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The first activity that must be present in the life of anyone who intends to become great is ORDER. That means putting things into the right sequence, having things show up in the appropriate steps. When it comes to greatness, resolution always comes before greatness, not after greatness.

Abraham Lincoln said,

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other."

A resolution, surprisingly, is not something you pay for with resources that cost you a penny. But the resources that resolution costs you are imagination and time.

Your resolution to succeed begins when you take time to set up your mind and raise your imagination to a level of success and greatness which is nowhere near what you have heretofore achieved. You set your imagination on a view of life that has dimensions seemingly out of rich to all the resources you currently have in physical terms, all the skills and knowledge you have cannot bring you to accomplish this goal. But that is where you take your time to set your imagination to.

Now, resolution is to determine that this view in imagination will not torment you to feeling lowly, nor trouble you to feeling unworthy. On the contrary, resolution is to determine that this view within your imagination is the certainty of incoming experiences. You determine that what you have seen in your mind, others will see in your life in a moment to arrive.

When Abraham Lincoln said your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other, he gives the world a priceless insight. You wouldn't need anyone to agree with you that your mental idea of greatness is possible just as their disagreement on its certainty does not eventually matter. For a resolution, only the things that advances its forward motion matters. May I also indicate that you cannot borrow someone else's resolution to succeed. They are using it.

There is a story shared by Neville Goddard on a businessman who went on to create the greatest and biggest business in the island of Barbados in the 20th century, Victor Goddard. He started with nothing but a resolution to be "an outstandingly successful businessman." (Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness)

His mother tried to persuade him to give up the dream of greatness. Maybe he should just stretch and achieve 100% growth over a few years and she is good. She said this to prevent her son from being disappointed by failure to achieve success. But his resolution to succeed is more important than a mother's precious care to prevent failure.

Bear that in mind. At the end of the day, you are left with yourself to make a resolution to succeed. That is when everything begins to take off for you. For this man, Victor Goddard, two years after his resolution, he owned a great business out of nowhere, and built a great business.

Start today!

Adelere πŸ‘‘

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