



Adelere Adesina 👑

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