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Inspired through ‘What Would Put a Smile on Your Face Right Now?’ by Sheena Cantar

Adelere Adesina 👑
7 min readJun 9, 2021

I have a wonderful view of the sky where I sleep, and waking up allows me to have a moment looking into the lovely space out there. By routine, when I wake I first look into the sky, appreciating the Wonder called LIFE. This morning when I woke and was doing that first part of my day as with waking into the feeling of my desires fulfilled, the vibration that I felt was, ‘Don’t look for in the space what is right here and now with you.’ Later this morning, tuning into Sheena Cantar, some of her first words were, ‘What would put a smile on your face? I mean, we’re so busy chasing goals, chasing this, chasing the other that we forget to live right here, right now.’ Well, it was the same message. And I feel it must reach you, too.

Live Right Here and Right Now. ‘Here’ is a matter of location, of space. There is ‘here’ and there is ‘there’. ‘There’ is a distant place that cannot be IMMEDIATELY and SPONTANEOUSLY reached. In fact, ‘to be there’ at all, you must work hard or walk hard, put in some efforting. You can only ‘reach’ there, not ‘be’ there in the sincerest terms we can discuss this idea. ‘Here’ is THIS place. Reachable, in fact, already Being Dwelt In. Here is Where You Are. It is IMMEDIATELY and SPONTANEOUSLY reached, without any effort or work, because it is the PLACE OF BEING. You are IN Here.

‘Now’ is a matter of period, of time. There is ‘now’ and there is ‘then’. ‘Then’ is a distant time that cannot be INSTANTLY and PROMPTLY live. Really, ‘to be then’ ever, you must travel and transition, let some time go. No one has ever been ‘then’, they could only travel to ‘then’. Meaning it would never Be, it would ALWAYS have to be attempted at, moving towards, travelling to ‘then’ but never In. ‘Now’ is THIS moment. Livable, in fact, already Being Lived In. Now is When You Are. It is INSTANTLY and PROMPTLY lived, without any travelling or transition, because it is the MOMENT OF BEING. You are IN Now.

Consider what has gone before in those previous two paragraphs. I got the vibration, Live in the Now. We are fond of looking out in space, trying to reach it. But the Space is Reaching us — it is not even trying to. Space and Time, and all the wonderful possibilities in them, are constantly reaching us. Strangely, because most people have wandered away from Here and Now, Life is unable to reach them with its Abundance. What is meant by the expression that a person is lost or a person has failed is just the same as saying a person has no definite location nor can be identified in a precise moment. Is that not what happens when a person is walking hard towards ‘there’ (but never reaching it, because it is always there) and this same person is transitioning to ‘then’?

Let us break this idea down in two or three steps and understand it from different sides. I want you to think of the best thing that has ever happened to you. Let your mind go to the best moment of your life. Now, think! This best moment, when did it happen as it happened? The day it happened, did you call that day ‘tomorrow’ on the calendar? The place it happened, was it identified as ‘remote’ on the map? You literally had the best moment of your life on a day called Today and in a place called Here. In fact, you were the one Happening your best moment in life. All through the day, wherever you went, the present place became radiating and adorned. Whenever you were doing things — morning, noon, evening — the moment was filled with grace and smiles. The trick is this. Your Best Moment wasn’t there and then. Your best moment still exists here and now! To understand these last words, think about your excitement at college admission. Now, college admission is always available to anyone. But you received it only when and where you are ready. All the opportunities of life exist here and now. But you can only see it and receive it when you are connected to this place and this moment. The Present! It is just logical that where you look for a thing is where you find it. When you look for your goals and aspirations in the future, you can only find the opportunities in the future. No single person who is looking for opportunities and growth tomorrow, for fulfilment and happiness tomorrow, can see them today. Look for the abundant opportunities you have now and you are going to find Here and Now to be the best place To Be.

In quantum physics, there is a principle known as quantum entanglement. To describe the principle, just imagine two balls that are kept in two different boxes. You cannot tell what colours they are yet. One box is given to you, and the other box is kept in a van that is going to travel across Nigeria. You are to open the box with you once the van drives out of your sight. And it has done so. Now, you open the box with you and you see that the ball is coloured green. Automatically, you know that the colour of the ball in the other box is green too. In fact, whatever you realise of this ball happens in the other ball too. The two balls are said to be entangled. Entangled balls or particles or ideas do not have any regard for differences in locations. They can be at opposite edges of the Milky Way, they are still so connected that to uncover or measure one is to measure the other. This is a really powerful natural principle. We live in a quantum world. Our conscious facilities of the five sense may not be able to measure them. But we are surrounded in a strictly subatomic world that has grouped together into multidimensions of reality. The biggest quantum universe you live in is your imagination. In the quantum world, nothing is a question of possibility; only of probabilities. And this is exactly true of your imagination. You can fly, walk on water, close a million dollars sales, receive a $500,000 gift, spend a lovely night with your partner, build the largest business of your industry in your imagination right now! Right Here and Right Now! That’s where your imagination IS! My imagination when I woke this morning was looking at something in the distant space, and it was making it the very present idea, the Present Place and Moment. Then my awareness was letting me know consciously what the imagination was doing. That was what translate to the message in my vibration. A vast Quantum World you live in. Don’t let your old beliefs, paradigm or conditioning deceive you to dismiss this idea as a mere philosophical or motivational fantasy. It is the present, most scientific fact of our generation and the generation before ours that our thoughts are electromagnetic waves. Another way of putting that is ‘When you think, you are literally creating a physical material that starts to change the world around you from a subatomic level up.’ Your thoughts are the finest quantum particles. So, what’s the meaning of quantum entanglement with them?

The illustration above really drives us back to Sheena’s message this morning. Your goals in your mind are not for you to worry and strive for. They are something to feel as Present as Here and Now. Your goal is the ball in the box. The reality may be that the present material power/resources you require to bring them realisation may be existing only at the edge of the Milky Way. But that doesn’t matter, because you can think in your mind, and you can uncover the exact properties of your goal. Say your goal is a beautiful car of your choice, your imagination can drive in it, fuel it, park it in your most favourite parking space, switch the gears, open the booth, etc. When you create your goal in so concrete picture, you are measuring it. And by the principle of quantum entanglement, no distance of location and no period of time matters again. Once you have measured the quantum particle of your goal in thinking, you are connected to its objective reality wherever it may be! You are totally and completely connected, and you have measured it so precisely that it begins to pull to you. This is the law of attraction in essence.

How do you create the pull? By focusing on the ball in your box and playing with it, having fun with it! How do you have fun with your goals? Feel it in the presence. When you really have the car, how do you expect to feel? Then feel that way now. What do you expect to do when you have gained the promotion you desire? Do it now with the joy of the promotion. You see, the quantum reality we are in defies all boundaries of space and time, and when you sleep tonight in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, you are going to wake on a certain day with the wish fulfilled. But the only certain day is Today, isn’t it? So, stop the anxiety and worry. Let Today be your day. Let Today be your best moment! Live Right Here and Right Now!

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